Oct 24, 2010

The Medalists...

Last time I saw Indians standing for the national anthem was when the Indian badminton player Saina Nehwal became the common wealth games’2010 champion in the individual event. Today when I stood up once again for our national anthem in a movie theater, I quickly thanked all the players because of whom Indian national anthem hit our hearts 38 times during the recent CWG, Delhi.

Standing in a theater and listening to the national anthem is nothing before securing a gold medal and let the crew play the national anthem as our flag fly high and our pride do rounds around the country. Being the reason behind it, how all those players could have managed those hair-rising moments? What actually those players were thinking while the national anthem was on! This thought itself is very interesting and fascinating as well.

People wondered how could have Mr. Abhinav Bindra, the only man to win an Olympic gold for India so far, stood proud, managed or rather controlled his own emotions, while his country’s national anthem was being played on the world’s biggest stage because of his own achievement. Though his answer for this was simple, dealing with the situations would have been the toughest than aiming at the gold itself!

I know I’m very late. Nevertheless, I take this as an opportunity to thank and salute all those players of CWG for participating and for winning millions’ hearts. Always winning a medal is different; hearty congratulations to all the medalists, especially the gold medalists because of whom India ended number two in the medals tally.

Raktha Charitra – Not the story of hatred

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Hatred is the purest form of emotions” – An Indian Epic

Well before I entered the theater, these two lines from the “Raktha Charitra” movie banner made me think deep. Is really the hatred the purest form of emotions? May be! But how come hatred dominates love, after all only love can create hatred in a human’s mind? Does eye for an eye makes the whole world blind? If not completely blind, at least half blind, I convinced myself!

As always, this post is not about the story of the movie. This is just about the emotions that I underwent while watching it. Hope it never hurts anyone. Let me tell you, the cast of the film was undoubtedly superb; watchable performances. RGV has proved it once again why he is still the most wanted!

After observing the entire extravaganza created by many in last two days, I thought the movie was all about hatred. As far as I’m concerned, the movie clearly showcased the hatred that had been generated by the deepest love, in some cases it was because of a leader’s love towards his people, in some cases it was because of a son’s love for his parents, in some cases it was because of a politician’s love for power, in some cases it was because of people’s love towards their leader etc. I stress I believe it was all because of love, hatred would not have been generated otherwise.

Of course this is no different from what all movies show. Going by this, hatred shown in every movie would have been generated by the love for some or the other thing. But to me, this is special movie because it made me think; it made me understand the purest emotion further better.

Well, this is it for now. Next post continuing this topic will be delivered after November 19th, after I watch the second part of the same movie. I must write this, I am awaiting Surya and his action.

Well done Ram Gopal Varma ji and thank you.

Oct 23, 2010

Be a Ruthless Competitor…

Winning anything is never easy. Be it the game, be it the fame, one has to believe the important of competing with their contemporaries. Understanding the strengths of the competitor makes one wiser; understanding the weaknesses of the competitor makes one stronger.

Apart from the act of competing one has to understand the important role that his competitors play in a person’s self development. We all learn from each other and we compete with each other. In this process we shall never ignore to be kind and friendly. Not only that people are important to your growth; but it is also that the healthy competition is important for the long being of the man kind.

Healthy competition can make lives easy. But practically this is not so easy to follow, nor is it easily achievable. Being humans many emotions hit us from the back. No need to explain this more as we all undergo such emotions everyday.

Everything apart, one has to be a ruthless competitor when it is required. At most of the times, the road to success lies in being so.

Oct 21, 2010

Are We Independent?

I feel human beings are not independent. It is just that some depend more and some depend less.

The Manager...

To me, “Manage” always appears incomplete. We manage when we’ve got to do nothing with something but just to manage it for the time being; in other words option less. At the same time, no one can turn down the importance of this task in our day to day lives, be it professional or personal.

In the contemporary world a manager has to do this ruthlessly to his people. At the same time he should not get managed by his people so easily. Not that the situation becomes worst otherwise, but issue is that the same culture gets cascaded among all the people who belong to him, which is not a good sign at all.

To conclude this topic from now, I hope I can quote this.

Manager shall manage people but shall not easily get managed by people.

TWO Options ... Take Home #28

Live for yourself;

Live for others;

For a better life, never ignore either of them. And the real challenge lies in adopting and copping up with these two as and when required.

No Escape...Take Home #27

Life becomes easier when we address the issues at the earliest, for which there is no escape.

Is Life Boring?

To all those who feel that life is so boring, I’ve something to say.

“Your own thinking can make your own life interesting, once again. Life never bores until and unless you allow it to do so”

Oct 19, 2010


Hi friends, it’s been a fortnight I appeared here. Well, could not locate how the days passed, but I’ve definitely missed many expressive moods of mine.

I’d like to quote something. Here I go.

The person who eats less is never understood by the person who eats more; and the person who eats more is never understood by the person who eats less.

No…no, I haven’t attended any eating competition. This is the outcome of what the silly thought that my two years of professional life has caused. Penned it down at least ten days ago; since then I’ve been cross checking my own thoughts, just to verify them in case! Finally I’ve decided to post them here.

It may appear silly, but this can be related to many behaviors! Be cautioned.

Oct 3, 2010

Just love it and live it

Clock hits 00:17 am and here I am to express my on-the-spot feelings, once again at my loveliest space ever.

Many have already said it at different times in different ways. Each one of us would have experienced it already. I believe it will not bore if I reiterate, in fact it never bores.

Past appears so beautiful;

No words can explain;

Every moment of it touches my heart

At the deepest of it, so soothingly;

Does not matter tears or smiles,

All I can see now is the beauty of it;

Some years back,

The then past appeared beautiful;

The then present worried me a little;

And the future was full of dreams,

Though the fear of it pinched me at back;

And now,

Past appears beautiful and irreplaceable;

Present worries me a little;

And the future is, again, of colorful dreams,

Though the fear of it pinches me at back;

Now this makes me say, whatever we learn, earn,

We remain the same at the basics of life;

Be it the feelings, of beauty, of love, of worry, of dreams,

Until we realize that, every moment we live is special;

And, not surprisingly, every heart we meet is special;

So special, such that we have to love ourselves,

To the deepest of our hearts, every day, every minute.

Past, present, futures are the matter of times,

And the times that we make when we care;

Care a bit and make every moment your best;

Just love it and live it; after all, it is your life.