Jul 31, 2010

Respecting a person...

Respecting a person doesn’t seem complete when you accept everything he says, or when you do everything he asks you to do, though you are not inline with him all the time.

Respecting a person rather accounts to the best when you express your sincere opinion to him all the time, even if it is in conflict with his, and still be ready to accept or to do what he says.

The Best Idea – Take Home #19

The best idea that I can get is the one which strikes my mind when I’m very satisfied with a feeling that I’ve already executed all the possible ideas for that matter.

Jul 25, 2010

The Big Time...

Everyone usually have the big time in their lives, and that is the time when everything else looks so easy and every other problem looks pretty simpler. At the end of it, one looks at his own self, and wonders why he has to be sad at all, any time, for anything!

Big time makes the rest looks so simple. Big time answers every other single question. All in all, big time gears us up to face anything and anyone.

Await it and be happy now. Face it with guts, smile and be happy forever. Always, keep smiling and dreaming.

Jul 24, 2010

Electrical Circuits!

Electrical circuits: You always have a huge way to go ahead and understand, doesn't matter at which part of the circuit you are at any given point of time.

Disclaimer: Now, friends, don’t make me recall that this is applicable to all other subjects as well. Even if you do, you know, I’ve kept a filter inside my mind. Beware!!! :)...:(...:)

Choice is yours!

Anyone can see the results; but not all can see the efforts. See the results to appreciate and to be respected; understand the efforts to inspire, to be valued and remembered. Choice is yours.

Jul 22, 2010

Satisfaction Guaranteed…

Rule of the competition: Participant should sing a song with a solo-performance.

One male participant and one female participant are there in the competition; they are of equally talented.

Female Participant: She sings a song and attracts the audience well with her ever loving, charismatic and confident stage presence.

Male Participant: He fails to check the rule properly. He gives one of his career’s best performances, with the help of a group of cute kids, who would practice for the same like anything.

After their performances, the lady comes over the stage and says that she loved his and the kids’ performance, and requests the judges to announce him as the winner of the day. Since there was a close rivalry between the two teams, the trainer of the girl’s team becomes very furious and he leaves the auditorium.

The girl understands the reason behind his walk-out, but still she decides to stick to her decision. She knows that her team mates, who are also her good friends, always stay and support her. Making her belief true, her team appreciates her decision. Everyone appreciates her sportiveness.

She knows what the efforts the performance costs for the kids. She knows the male participant as the sincere and talented. Of course, he is talented, if he doesn’t follow the rules, she would never back him. But here, since the kids are there on the receiving side and they being the sensitive hearts in the world, she decides to follow her heart, rather than blindly going by rules.

Back home, her trainer punishes her severely for announcing her decision without his acceptance.

Nevertheless, she says one thing to herself “Speaking the rules would have made me a winner, but very rarely I get a chance to appreciate and enjoy the efforts of my opponent, such that I feel like sacrificing my own efforts. I’m happy for what I did”

Jul 17, 2010

What matters the most for any organization?

For any organization, what matters the least is what you are and what matters the most is what your team is. Building a team of spirit is not an easy job, and that’s why the person who works is paid less and the one who make people work is always paid more.

Jul 16, 2010

Short Note…Just to bring better clarity…

I think I couldn’t express myself very clearly in my previous post; rather, I had skipped some very important lines. May be the mid-night writing or excessive emotions could be the culprits.

This is just to bring more clarity on my previous post “The truth…” Read on.

If you ask me what my blog has taught me, the primary answer I’d say is “to be sportive, and to accept many perspectives”. I was so weak in this regard before, now I’m definitely better. So, in my previous post, I never intended to say that I was unable to accept some comments or that some comments hurt me. I was all intended to mention that I love to think about all the perspectives; I make them haunt me to re-think about my thoughts, so that I get clarity in many angles. So friends, thanks a lot for your suggestions and yeah, I love to get your views as they are to their core. Sportiveness is one thing, probably the only thing I celebrate.

Lastly, in that post, I wanted to highlight the people who were interested in loose-commenting, not in the comments window, but when they speak to me. I don’t want to mention those words here. But yeah, definitely, such words may hit me for a moment, but later I never care. Also, wanted to highlight what I mentioned about the questions on copying etc. That’s it.

Hope I’ve reached you this time.

I welcome all your opinions. I try my best to understand many perspectives which can make my thought process stronger and qualitative. Of course, this has been my primary aim always. Everyone is very free here to be what they are.

Thank you once again.

** wish u all smiles **

Jul 15, 2010

The truth about my blog…

Every time I receive a complement saying that my blog is good or my thoughts are amazing, I open it immediately and feel happy to the maximum I can. I feel proud of it. As my signature says, it is my legacy which is worthier than many millions.

If any person comments here with a complete different opinion to the one I expressed in my post, you never believe, that haunts me like anything until I re-think about it and understand his/her perspective.

If someone does loose-comments, I mean, who can not understand my feelings behind writing the posts and simply says “you write bla bla bla…”, I always want to cry loudly and want to say “Shut-up”.

Our culture says “give respect and take respect”, I’m not sure how much it holds well in this generation, in which people would love to take respect, but never want to respect others' feelings. Neither they can understand others, nor can they keep quiet!!

I bet you can never imagine how much I take my blog to my heart. I always believe that its worth taking too. Because it consists me in the form of my thoughts, my actions and myself completely. I agree, some things are easy to be said than to be followed; I too say something in one post, but I may fail to follow the same in another real situation of my life. After all, I’m also a human being with all right and wrong in me. No regrets.

Now, let me tell you, it hurts me the most, when people ask me if I copy some lines from any book/site etc. In one angle I take it as a complement, because they asked it since it was unbelievable for them; may be, it was such a good one. But in the other angle, it was completely out of less-sportive attitude. I can identify the people who ask it in positive manner and who does it in negative line; such stunning questions form very mixed feelings in my heart.

I declare, whenever I copy something or I want to mention something of any other writer, I clearly say it in PS or in some portion of my post. Similar to what I hate when people copy my lines without reference, I never love myself copying someone’s without mentioning them. I confess that I did one such mistake in one of my posts in very earlier ones of my blog posts. I was not mature enough then. I’m sorry for that. But later on, I never ever did so, and I will never do it again, I bet my life on it.

I can write volumes on this subject. But better I stop saying any more, because, the best ever complement I’ve got is “I write less and convey more”. I hope I did justify the same here.

So, finally, the truth about my blog is my blog itself. I proudly say, it is my sweetheart and it is one out of those I take to my heart. I treasure it the most.

Recently I’ve come to know that many of my good old friends started reading my blog. Some out of those are my very good friends too. I take this as an opportunity to thank one and all for being here faithfully.

I’d love to thanks all of my regular readers. You are the real inspiration. I’d love to have your continuous support throughout.

PS: I know, even after saying this much I can not clear some doubts of people. Never mind. I have said all these as I feel like saying it, but not with an intention to change someone’s opinion about me. It is up to the individual who is disciplined enough to accept me as I am.

Jul 13, 2010

If you were of your opposite gender...

Some silly thoughts have all the fun by making us think aloud, at times. This is one of such, of mine. Hope you enjoy answering this.

If you were of your opposite gender, what would you have become?

My Ans: If I were a boy, I would have become a cricketer.

Man Made GOD

Man made things can either improve or destroy human civilization, except man made god, who can do none.

Finding out a person - Take Home #18

“It is very difficult to decide if a person is true or fake unless and until you become the person himself. Give everyone the space they deserve”

Jul 10, 2010

Being back-benchers @B.Tech…

A post on this title is long over due; my heart knows. Whenever I start thinking of sharing something about me being a back-bencher, some or the other issue would rob my thoughts. Now, I know why so long I was kept waiting to write these lines.

Yesterday I spoke to a friend of mine almost after a gap of four dumb years. She is a good friend of mine, forever. She is the only person who deserves the place in this post the most, having always been the only friend with whom I sat for a long time of four years in the back-bench, during B.Tech as the title says


I know, for sure, many voices would love to join with me to say proudly “we are the back-benchers”… bravo!!!

What not the back-bench provoke us to do? We sleep, we talk, we chat over phone, we read (not subject books obviously), most importantly, we day-dream, a lot in fact. She and I were two of those who would answer lecturers and solve problems most of the times, so, many of the lecturers would end up with an eye-contact with us. What maximum the eye contact could do, if we were sleeping with our eyes wide open?

The most enjoyable part of the back-bench life was the way we included our voices with the commenting-boys; boys, it wasn’t commenting boys. I said the same in our farewell, but I was not good at expressing then, so were my expressions. I don’t think even some of my classmates could get what I had said on the stage.

Mobile phones were not so frequent then, I never had it till final year. But the girl in this post had one. She taught me how to play games and there I kept full-stop to my listening skills (of course, classrooms). Now, you can understand how the most boring classes would have been received by my neurons! Btw, do neurons receive them? I doubt! I‘m weak in biology.

We used to enjoy the show when some of the girls envied us for being there in the back. But, somehow, we were never blank when the lecturers tested us. You know that, lecturers always doubt the back-benchers!!

Now, expressing this makes me happy; those were the days I enjoyed the most in classrooms. Before and after B.Tech, it was only black board / power point presentation and of course lecturers/professors.

And now, in professional life… Hmm...!! What else would you expect me to say? It’s the same chair, same desk and same monitor, never mind what happens in CPU!! Of course, same salary is not expected/tolerated for long time, no?

Best wishes to all the back-benchers who are out there in every class across the world.

Jul 7, 2010

Grand Pa & Me...#1

I called him as ‘my first boy friend’ in one of my earlier posts. I stick to that. He was the person who introduced me to most of my maiden tastes. Here are some funny incidents between both of us, just for you.

Chocolates vs. Calculator!!

Once we both started on our bicycle. We roamed a lot in the town as if we were the cops who forgot what to search for. During the ride, I especially pointed at all most all of the tall buildings in the city and asked him when we would buy such ones! On the way, we paused at a medical shop. He had taken some medicine and asked me what I’d like to take. He thought I’d pick something from the series of chocolate boxes right in front of me. But, to his surprise, I said I had liked the calculator in the shop-keeper’s hand and I wanted him to buy that for me!!!

Theater Dhamaka…

One day, he took me to a movie. In his words, I was so excited to watch the movie only until the theater was dimmed. Once the lights were off and the other viewers were about to set their eyes towards the screen, my grand pa’s story of the day started with my loud cry. I was crying really huge that he could not survive in the theater as rest of the people stared at us, as if we were playing more interesting movie than to the one running on the screen. We moved out of the theater room soon.

As we reached the main gate of the theater, once again he got shocked with the way the gate boy responded and said that he wouldn’t open the gate till the interval. What else my grand pa could do? I was not allowing him to go inside and the gate boy did not allow him to take me and our bicycle outside. Finally, we spent sometime here and there to came out after the interval time.

Some more incidents to follow in my next posts… Keep smiling friends.

State of Mind - Take home #17

State of mind happens to be the biggest victim in many incidents. Be fresh, stay fresh, flush the rest and you will be the strongest.

Smiles X Sorrows = Smiles

One smile can keep some sorrows away; one sorrow can keep some smiles away. However, people, who remember smiles longer, live longer, not only on earth but also in many hearts. People, who remember sorrows longer, live shorter, comparatively, not only on earth but also in many hearts.

“Remember the smiles more and be remembered the more”

A study says people who remember the sorrows a lot or think negatively, are the ones who are less attractive to live with. In many cases such people are mostly avoided, of course the neighbors pay the necessary attention towards them, only out of the moral values. The people who smile a lot and make others smile loads are the ones who are the most attractive personalities to live with.

“Chose people carefully to be chosen more by the people”

Surprisingly, the study also says if you live with a negative minded person, soon your subconscious mind starts dragging you towards unhealthy thoughts, though you try the maximum. At the same time, if you live with a positive minded person, soon your senses experience all positive vibes so as your healthy mind.

Jul 5, 2010

Fun with language @Gtalk chat...

Telugu is my mother tongue. Here is the incident happened during online Gtalk chatting between two from the same state and mother tongue as that of mine.

Guy1: Hi…

Guy2: Hello…wats up?

Guy1: Fine re…wats up with you?

Guy2: Doing well…got stuck with loads of work…

Guy1: ------------

Guy2: -------------

Guy1: ------------

Guy2: -------------

After sometime, Guy1 got fed up with his partner’s English. He always preferred to talk in Telugu with his friends.


Guy1: Why don’t you speak in Telugu? Don’t you know Telugu? Its your mother tongue, right?

Guy2: Yeah, its my mother-tongue.

Guy1: Then why don’t you speak in Telugu when we chat in Gtalk? I prefer to do that.

Guy2: Ohh, is it? I’m very sorry yar… I can only speak Telugu and I can understand it when you speak, but I can’t read and write it.


Guy2: Pls don’t mind.

Now this guy1 was almost surprised and could never understand even after thinking too many times, what made the guy2 to think that he would be required to know how to read and write to talk to him in Telugu, as they were chatting on Gtalk and can actually type Telugu in ENGLISH!!! Later, Guy1 was lost in all laughs.

Poor Guy1 or Poor Guy2!!!

Jul 4, 2010

As a matter of fact...

Toughest challenges in life can not be compared. They vary from person to person, situation to situation.

For some, it is about being loved by their partner. For some, it is about winning a championship. For some, it is about being survived despite of their unfortunate circumstances. For some, it is about conquering the world, be it with talent, be it with power or be it with money. For some more, surprisingly, toughest challenge of their life is about being happy always, no matter how worse the life is.

Interestingly, nothing of the above mentioned intentions of people can be understood by the entire world at one go. Only a few out of this world can hardly make it to our hearts, help us in facing such challenges and finally feel happy once we achieve the deserved.

All the time, in fact most of the times, those who can support us morally when we face challenges are the ones who know us, who move with us most of the times, friends, relatives etc. Of course, don’t get me wrong. In stating the above lines, I just kept those instants away, where fans support their favorites morally. In this post, the situation is about a common man. All those people deserve every bit of our love.

But, as a matter of fact, at times we fail to maintain such people. We forget the fact that man makes mistakes and go bluntly about them and fail to forgive them for the mistakes what we think that they have committed. In some cases, it takes absolutely no time to pass through such tough times. But in some other cases, it may take months, years. However the time runs or life surprises us, it is in our hands how we pass through such tough times and forgive them in less time.

Forgiving is such a noble quality that it is not easily acquired; but it is not also such a quality that one can not get too.

Being human and having heart which can feel, having the brain which can think, one should try to get acquainted with the world that is ruled by love which can forgive.

Jul 3, 2010

Is life a race?

I don’t think so.

In race, competitors are known.

In race, destination can be seen.

In race, relations are not applicable.

Then certainly, life is not a race!

Jul 2, 2010

Its Ok...Express It...!

If you lose a close encounter…

If you win a thriller…

If you lose your temper…

If you can not believe some facts…

If you don’t get the well deserved…

Its ok…express it. Its ok.

It is believed that the one, who does not express his extreme emotions on a win or loss, happens to be the one, who focuses on the goal next time with a breathtaking dedication. Eventually he succeeds too.

But, at the same time, it is not easy for everyone to be balanced on many occasions. And, I’d say, some times, emotions too would cause breathtaking dedication.

This is dedicated to all those footballers out there with tears filled, reddened eyes and saddened faces.

"Your tears will show you where to go and how to come back. See you all next time"

FIFA'10 Updates...

As I see the FIFA world cup matches, the ouster of the reigning champion, Italy, made me take a look at the footballers breaking down on the field. I was enjoying then, as I had been supporting the other nation who played fabulously against the Italy. France’s exit left me in mixed emotions all again. I was with almost no emotions when England and Portugal booked their return journey.

Then I did not know that I’d be heading to the biggest upset of this FIFA’10 soon. I knew the teams only by rankings. As I started watching the FIFA after almost four years, one more thing caught me dearly was the run up of the Maradona’s men, Argentines. I was wondering if they could ever let the Brazilians win this world cup!!!

It took no time for me to realize the fact that the Brazil had been outplayed by the Dutch. Bidding farewell to the defending champion is much easier than bidding farewell to the world number 1, especially from tournaments like these, which ensure people remember them for next four years. Four years can make the defending champion go down the line, and can bring a new champion all together. This is as true as we lost Brazil Vs Argentina this time around.

My heart beat faster after a real long time during the last game Brazil Vs Netherlands, as I lost the touch these days on cricket too, which used to make me the same way. I was in no mood to say bye to the Dunga’s team. But I did it at the end, as I had to.

Fact is fact; I enjoy watching the sports persons becoming emotional on the field. Be it smiles or tears, no matter whatever. Both mean the same at my mind, but at heart, obviously the ones which touch me the most are the tears for sure. They make me realize the efforts that the players put in while practicing and preparing for the much wanted golden cup, at times the confessions of the small mistakes which cost much.

Many players have had their last smiles and last tears in the South Africa. Many players from the big teams were unable to control themselves to accept their teams’ disastrous ouster. It is absolutely heart breaking. But at the end of the day, fact is fact, we have to accept it, no matter how nail-biting.