May 30, 2010

Simple Living...

I’m happy on how my take on ‘simple living’ has been changed these days. What I used to think about it does not matter now. All that I can say now is…

** Simple living is about accepting people around us, as they are, to their core.

** Simple living is about accepting what happens in life without our consent and learning from the same.

** Simple living is about believing that we get what we deserve, not what we desire; as there are many people who desire for the limited number of things that can happen.

Last but not the least…

** Simple living is about cherishing the truths of life though we lie at times.

Few lies, few regrets, few truths, few sorrows…………. and a few smiles… Simple living calls for everything, enjoys everything.

Simple living makes everything worthwhile.

When we express ourselves...

It feels like heaven when we express ourselves and it is up to us how much we chose to live in heaven.

May 28, 2010

Own Your Life!

"Be on your own; own your life"

PS: “What he could not achieve is what he sees in his students’ eyes today”… go ahead reading this in my previous post, a story of a teacher running an IIT training institute called Super-30.


Teacher enjoys his student’s success more than does the student.

I’m proud to present to you the story of a teacher who has been living his dream with the help of his students, and the students who have proved themselves with the help of their teacher.

I have come across the story of “Super-30” in the news on the occasion of IIT-JEE results’2010.

Anand was a gem in mathematics in his student life, also had dreamt of studying in the prestigious Cambridge University and finally ended his student life by selling the Papads in Patna, India. He was made victim by the heart attack of his father which eventually left him and his mother pressurized to survive.

His routine life of selling Papads had been changed by a simple thought of starting a mathematics coaching institute. I wonder about his determination and interest towards the subject as he didn’t take a back step though he just had 700 bucks in his pocket when he started the institute.

Slowly the institute has become a place where 1000 pupil can learn the things and more interestingly, the institute which helped the same person in aiding a super institute of IIT-JEE called SUPER-30, which has been a super hit so far. The thing that has been mesmerizing me is that the students who have been freely given the coaching in Super-30 are the 30 poor and talented persons. I feel so happy for the students who are qualified in the IIT entrance exam for the third time in a row from this institute on 30/30 basis.

It is also like a dream coming true, in fact living the dream for their teacher Mr. Anand. What he could not achieve is what he sees in his students’ eyes today, how pleasure!!

I’m very pleased to convey my hearty congratulations to him and to his students as well. My best wishes for his future achievements. It is good to know that he is going to give free coaching to 60 more students from this year onwards.

Teacher enjoys his student’s success more than does the student.

Introspection always helps...:)

Hi friends, hope you all are doing well. Thank you so much for your well wishes, I can never express how your support does mean to me.

Well, it’s been near about a fortnight that I’ve written something here; in fact I missed out on expressing myself. But as I said, the break was meant for the introspection. One thing I’d say on my come back here “Introspection always helps”.

I was so confused when I posted my last one here. Literally I was feeling like I did not have any choices in many respects of my life. I was occupied with clutter. I don’t know why it was like that, but during the break, I had concentrated and thought on many aspects of my life. I’m proud that I’m decided on many of them as on today.

Today I can see many doors kept opened for me. In fact, I got realized that no door can be closed as long as I keep focusing on my goal.

People come and go; things happen and forgotten; no matter if I think about them all the time; but, what matters is how I’m with them when they are with me. Ultimately one needs to know what he is and why he is. If one fails to do so, that’s it; everything will have happened by the end of his life, just happened not lived.

I’m rejuvenated so as my thoughts. So, I hope I can post some real good matter here in coming days. Until then, have nice time.

May 16, 2010

Introspection needed...I'll be back after some time

I think I need some introspection. Friends, I'll be back after some time. Take care. All the best for all your doings.
With Love,

Please correct me, if I’m wrong!

When I’m not right or wrong completely,

How can I decide if the other person is right or wrong?

Of course, common sense can help, but

Common sense is not too common across!!

This is what I think seeing today’s world.

Please correct me, if I’m wrong!

May 14, 2010

Team India – The Team FROM India, my country

I stress, I love cricket and I love Team India too.

When a team wins, we praise the team. When a team loses, we blame the players. I’ll not ask how far it is fair though I’d love to do so. Win or loss, when it comes to the team games the complete team is responsible for every game they play; a win or loss shall not matter after all.

If a player fails to perform well in a game, we as an audience only see it, but his team mates know the reason better than us, better than any one else too in some cases. Still, we blame the person and leave clean chit to the rest of the team. There we forget that he is after all a member of the same team, and the same team members could have done something better in inspiring him to do his turn.

I sincerely believe, not any individual is responsible for the poor performance of India. But every single person is responsible now to turn the world cup loss in to gain of good spirit and zeal to win incessantly from now onwards.

Team India’s T20 world cup debacle should be a lesson to the team as well as to the BCCI which has been running it. Lessons are not only meant to learn, they are supposed to be implemented in the form of not doing the same mistakes again and again. They know it better.

@ M.S. Dhoni: Looks like a stressed man at the moment, though he is known as ‘captain cool’. I hope he will not change himself amidst the unproductive disputes. He is the power of team India, no doubt. I disagree that he needs to be sacked, though his tactics didn’t work for him. But one shall not forget that the same tactics has been keeping him as a successful captain. I feel he should not have blamed the IPL parties for the loss in Carrabian Islands. The same IPL would have been praised a lot if team India had outplayed all other countries. As the organizer Mrs. Mehr rightly asked “who has forced the players to party?” Anyways, he knows it better than me.

No comments on the argument which some portion of the fans has been raising that Sachin would have made the difference!!

By the way hearty congratulations to the Indian women for storming in to the semis. My sincere wishes to the South African cricketers as well. I like them too.

I’d love to wish the team India all the best to come out of this crisis soon. I reiterate, I love cricket and I love Team India too.

How ever they play, they are the Team FROM India; the same land, the same mind sets, the same emotions and tensions of which I’m from.

May 13, 2010

Essence of Words - Take Home # 14

Get the essence of words; not just definitions. Knowing the definitions make you tell what you know; understanding the essence make you implement what you have learnt.

May 10, 2010

...written for the school children

Mom and I have prepared the following lines for my mom’s students (6th to 10th classes). I’m just keeping them here as it is. Friends, interested may read on.

Moral Education

It is equally important to know the moral values along with the curriculum. Moral values not only help you to grow as a good person in the society, but they also keep you successful. Moral values such as helping the needy, maintaining good human relations, being capable of identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses, encouraging the talent develop your personality. As you grow with good moral values you will become a responsible citizen of our country; hence a flawless society can be built.

Women empowerment

In today’s society almost half of the people are women. Hence they must be given equal rights in securing the education, employment which they much deserve. Educated woman gets economic freedom to live herself, confidence to move forward so as to make a definite change in the society. In the contemporary world, women are equally placed along with the men in almost all professions. In addition to that if women are also given a better chance in the politics, our society and country will be developed faster than ever. As Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru said, an educated woman can be an inspiration to the whole family. Similarly women empowerment will be more useful for the whole country. All of you shall try to get the women empowered.

Population education

India is the second most populated country in the world. Heavy population is the first hurdle to the development of any country. It keeps the people unemployed, it creates food problems, environmental pollution etc. Controlling the population leads to many advantages for any country. Small families are relatively more successful in the contemporary world than the larger ones. In a small family the children are provided with the required resources such as education. People of every country shall understand the advantages of less population.

May 8, 2010

Simple Thoughts...

** when two kids fight, the one who makes louder noise is mostly supported; There we make them believe that they are supposed to cry to get the work done next time.

** Very few people feel happy when u r being praised. Identify them & just love them, no matter who they are & how they are. Remember, never expect anything else from them.

PS: Twitter is really helping me in capturing all of my thoughts in a better way, without loss and as they are on the spot. I believe it keeps me satisfied at the end of every day!

May 7, 2010


Most of our lives are about perceptions. Truth is very different as we sit and imagine the other way around. Everything is for a good reason.

Finally, I'm @ Home

Burnt left hand fingers of mine…Uncertainty on the train ticket confirmation… Work in the office… Power cut in my room… PNR status machine… stunning twists in the railway station… all of these had given me an unforgettable day of my journey to home.

I rushed to my cubicle in third floor of our office as if I had an urgent mail to send or an important meeting to attend! Yeah, of course it was important, but not office work. I had to book a Tatkal ticket, which was known as the hottest cake early in the morning of any season. I kept almost all of my efforts in making my dream of getting one confirmed ticket, but finally I ended up myself with a waiting list 2.

I was in a mood to go home while cooking that night, of course, thinking about my unconfirmed ticket. On the other side, I was completely involved in the on going Indian Idol show on Sony TV. I was imagining another beautiful season of Indian Idol. Eventually, I didn’t take much time to learn that I actually touched a hot plate beside the stove. What next? Washed my hand with cool water; applied tooth paste on the burnt fingers as if it was the only alterative I had; then applied the coconut oil as well; I almost cried!!! Finally, I got the sensation of little less pain and itching only on the next morning. Even that morning welcomed with an unmoved waiting list status.

I could not sit in the AC room with those burnt fingers as they enjoyed irritating me much. But what else I could do other than sitting there? I was left with no other option as the discussion was even more interesting. I didn’t even dare to count how many times I refreshed my unmoved PNR status e-page.

Now it was 3:45 PM and the day of my journey. I had to leave the office if I was supposed to catch the train, though the ticket was still unconfirmed. The chart was supposed to be prepared by 1’o clock itself, but to add to my tension it wasn’t. Still, I strongly decided to move out of Pune that night in any case. I forgot to mention, now the status was waiting list 1.

Booked a cab and reached home. My mobile was not properly charged that morning. I had to keep it ready for any urgent calls I would get regarding the confirmation status. Many of my good friends had already taken the PNR number to keep me informed. I really thanked them so much. As I switched on the mobile charger, it was dumb. Then only I got realized that there was no power in my room. The drama continued for another half an hour. By that time my mobile was charged for only last fifteen minutes as the power had come to assist me.

I strictly decided to go to the railway station or to bus stand to leave to Hyderabad. As I entered I found a PNR status machine welcoming me. I had been there many times earlier, but I could find it only now. May be, “necessity is the mother of invention”; in my case here it was not for any invention, it was for a discovery. After many days it happened that I could not believe my eyes as the PNR machine had displayed the status as S7, 18. Ticket got confirmed!! After getting it doubly confirmed, I went to the platform announced.

As soon as I reached there, there was a loud noise from a train which was about to start. People were crying a lot, police were on their way. I feared if I would see a gunman coming out of the train similar to the 26/11 attacked. I planned to lie on the floor to be safe from the bullets. It was confirmed that mine was a false imagination as soon as I saw a woman and two men were coming out of the train while screaming at each other.

I was satisfied when I heard people on my platform saying “… Chart was not prepared”, “…waiting list was not confirmed”, “…PNR machine…just now”, etc. I though I too had great colleagues.

Hmm… I smiled on seeing the approaching train. I thought “Hurray, I’m going home finally”… After a journey of almost 13 hours, I said ‘Hi’ to my mom. Now I’m at home, enjoying the food and bed of love.