Jun 24, 2010

“Raavan” – Too good, for me

Though I was mesmerized by the visual effects and the cinematography of the hearty and gutsy director Mr. Mani Ratnam, I can not forget the fact that I witnessed the former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, acquainted herself in her character too nicely. Pretty woman she is. Her costumes, her hair, her action and what not? Totally, she made me happy for being there in the theater.

Now I must mention about her husband, co-star Abhishei Bachchan. He was the person from whom I expected NIL, you read? I expected NIL. Seeing his makeup and his character preview, I was under the impression that he would be the guy who could make me move more in my seat. But, surprisingly, he made me stick to my chair. I’m impressed. His character was out of box for him, but the ease that he had shown in acting was an inspiring factor for me to write these lines.

And Dev aka Vikram, I must keep this simple, because he is pretty famous for his action. His characterization could have been little lengthy, I feel.

Totally, the entire cast of Raavan has been selected so productively. Hats off to Mani Ratnam sir. Each and every actor of the movie in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil has got enough material which can bring audience to the theaters, and the rest is done by the visual effects. Story line is also not so weak.

The visual effects were simply superb, especially the last fight on the bridge. Not to my surprise, I was lost in the fight for the first ever time. I loved the back ground music, now it is proved once again, A.R. Rahaman’s music effect is too soothing.

Apart from the movie stuff, I want to share some of my views. I read many reviews about this movie before watching it. They literally made me to be on the stand of dropping the plan of watching the movie. But the only reason why I went to this movie was the beautiful Aishwarya Rai. But, friends, in contrary to the reviews, it is a good movie and I enjoyed it very much. More than what I’ve enjoyed, the pleasure of not succumbed to the reviews satisfies me more.