Jul 7, 2010

Smiles X Sorrows = Smiles

One smile can keep some sorrows away; one sorrow can keep some smiles away. However, people, who remember smiles longer, live longer, not only on earth but also in many hearts. People, who remember sorrows longer, live shorter, comparatively, not only on earth but also in many hearts.

“Remember the smiles more and be remembered the more”

A study says people who remember the sorrows a lot or think negatively, are the ones who are less attractive to live with. In many cases such people are mostly avoided, of course the neighbors pay the necessary attention towards them, only out of the moral values. The people who smile a lot and make others smile loads are the ones who are the most attractive personalities to live with.

“Chose people carefully to be chosen more by the people”

Surprisingly, the study also says if you live with a negative minded person, soon your subconscious mind starts dragging you towards unhealthy thoughts, though you try the maximum. At the same time, if you live with a positive minded person, soon your senses experience all positive vibes so as your healthy mind.