Jul 2, 2010

FIFA'10 Updates...

As I see the FIFA world cup matches, the ouster of the reigning champion, Italy, made me take a look at the footballers breaking down on the field. I was enjoying then, as I had been supporting the other nation who played fabulously against the Italy. France’s exit left me in mixed emotions all again. I was with almost no emotions when England and Portugal booked their return journey.

Then I did not know that I’d be heading to the biggest upset of this FIFA’10 soon. I knew the teams only by rankings. As I started watching the FIFA after almost four years, one more thing caught me dearly was the run up of the Maradona’s men, Argentines. I was wondering if they could ever let the Brazilians win this world cup!!!

It took no time for me to realize the fact that the Brazil had been outplayed by the Dutch. Bidding farewell to the defending champion is much easier than bidding farewell to the world number 1, especially from tournaments like these, which ensure people remember them for next four years. Four years can make the defending champion go down the line, and can bring a new champion all together. This is as true as we lost Brazil Vs Argentina this time around.

My heart beat faster after a real long time during the last game Brazil Vs Netherlands, as I lost the touch these days on cricket too, which used to make me the same way. I was in no mood to say bye to the Dunga’s team. But I did it at the end, as I had to.

Fact is fact; I enjoy watching the sports persons becoming emotional on the field. Be it smiles or tears, no matter whatever. Both mean the same at my mind, but at heart, obviously the ones which touch me the most are the tears for sure. They make me realize the efforts that the players put in while practicing and preparing for the much wanted golden cup, at times the confessions of the small mistakes which cost much.

Many players have had their last smiles and last tears in the South Africa. Many players from the big teams were unable to control themselves to accept their teams’ disastrous ouster. It is absolutely heart breaking. But at the end of the day, fact is fact, we have to accept it, no matter how nail-biting.