May 28, 2010


Teacher enjoys his student’s success more than does the student.

I’m proud to present to you the story of a teacher who has been living his dream with the help of his students, and the students who have proved themselves with the help of their teacher.

I have come across the story of “Super-30” in the news on the occasion of IIT-JEE results’2010.

Anand was a gem in mathematics in his student life, also had dreamt of studying in the prestigious Cambridge University and finally ended his student life by selling the Papads in Patna, India. He was made victim by the heart attack of his father which eventually left him and his mother pressurized to survive.

His routine life of selling Papads had been changed by a simple thought of starting a mathematics coaching institute. I wonder about his determination and interest towards the subject as he didn’t take a back step though he just had 700 bucks in his pocket when he started the institute.

Slowly the institute has become a place where 1000 pupil can learn the things and more interestingly, the institute which helped the same person in aiding a super institute of IIT-JEE called SUPER-30, which has been a super hit so far. The thing that has been mesmerizing me is that the students who have been freely given the coaching in Super-30 are the 30 poor and talented persons. I feel so happy for the students who are qualified in the IIT entrance exam for the third time in a row from this institute on 30/30 basis.

It is also like a dream coming true, in fact living the dream for their teacher Mr. Anand. What he could not achieve is what he sees in his students’ eyes today, how pleasure!!

I’m very pleased to convey my hearty congratulations to him and to his students as well. My best wishes for his future achievements. It is good to know that he is going to give free coaching to 60 more students from this year onwards.

Teacher enjoys his student’s success more than does the student.