Apr 8, 2010

Whom do you vote and why?

I would like to have your view point on the below described situation. Please do share your thoughts.

Just Imagine…

A rocking reality show, which has been entertaining the crowd with its swashbuckling juncture has come to the grand finale round; the two finalists are enthusiastic to conquer the coveted title. But the ultimate decision comes with the votes of audience.

One finalist has got extraordinary skills to win the title. He is sweet and workaholic person, who has got a strong belief in his capability to deal the matters. He is from a rich family back ground. He has got every facility that is required to keep him well practiced and confident. His dedication toward his work amazes everyone undoubtedly.

The other participant is not so competitive to the first person in terms of the skills, but he along with the audience aware of the fact that his dedication has helped him in reaching this position he is in today. He is from a poor family back ground. He has not got many facilities to practice, but still he has become a finalist with a burning desire to win.

Their skills as mentioned above have been reflected in their performances in the finale. In this situation, a WIN to the first person means a boost for his bright future, and also an enjoyable chance for getting good opportunities. But for the second person, a WIN means his life changer, an opportunity-giver. Both of them have worked hard; have dedicated their energies to the show; have done everything such that they deserve a WIN.

The winner will be decided by the audience with their votes. If you are supposed to vote, whom do you choose and why?


Mamatha said...

hi ra,
its good qs.my vote goes to second person as in situations like these,i prefer listen to my heart than to brain.

KParthasarathi said...

You are virtually leading me by my nose to vote for the poor guy.Yes I would vote for him but not because you have built the post favouring him.He has some unspoken desirable qualities to compensate for what advantages the other possessed and he lacked and still be in the reckoning till this final stage.A win to the fortunate guy would be another feather to his multifeathered cap but a win by the poor guy would mean a lot in motivating him to further achievements.My vote is for the latter not because he is poor but because he overcame the handicaps.

Diana said...

This would be a very tough decision Prams but in the end since it is a voting situation, I would vote for the one that I liked the best, be it the rich or the poor. Love Di ♥

Yamini Meduri said...

Hi di

Tough situation..!!!

I think I would vote to the second person...!!

We can't say that the second person is not so competitive....coz' he has reached the Grand Finale leaving all others behind...it means that he is competent enough to win the title...and his burning desire would help him reach heights when given an opportunity...coz' if not given an opportunity, his situation in life many not let him dream of it once again..but this is not the case with the first guy...even if he didnt win the title, he can work hard and do the best in his field as his background helps him do it...!!!

So, Vote the second person...wishing the first person all the very best for his bright future..!!!

Suree said...

ok her we go.. i wont vote to anyone because i dont want to waste 6rs for voting someone.

(Sorry for this answer ,but i don't like this whole reality shows thing)

Readers Dais said...

Hi! Pramoda,
lemme share a mail i recieved on a malayalam reality show.....

Important facts about idea star singer

All my friends,

All these channels except a few are cheating all the malayalees by various Reality shows-
Take the case of Idea Star Singer ..........

Rs.3. per SMS and roughly 1 lakh sms per day
for 1 year.

Do you know how much this is......

Rs. 10.95 crores!!!

Let us see the Income_expenditure sheet for one year

Income = Rs. 10.95 crores

1. First prize- Flat- say Rs. 50lakhs
2. Second and third prizes -Cars- say Rs. 15 lakhs
3. Other prizes- say Rs. 10 lakhs
4. Judges (3 X say-30 lakhs per judge/year) = 90 lakhs
5. Anchor- say 20 lakhs
5. conduct of programme (5 programs per week- that is 260 programs per year-
260 X say 1 lakh/
program = 2.6 crores)
6. Miscellaneous expenses- say 1crore

Total expenditure = 5.45 crores

Profit = 10.95-5.45 = 5.5crores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You cannot believe.. Yes it is.. This much is the minimum money IDEA and ASIANET get per

This is not the end.....Calculate the one year sponsorship received by ASIANET for the whole
260 programmes...

That again is not the end.... Imagine the huge income received in the grant finals in the
open stage of idea star singer (roughly 20 lakh SMS on one day-that is Rs. 60 lakhs!!!!!!)


so lets decide...
all said...defenitely these reality shows have changed peoples lifes...thereare examples,so in ur situation let the talented person win irrespectice of financial background, anyway the other is also going to be in limelight....so ainning the title doesnt make the other out of the picture....does it??

The Idle Brain said...

You might have heard this..

A train has to choose one track - either
1. the track it is actually supposed to take but there are N children who are well aware they are not supposed to play on one track and are still playing on it.
2. an alternate track which is no train takes - there is one child playing on it.. because he is well aware that the train doesn't take that track.

People usually take option1 - because they think its better to kill one rather than many. How right is that?

You might prefer to vote to the second guy becoz he is poor/he didnt get enough exposure ... You are voting to his background not him! What are you doing to the first brat? Doesn't he deserve a vote just because the other guy's background? What will be his reaction if he doesn't get a vote becoz of that?

I just say watch them perform and vote whichever is better. That way we help BOTH at the end. (The outcome will be encouraging to both)

The Idle Brain said...

Now write something funny.. really funny in your next post.

An Ordinary Gal said...

I am too much agreed with 'The Idle Brain'

I will vote for the one who will give his best performance :)

iamyuva said...

actually harvard had done similar research (Competent Jerk or a Lovable Fool in work) and turns out majority of the folks prefer the second... and I would too..


Jack said...


The second of course. It is our moral duty to empower underprivileged provided they can deliver. The rich one has all the facilities and voting him will not make much of difference to him except flaunting his title while for poor but equally talented it is opening of new horizons.

Take care

PS : I agree with the previous post fully.

PinkZz said...

shud reali think bout it. !
thought provoking post. !

Creativity!! said...

My Vote Goes To Second Person :) :)

Excellent Question Dear :) :) Baaga cheppavu :) :) yella unnav ra ??

The Idle Brain said...

Its interesting to see many already decided who to vote just by knowing their backgrounds /capablilites even without knowing who actually performed better. Is this not bias?

One thing I would like to mention here, if you come across a 'specially abled' person, you feel compelled to help just because you sympathize. But, it is not sympathy that they seek. You sometimes do more good to them by treating them as equals despite their handicap. Is this different?

Will the second guy/gal like it if he/she knows you voted just because you wanted to encourage him/her? Wont an unbiased judgement encourage him better even if it is against him?

PS.. I don't mean to influence anyone's thoughts. I am just trying to reason out. No offence please.

The Idle Brain said...

BTW.. having everything in life and still trying is a bigger quality than having nothing and trying. It needs to be valued too..especially in days like these! What say?!

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

My vote goes for the first person who has excelled skills to win the title, it is a competition and not a charity organization. If you wish to give charity to poor gift him a charity not spoil the power and value of a competition....

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Mamatha akka,

Am soo happy to have you here.. thank you so much..pls keep coming..

Its a nice answer.. thanks for the participation.

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Partha uncle, thanks for that.. i dodnt mean to tune ur heart towards the second guy.. reallyy..


Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Diana, nice ya.. keep it up.

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Yamini, well expressed .. i vlaue it.. thanks sis..

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Suree, its ok.. no probs.. thank you.

Being Pramoda... said...

hi RD.. thanks for the mail. It is nothing surprising to see the TV channel gaining the 5 crore. becasue, i'm not expecting any TV channel to telecast such shows with making no money out of it!!, especially in the situation like this..

any wayss.. we must be careful when we vote..

Thank you for the info.

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Valli,

very nice thought abt the train, and its a god example.. nicely said.. i'm also inline with u...:)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi valli, will try to write my best..:)lets see

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Hi Ordinary gal.. thank you fr the answer..

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Hi Pinkzz.. thanks.

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Hi Valli... thats an awwww comment.. i fully agree... thanks..thanks...:)

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