Jun 29, 2010

The Picture Says It All...

Innocence makes it the best and memorable;
It is childhood.

Love makes it beautiful and ambitious;
It is mid-age.

Memories make one love it and cherish it;
It is Old age.

It resembles the way one lived and loved;
It is the remains of one.

Jun 28, 2010

The Real Competition!!

“Never think that you are competing with your friend/classmate who shares bench with you. Do always believe that you are competing with the whole world outside awaits your debut. Be a team, help each other, study and understand together and win the race” – said one of my good friends at IIT Delhi in our farewell function, as an advice to our juniors. I’m still blank what made those words rob my heart. I still can hear those words getting reverberated at my back as I write this.

How true he is!! If a student starts thinking about the one with whom he competes, the first picture that bypasses all others is the one who he everyday faces the most, be it a classmate, be it a neighbor, and be it a friend or a friend’s friend. The very first thought of either of these sweeps his mind from getting realized that ‘N’ number of such fellows is out there, all who are buckled up themselves to compete with him.

However, at the end of the day, every student is a part of the world where everyone competes with each other to fly one’s own flag high with pride. Though it is very difficult to digest the fact that we are just few of those who are just like us, this realization can work wonders, which will be prettier than the world famous Taj Mahal or Aishwarya Rai. As a monument Taj brings people to India. As a hearty tulip Aishwarya makes the world look at her. When this particular realization about the competition beats a student’s heart, he makes the earth run under the sun longer yet stronger.

The best way to make the student’s mind think towards a healthy competition is to make the children understand the concept of team work since their childhood. Schools, colleges and universities of course, shall run with high spirits only to lift their student’s spirits high. A teacher is the huge impact and the big picture which run back of any student for real longer time. This makes the teachers to be of positive attitude towards the team work.

An organization shall be treated as a team; as per the competition, individuals always lose to teams. It is so obvious that one comes first in a class and it is equally obvious that another comes last; that does not mean that it is the end of world for the one who has come last or the guy who has come first can conquer the world. Every soul has got equal importance so as every student. Encouraging each other shall be the motive. But, unfortunately this need to be taught to this generation. It’s ok. It is better to be late than never.

“If I share my knowledge the other guy will take over me”

“If I explain this to the class, what’s the significance of me after that?”

“If I make everyone understands the concepts, how can I come first in the class?”

“If I…” bla..bla..bla…!!!

These are the real superstitions according to me. The very famous sentence says knowledge grows as it is getting shared. Before we think that we compete with our neighbors, we shall believe that fact that when we team up with the same neighbor we can actually compete more with the world, which is the real competition that makes the essence of human civilization fulfilled.

Jun 27, 2010

Parenting Vs Pocket Money

I’ve just read an interesting article in TOI on parenting the children to make them understand the importance of savings out of the pocket money they figure out every time. Well, I can not debate the fact that parenting has become a tougher job these days where the kids have got their own desires from what to wear to where they want to holiday. Nothing can justify this more than the changing times and lifestyles of human race.

When I was a kid I never knew about this pocket-money jargon. Whenever I wanted money I would ask my parents. This apart, my grand parents used to give me some rupees to keep my kitty full most of the time. I still remember the kid in me who always wondered what should be done with the money she was given.

Times change, people change, things change, resulting in an eventual change of parenting. The article says- if you make your kid think that he/she will have to adjust everything with in the pocket money, a rebellious attitude develops. I wonder where the same rebelliousness was hidden in earlier generations! Truth is to be accepted, no matter how boring or stunning. These days’ children have got this kind of rebellious attitude as an inherent quality. It is up to the parents how they address the same and how they care to keep their kids normal.

Short-term savings play an important role in building the consciousness for the desire of long term savings. Of course, every penny needs to be accounted for the kid’s own will and wish. Every kid shall be exposed to the joy of saving and getting benefited out of the same. This attitude not only builds the discipline in money management, as I believe this way of parenting will have it’s own impact on many other mature psychic actions of the child as he grows older.

The way the parents save or spend the money has huge to do with the qualities that the kid adapt time to time. If the same continues and if the kid starts challenging the parents for what they are and for what they reject the child to do, no answer can be suitable to get the child normal yet again.

PS: This topic is out of the box for the age group I belong to. This is just a hit at the parenting. Please let me know how do you feel.

Jun 26, 2010

Living together - Take Home #16

Living together is about supporting each other to let the partner live the way he/she wants to.

Jun 24, 2010

Expect less; get more.

Things happen when they are least expected!

No wonder!

People love to stay with those who expect the least!

No wonder!

Expect less; get more.

How wonder!!

PS: Please do check the review on "Raavan" in my previous post. Thank you.

“Raavan” – Too good, for me

Though I was mesmerized by the visual effects and the cinematography of the hearty and gutsy director Mr. Mani Ratnam, I can not forget the fact that I witnessed the former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, acquainted herself in her character too nicely. Pretty woman she is. Her costumes, her hair, her action and what not? Totally, she made me happy for being there in the theater.

Now I must mention about her husband, co-star Abhishei Bachchan. He was the person from whom I expected NIL, you read? I expected NIL. Seeing his makeup and his character preview, I was under the impression that he would be the guy who could make me move more in my seat. But, surprisingly, he made me stick to my chair. I’m impressed. His character was out of box for him, but the ease that he had shown in acting was an inspiring factor for me to write these lines.

And Dev aka Vikram, I must keep this simple, because he is pretty famous for his action. His characterization could have been little lengthy, I feel.

Totally, the entire cast of Raavan has been selected so productively. Hats off to Mani Ratnam sir. Each and every actor of the movie in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil has got enough material which can bring audience to the theaters, and the rest is done by the visual effects. Story line is also not so weak.

The visual effects were simply superb, especially the last fight on the bridge. Not to my surprise, I was lost in the fight for the first ever time. I loved the back ground music, now it is proved once again, A.R. Rahaman’s music effect is too soothing.

Apart from the movie stuff, I want to share some of my views. I read many reviews about this movie before watching it. They literally made me to be on the stand of dropping the plan of watching the movie. But the only reason why I went to this movie was the beautiful Aishwarya Rai. But, friends, in contrary to the reviews, it is a good movie and I enjoyed it very much. More than what I’ve enjoyed, the pleasure of not succumbed to the reviews satisfies me more.

Jun 15, 2010

World, with bricks of love…

If everything is possible,
Every mistake is also possible.
If everything is possible,
Every excuse is also possible.
Every excuse is also possible.

If every mistake is excused,
There we are, confirmed, proud,
To think aloud, believe, that
We are in the world, which is
Built with the bricks of love.

Being human, being able to think,
Being able to feel and love,
It is solely every one’s responsibility
To make and keep the world of love
Really big and always welcoming.

In such world, everything feels high;
In such world everyone feels freedom;
In such world every deed is valued;
In such world, obviously,
Sins or mistakes will be reduced.

Jun 13, 2010

What punishment does she deserve?

He was a great lecturer who was believed to had sacrificed many things for his profession. He was liked and loved by his students. His class used to be the most student-friendly session for his beloved students.

She was his favorite student. She was well liked by her classmates. She was a brilliant and beautiful hearty girl who always respected him equal to what she did her parents. She was so polite to him than to any other lecturer.

One day, when his lecture was going on, she was downcast and involved herself in doing something. He had observed the same and approached her. He got surprised to see her doing another subject work in his class. He was very upset as he had never expected her to be so.

The same day she was caught copying in his exam. In fact, she was from the batch of her classmates who had been mass copying all together in the exam. She was forced to do so. To her bad time, he was the invigilator who found her doing so.

Frown surrounded his eyes immediately. She stood guilty and held her head down. She knew that the only thing that he could not tolerate was what she had done just now. As it was done by his favorite student, he was very upset indeed.

He walked out of the class. She stood silent with trembling body.

She went to his office after sometime to apologize. He was seen doing something in his personal computer. He seemed very disinterested to talk to her. She prepared herself to face any kind of punishment, but all she wanted was to retain the liking and blessings of her lecturer who was just more than a teacher to her.

Now, according to you what punishment does she deserve? What would you do if you are in the place of the lecturer? Please do share your views. Thank you.

Jun 11, 2010

My New Interests…

** Tweeting has become my regular business, of course side business provided blogging is considered. Twitter and blogger are my best friends individually, but they too have become enemies now, all they want is me and my stay with them.

** Though this post is about my new interests, I need to say cricket disinterests me these days. May it continue for some more days so that I can bounce back by the world cup time, like a player who joins the team after being kept away for sometime.

** Late night stays have come to my pocket again, golden pocket I’d say. I feel like I’ve hell lot of time in a day! It is surprising but true.

** I’m proud that I’m back in action with most of my good old friends, whom I missed in between badly. My Orkut page is happy with my regular visits.

** In earlier days of my job life, I used think if I could complete a task or not. Now, I’m confident that if I attempt something it doesn’t take much time for me to add value.

The one question people have never stopped asking me is how do I get time for blogging or writing. My answer is simple, I love doing so.

I’d be happy if you could share some of your new choices. Thank you.

Jun 10, 2010

Simple, yet so true!!!

When You Trust Someone, Trust Him/Her Completely Without any Doubt. At the End, You Would Get One of the Two: Either a Lesson for Your Life or a Very Good Person.

Never Hate the Loneliness…Because, It Teaches You Everything and, When You Lose It You Get Everything.

PS: Got these in a forwarded E-mail. Loved them to the core. Fyi, comments links has been disabled.

Final part - Fun with Floors @office

Before I crack in to the next part, let me be specific about three points.

** Our office is a five storied building. We sit in 3rd floor

** 2nd, 3rd, 4th floors share the same lay out and construction, I mean, they are one and the same. I can’t even say which floor I’m in, if I stand in the middle. Of course, some thing can be figured out from the known and unknown faces of people who peep at my face and hide smiles mercilessly while I try hard to figure out where I’m actually in. Ask me, they make me go mad!!!

Third point… I’ll tell you in the PS.


“What shall I do now?”

I could call my friends who shared the meeting room and could ask, but the thought of aftereffects made me not to opt it. Minutes passed. Now I could see them approaching the glassed main entrance. Could not find a brilliant escape to their immediate question of why I was still there, but my brain was sharp enough to move my hand along with cell phone towards my left ear. I escaped brilliantly, yes, in that situation I suppose.

At that moment, for me, it was not about anything else except escaping the teasing from my good friends who used to be the victims of me everyday.

Finally, I escaped it; we carried with our lunch-time gossiping. Gossiping is the most energetic drink of the day at office, that too for free of cost.

I was there at the lunch table, but was fully thinking about doing something to avoid the same inconvenience to be happened to all others. Squeezed and squeezed, finally ended up with an idea of suggesting to paste some stickers of floor names/numbers opposite to the lift.

With a proud brain I headed towards the 2nd floor from the 5th floor where we had our lunch. Lift opened with a lady voice informing “second floor”. As soon as the lift was opened, I proudly looked at the location where I wanted to suggest the administration to have a number board. I didn’t know that they were the last minutes for the proudness in me.

To my surprise, the number board with the letters “3rd floor” was already there in green color…that was the moment where I heard my soul laughing at myself with uncontrollably accompanied with inaudible decibels noise!!!

Hmmm…Sigh…what else? No innovative suggestion, nothing. Every pinch of my enthusiasm got reduced in to rubble. Same scene of morning continued…lights off, slides ON and this time since it was after lunch, I was in sleep mode most of the time.

Hours passed and now we were done with the meeting. This time round, after the formal meeting, I asked too many questions as if I was the most enthusiastic person over there. My friends, who were already got vexed with the long meeting, looked like they had come to a decision to kill me if given a chance. I thanked our laws which restricted them from doing so.

The presenter was a handsome man at his mind; he answered every curious or stupid question that was asked by me. By that time, most of the guys and girls had already found their own way to reach their desks.

Hmm…after few minutes, I was before the lift s to go back to my cubicle. I saw one girl who was also the member of the same meeting coming from upstairs as we had stair case just beside the lift. I could quickly get it how she would have wrongly gone to upstairs instead of going down stairs. I could hear her heart’s inaudible laugh…Come on, now I shall understand such.

I quickly enquired “Have you gone upstairs by mistake?” with a huge, real huge smile, rather laugh.

She was also brilliant but at that particular moment, she could not restrict herself from saying quick “yes”. We both busted in to laughter for next couple of minutes. I took enough care to control myself from revealing the morning incident to her.

You know what, I gave her a suggestion instantly, “Hey, have you not seen the floor numbers written over there? Next time just check it” showing the numbers which brought out the lazy girl in me who didn’t even turn her head back in the morning.

After few days…

I got realized that the same floor number bounced back at me very strongly this time, when my boss and I were going back from another meeting few days later. He was carrying his laptop and I was with my book. I was answering one of his questions unstoppably, and I couldn’t get that I had crossed our floor and already was there on second step towards the next floor.

“Which floor do you want to go?” he interrupted me and what next, I was just out of my flow. Simple smile was my answer as we both stepped in to our respective cubicles. His smile brought me back the memories of the earlier incident; I just struggled to control my laughter through out that day.

Finally, I looked the name “3rd floor” on a green board while leaving for that day, and I didn’t take much time to accept the fact that they too could curse.

PS: As I said, the third point is: I was in a hurry in the morning while writing the previous post. I could do only half of that and that too with many errors. I have corrected the same now. Thanks for your response for the first part of this.

One more important personality I’d like to mention about is, the “Idle brain”, Srivalli, one of my good friends asked me to write some funny post long time back. Now, I think I’m done with it. I guess I succeeded in my new style with this maiden post. Nevertheless, many thanks to her.

Jun 9, 2010

Fun with Floors @ office

1st...2nd… 3rd… we sit in 3rd floor of our new office, the same floor where, we believe we have loads of fun, we suppose we work and of course we do gossip on every relevant matter on earth.

One day, I had to arrange one meeting so I booked a conference room in 2nd floor as the one in our floor was occupied. We were new comers . In those early days we didn’t have a habit of carrying cards. Eventually, I was without an access card that day too.

Meeting was started and for my surprise it was not boring even after an hour of continuous bla bla bla…I was lost in the slides that were being displayed on the 45” screen. Now, I understood why I used to feel drowsy, earlier and the culprit was always a foreigner. I would be happy if I could understand 50% of what they speak or bluff. This time it was an Indian with a crystal clear pronunciation and a lovely voice.

Whatever it may be, being humans we need to entertain our stomachs in regular intervals not to hurry up ourselves towards the hell on earth. Obeying the same formula, we started for lunch in the fifth floor. And the story started now.

I came out of the conference room as if I was in a new world till then. Wrinkled my eyes and went to lift with a thought of going to my cubicle to get my lunch box.

I placed myself opposite to the lift up-down buttons. Even without the intervention of my subconscious mind, my fore finger started shuttling between up-down buttons with a confusion to press what.

I completely lost the memory of the floor number because of this guy’s awesome presentation. I got realized, foreigners were better than the best most of the times!!!

I was the first one to come out of the conference room as I didn’t want to keep my stomach waiting further. Unfortunately, the guard was not there in his seat to confirm the floor number. I didn’t not have access card to go inside and ask the colleagues. My fellow members of the conference room were not yet there as if they would die for the meeting.

”What shall I do now?”

To be continued…

PS: I’m rushing to the office now. I’ll be back from office and shall give you more information about it…:)..and fun too.

Jun 5, 2010

Issue with Managers...

Someone said – “To manage people you have to know the people; to know the people you have to love the people”.

True!! No issues.

But I feel there is an issue when some managers love people just to manage them.

I Percept - Take home # 15

“I wonder why I can not stop thinking of what makes me percept”

I wonder...May be!!

** I wonder why some people do a lot of gym, aerobics, exercise, but never touch a single work at home, like cleaning etc.

May be, they don’t like to do so!!!

** I wonder how some people can carry on with their flow of telling about happenings of their own lives, though the listener does show some signs of disinterest openly.

May be, their wish to tell about their life happenings overshadows everything else!!!

** I wonder how some people have got their own reasons whenever the other person wants them to be with.

May be, they love themselves more!!!

Jun 3, 2010

PS: I wish I was clear to you!!!

One need not to do everything, need not to know everything and need not be everything to live his only life time. But at any given point of time, one should be ready with his knowledge base to think about anything; no matter if that is about best or worst. Understanding the former makes life easier; though the challenging part is in keeping the knowledge base ready all the time which calls the person to foresee life.

PS: I wish I was clear to you!!!

Now that I regularly do it...

I thought it would be difficult for me to do it. Now that I regularly do it, I only got realized that it was never difficult; but getting mentally prepared to do that was certainly so and obvious too.