Sep 25, 2010

Hang On...

A teacher always humiliates a talented student, just because he does not like the way the student is. The student gets disheartened, cries, curses, thinks, hates and does whatever that seems correct to get through the situation for the moment. Years turn very fast. The student completes his PhD, joins a university as a professor. He behaves very friendly and encouragingly with his students. He always recollects his teacher’s actions which made him understand what happens to a student’s mind when a teacher humiliates. His students love him for the knowledge he has also for the way he is. On the last working day of every year, when the passing out batch students come to him with their hearts full of love, his eyes become wet. He closes his eyes and thanks his teacher for what he had been!

Many of such examples can be found in every corner of the world. Such stories not only inspire but also teach us to hang on before cursing anyone for being unfair to us.

So friends, hang on…

Don’t hate anyone for being unfair to you. There comes a day, when you become successful and you need to thank the same person for what he had done to you.

Sep 20, 2010

NO Fear Is Invincible...Take Home #26

Sometimes, fears can express a person’s intentions better than any words can explain. However, at the end of the day, everyone is destined to come to the conclusion that no fear in this world is invincible.

Definitions... Take Home #25

Definitions remain the same, though not the people and their perceptions.

Sep 15, 2010

Life with No Second Thoughts…!!

Life with no second thoughts…!! Writing this phrase itself is making me feel very lucky to have got it in my mind. Thinking about this phrase is making me go back to the world of my imagination, where only happiness rules.

We all say that dreams are beautiful. We all know that childhood is memorable and livable any number of times, if given a chance. Why? I feel these are the moments where we do not have any second thought about life, we only concentrate and learn truly and completely.

A thought had appeared in my mind when I was laughing in the afternoon. When we laugh, we think only about that particular incident, or may be a couple of related second moments. But when we cry, a big bunch of thoughts come in to our minds to make us feel much inferior to the situation. This is a disheartening but true example to prove that the number of second thoughts only make us lose the control on our mind and life style.

So, I can quote easily, live life with no second thought. But it is the toughest thing one can do and maintain. Again, sweetest successes come from attempting the toughest things in life. So let us try and give it our best. My best wishes for you all.

“Sweetest successes come from attempting the toughest things”

Sep 12, 2010

Love Is Beautiful

The most beautiful feeling in the world,

Is undoubtedly the trust that lovers have

On each other, which makes their lives

Extremely important for the generations,

To spread the message all across, that,

Love conquers many hearts, no doubt.

Who can say no, when I say “Love Is Beautiful”?

People do not mind - Take home #24

It is not that people do not have time; it is that, sometimes people do not mind!

Sep 9, 2010

“Every tear will be answered”

Finally I controlled my emotions and said to myself, “Every tear of me will be answered”.

Every time I cried earlier, I felt like I was throwing the pain away by crying and later on by wiping my own tears. But today, for the first time ever, I felt the happiness and energy in widening my eyes and stocking the tears back in my kitty.

I’ve just read a tweet - “Hide your sword behind a beautiful smile” – what a superb attitude! Great, absolutely!

Every tear will be answered;

On some or the other day;

By some or the other person;

In some or the other way;

All you will have to do is,

To stock back your own tears.

Remember without fail,

Every tear will be answered.

Self Satisfaction...

For any person, self satisfaction of not losing his individuality by getting succumbed to the circumstances is one of the permanent pleasures. It is very sad to see people ignoring this important point to get some temporary pleasures.

Sep 5, 2010


Not just staying together but enjoying the togetherness completes every relation.

A humble person…Take Home #23

A humble person listens and analyzes what is said by the speaker, rather than looking in to the speaker’s face and searching for his reputation or social status.

I’m on my own… Take Home #22

In one of my recent posts I mentioned “I’m all alone”. I would love to give some positive shade to this line. Here I go.

“When I’m all alone, I’m all on my own. I’m proud for being so, since there can not be another best opportunity to prove myself”

Sep 2, 2010

Spot Fixing – Dispute, but nothing new!

Over the years, the rules of the game have been changed, but fortunately, the meaning and the essence of the spirit of the game have never been changed. With the recent dispute namely the ‘Spot Fixing’, I feel the spirit of the game called cricket has been challenged, once again.

Be it the bodyline bowling in 1930’s, be it the on field sledging, be it the Sydney test between Australia and India in 2007-08, be it the serial match fixing buzzes, be it the mysterious death of Bob Woolmer during 2007 world cup, and up to the very recent spot fixing incident, all those players/persons who are guilty have added themselves in to the history books for all the wrong reasons. After all of these incidents have devastated the game, still there are some cricketers who maintain the decency proving the game as the gentlemen’s. I’d like to say hats off to them before I move on.

After thinking deep, somehow I’ve developed a kind of soft corner for the cricketers involved in this. At the same time, the cricket boards, bookies, and the ICC are my main aims to arrow my comments.

Pakistan’s cricket board stands tall in the whole buzz, I feel. The way it bans it’s own players and the way it calls them back in to the team is no mystery to the honorable board members. Board has to support the players, I too agree, but not to the extent that it fails to inspire the players not to commit mistakes again and again!

The world T20 champions, the players from Pakistan are naturally talented and they can play beautiful cricket coming to the game. I’ve read an article which mentioned that most of the young boys of the team had been headed from the poor families. It must be easily understood to get the problems they would have faced to get the tag of playing for the national team. It is never easy in this competitive world.

The less monetary growth and the poor payment by the PCB are the main points for the bookies to attract the players. Of course, we may say, money should not be the criteria for the players and they need to play cricket, but to get these wise words or to understand the essence of representing the nation, the players are not even minimum educated. Their minds have to be tuned before they are allowed to play for the country. But sadly, their minds have been tuned as per bookies before the PCB does something.

Players should be educated more. Education when I say, it is not in terms of degrees, but rather it is in terms of the spirit of the game. This is the solution I see at the moment from the players’ side. And coming to the bookies, its not so easy to stop them as long as the money rules their minds. We can not do much on their side so let us not think too much.

ICC shall go for the strict monitoring track around the players and most importantly the team managements in and out of the pavilions. The code of conduct shall be stricter and at the same time player friendly, after all, they are also human beings not machines.

I’m very sure, for the issue which could not have been concluded over the years by many talented people, I alone can not conclude anything sitting back home and writing this post. Hence there is no proper conclusion here as well. With what I know and within few paragraphs I could suggest only this much for the time being.

Every shade that comes out of everything expresses something. We must understand it and move forward with a hope.

Hope the game wins always!