May 10, 2010

...written for the school children

Mom and I have prepared the following lines for my mom’s students (6th to 10th classes). I’m just keeping them here as it is. Friends, interested may read on.

Moral Education

It is equally important to know the moral values along with the curriculum. Moral values not only help you to grow as a good person in the society, but they also keep you successful. Moral values such as helping the needy, maintaining good human relations, being capable of identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses, encouraging the talent develop your personality. As you grow with good moral values you will become a responsible citizen of our country; hence a flawless society can be built.

Women empowerment

In today’s society almost half of the people are women. Hence they must be given equal rights in securing the education, employment which they much deserve. Educated woman gets economic freedom to live herself, confidence to move forward so as to make a definite change in the society. In the contemporary world, women are equally placed along with the men in almost all professions. In addition to that if women are also given a better chance in the politics, our society and country will be developed faster than ever. As Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru said, an educated woman can be an inspiration to the whole family. Similarly women empowerment will be more useful for the whole country. All of you shall try to get the women empowered.

Population education

India is the second most populated country in the world. Heavy population is the first hurdle to the development of any country. It keeps the people unemployed, it creates food problems, environmental pollution etc. Controlling the population leads to many advantages for any country. Small families are relatively more successful in the contemporary world than the larger ones. In a small family the children are provided with the required resources such as education. People of every country shall understand the advantages of less population.



I enjoy reading about different countries and cultures and your post was very interesting.
Thanks for sharing,


Anya said...

Very interesting post !!

I am an advocate for highly educated women ;)
In the Netherlands it is now 50/50
and women earn as much as men.
No more emancipation (hardly ....)
Equal rights for men and womans is very important !!
(Its always nice to know more about other countries ;)

Have a nice evening
and I wish you good luck
with your studies,
a good education is very important, go for it ..... :)

anupama said...

Dear Pramoda,
Good Evening!
Thought provoking post!well done!Awareness should be created about the importance of education!Half the problems can be solved through education!
Keep writing!
Each one,teach one!You will be blessed.
Wishing you a wonderful night,

Ms.Meduri said...

interesting post Di....i fan feel thoughts of Peddamma also here..!!!

I know she is the best teacher for most of her students...a best mom to us..!!!

Americanising Desi said...

education is a right almost always denied by the masses - and i wonder why after so many pros, cons are the ones advertised!

lakshman said...


Good one! Hats off to all the teachers. I wish parents will turn off TV spend time with children.

Keep up good work

lakshman babai

KParthasarathi said...

Nice.I hv some views on women's empowerment.Despite their being 52% of population they are still cringing for one third representation.The menfolk are still dithering.We are still in patriarchal society when men are loath to give up their superior position simply on basis of his gender.The laws of land are loaded against women.When girls outshine boys upto class 12, you find their number dwindling thereafter.How many girls are in prestigious institutions and civil services commensurate with their number.Women shd use the power of ballot to bring home powerfully the message.

Being Pramoda... said...

hi yvonne...:).. thankss soo much...:)

Being Pramoda... said...

hi anya...soo nice to know that...:)its interestingg to knw abt many countries and their cultures...:)

Being Pramoda... said...

hi anu, thats sooo well said... welcm backk.. thankss

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Hi Yamini.. thats soo nice of you dear.. many thanks..:)

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HI AD,, yeah.. its interesting to me even..>:)

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Hi Babai, thanks soo much fr such a lovely comment..:)say hi to ur kids...

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Hi Partha uncle, thats very well thught of..thanks fr sharing the words of wisdom ..:)

The Idle Brain said...

What to say!
These are just 3 among 'N' social issues we have. Should have made the list longer. Those students would have died mugging up.

Sad, but true! Words don't easily sink in. Should have designed activities to teach these.

Hatsoff to ur mom n u. Truly inspiring. As I already said, such posts remind me of the work I did with my mother - preparing charts, cartoons etc to make learning easier for her students. Hence I can relate. Her passion & dedication always awed me. I also learnt what 'teaching' truly means.

PinkZz said...

must say.. a nice topic to write..!

Creativity!! said...

Wow!!!!! Its Really A Great Post :) :)

Readers Dais said...

Hi! Pramoda,

well said..
The moral part should be actually learned from our home....earlier we used to find children who used to stand up in respect when an elder enters....but today do we?
atleast let teachers do

Jack said...


Read 4 posts now. All is well that ends well. How is your hand or rather fingers now? Hope you learnt a lesson not to be so absent minded when handling hot things. Life is nothing but perceptions but we do need to know what happens is for good only. Reward is biggest incentive, even verbal. What you say here are facts and hope young generation can understand it.

Take care

Shilpa Garg said...

Hi Pramoda!
Though this is written for the school children, all of us can take home few lessons from it!
Very well said...Having good morals is part of the big picture...they are more important than the A's in Maths or 90% in PMT/PET or the Outstanding ranking in the Performance Appraisals!

PS: I'd like to subscribe your posts in a reader...can't find the icon. Pls help!

deeps said...

Two crucial topics that can change anyone’s life…and the middle one must hold the centre stage…
very thoughtful of you

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Valli.. thats sooo nice of you dear.. well said.. yeah showing them is important than telling thm.. will note this point.;)

nice to knw more abt u.:)hats off to aunty..:)

Belated happy mother's day to her.

Being Pramoda... said...

@ PInkzz

hey.. thanks gal..

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Hi Sahana, thank you so much..

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Hi RD, well said and good point too..hats off to them..

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HI Jack uncle, so nice of u.. would love to have ur comments more and more and i beleive i can improve myself.. thanks alotttt

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Hi Shilpa, nice to have u here ..:) thanks fr joining..

yeah agreed, thats very true as well..

PS:Could not get you..actually i dont know what this reader is.will get back to u.thank u

Being Pramoda... said...

hi deeps... thank you so much..:)

Amity said...

That's very true...:)

I wish to push for women's lib and empowerment so that we are not solely dependent on men particularly on finances...:)

I, too live in a thickly populated country and I find it so chaotic, maybe because of poor leaderships. Poverty is a very big problem.

I envy other countries like The Netherlands for having a small population and rich citizens. No pauper there, Anya told me once.

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi AMITY, thats soo nice to see u sharing ur thoughts.. felt so heartful..:)

thanks alott ..:)