Jul 16, 2010

Short Note…Just to bring better clarity…

I think I couldn’t express myself very clearly in my previous post; rather, I had skipped some very important lines. May be the mid-night writing or excessive emotions could be the culprits.

This is just to bring more clarity on my previous post “The truth…” Read on.

If you ask me what my blog has taught me, the primary answer I’d say is “to be sportive, and to accept many perspectives”. I was so weak in this regard before, now I’m definitely better. So, in my previous post, I never intended to say that I was unable to accept some comments or that some comments hurt me. I was all intended to mention that I love to think about all the perspectives; I make them haunt me to re-think about my thoughts, so that I get clarity in many angles. So friends, thanks a lot for your suggestions and yeah, I love to get your views as they are to their core. Sportiveness is one thing, probably the only thing I celebrate.

Lastly, in that post, I wanted to highlight the people who were interested in loose-commenting, not in the comments window, but when they speak to me. I don’t want to mention those words here. But yeah, definitely, such words may hit me for a moment, but later I never care. Also, wanted to highlight what I mentioned about the questions on copying etc. That’s it.

Hope I’ve reached you this time.

I welcome all your opinions. I try my best to understand many perspectives which can make my thought process stronger and qualitative. Of course, this has been my primary aim always. Everyone is very free here to be what they are.

Thank you once again.

** wish u all smiles **