Apr 19, 2010

IPL Updates...

Wah…!!! What a fantastic day I have just had. I will remember this day for a long time, no doubt.

Chennai super kings made it in to the semis; it was a memorable match for Dhoni as well. His expression after the match winning knock said it all. The last two sixes were amazing and made me feel absolutely unlucky for the Kings XII Punjab. Congratulation to Preeti Zinta for her ever lasting smile, though they lost superbly this time.

Deccan Chargers, undoubtedly the team that I love the most established their spot in semis for the second time in a row. The moment I saw Gilli walking back to pavilion, I felt the heat. But Andrew Symonds, the man who makes me wonder always with his fearless batting, quickly brought my hopes back. Then it was all done right by the brilliant catches of Rohit Sharma, spinning spell of Pragyan Ojha, and a productive placement of the skipper himself.

Generally, in all most all cricket tournaments so far, it always happened what I never wanted it to happen. Fortunately this time, at least I’m safe from watching the semis between Mumbai and Deccan. It is no more; that’s good news for me. Had it been there, my favoritism would have dragged me to support Deccan Chargers, but my sportive spirit would have definitely made me go with Mumbai Indians.

I want to see the top performing team of this IPL i.e. Mumbai to be in the final playoff unlike last time, where the top performing Delhi Daredevils surrendered themselves to their below pars in the semis. I agree winning a game is about that day’s performance, but I rate the consistency on top of everything which reflects the true champion.

Most likely it is going to be Mumbai Indians Vs Royal Challengers, Deccan Chargers Vs Super Kings. Well, for me it will be like a feast to watch Mumbai and Deccan having the final play off. Royals and Kings are not the teams to be considered low. They can rock on their day. Hmm… Let’s see what is in store for all the cricket lovers. I hope for the best.