Nov 27, 2010

Inspirational victories…

Inspirational victories may not always show us how to play the game, but they definitely unveil how much the person or the team wants to win. Nevertheless, every great game must have a team or a person ending up on the losing side. Accepting this fact makes us love the loser, being the spectators. Everything apart, most importantly, such games make us realize the power of the so called nerves of steel.

The back ground for this post is as follows. Today morning I witnessed an absolutely inspirational win by the Chinese women volley-ball team in the Asian games. They had successfully come through the two set down situation to a wishful and unforgettable 3-2 victory over the South Koreans. Their coach was restlessly supporting them till the gold medal point. Many brilliant performances and an awesome team work have made them won the last and the 199th gold medal for their country in the Asiad this time round.

The Best Remembered...!

The best remembered is the best felt.
The best felt is the best believed.

Nov 24, 2010

Celebrate them…

Life is not a journey always; at some moments, destinations are reached too. Those moments must be celebrated and cherished. Those moments must be identified and acknowledged with love and satisfaction.

We often forget to enjoy the winning moments in the journey of life as the deep wish for further success keeps us busy thinking beyond the altitudes. Of course one shall not forget reassuring his own caliber; undoubtedly it is equally important to celebrate the achievements without a second thought.

The loser may or may not deserve the loss but the winner definitely deserves the celebration, and nothing shall matter in this regard.

Feeling the pressure… Take Home #32

It Is Meaningless To Feel The Pressure When Humanly Impossible Things Are Expected Out Of You.

Now, is there anything which is impossible? YES, there are some which are humanly impossible. Only the commonsense of an individual can name them.

Nov 22, 2010

…in love!

No, no…Hang on please!

Two back to back movies after a pleasant work-week have made me rich enough in content to deliver to you here.

Weekend refreshment magics me. Not that it waves off the Monday blues completely, but to some extent it definitely does. One out of the two, “Guzaarish” made me realize that I actually have gained the potential to control my tears; and “Harry Potter” has once again proved that I understand it less than sixty percent.

I couldn’t adjust my time to introduce to you a strange character I had met during my train journey on my way back to Pune from my hometown. He was so specific about his seating position or his own berth. He had his own rules that everyone should sleep/sit in their own seats throughout the journey; the waiting list people were no where supposed to travel comfortably etc, and except the one that he would not be accepted if he drink in train!

I brought a new mobile on the very next day after I lost my old one. The lost one was of course not brand new, but unexpectedly in a short period it became one of my two old mobiles. One night of the journey I was without phone and I felt as if had lost my pulse. Fortunately or unfortunately mobiles have become the important part of journey of life. Throughout that night I wondered about my once own memory when I used to remember at least 10 to 15 phone numbers, which had been brought down to narrowly ONE at the time I lost my mobile phone.

Let me tell you the title of this post is just to attract you to every boring line of this post and if I have to say the truth, I’m in love with my new mobile. To me, it appears as a black pearl that shines and smiles at me.

I have no miraculous news to tell you before I conclude this post. But I’ve got a funny picture for you.
See you.

Cluster of random thoughts…

** As always, first would be the sports news. Indians have been doing well at the Asian games. Three gold medals of yesterday are undoubtedly the important ones as two out of them have come from the athletics. The world number one, Indian test cricket team is appearing comfortable on track with the wall, Rahul Dravid’s gutsy 191. Harbhajan has played three lovely innings in last two tests and for me he is the player of this season. Of course, I’d say I’m in no hurry to watch the master’s 50th century in tests. No doubt, after he makes it, people start targeting his 100th century in all formats of the game.

** India has been flooded by the news on various scams recently. Politicians have once again proved it their best; and this time army officers joined the hands, enough surprisingly. The less we speak about them further the good it would be. Hope such news will not build the attitudes of the young enthusiastic!

** Obama’s visit has certainly raised some curtains. The US President, one of my best all time speakers, had been on positive note all the way he walked on Indian soil. The US first lady delivered an inspiring speech which was the mixture of love, honesty and compassion. She spoke so impressively that the young generation will remember longer to dream big. The way she worded the line “our circumstances shall not define us” was the best part of it, I feel.

** One of the Indian B-schools has been awarded the top-4 position in the world. That is a good sign for the standards that we have in-house. Many other best educational institutions of India are in queue to prove themselves; students are their real strength equivalent to the faculty.

** It is a saying that Indian women like gold very much. At the present situation, the gold prices have been the major factor in restricting them from entering the jewelry shops. Indian men, especially the husbands must be happy about it, if I’m not wrong! On the other hand, business experts say that it is not the good sign for the economic condition of any country. Hope everything comes under the control of the stock market.

I think this is it for now. Have good time friends.

Nov 10, 2010

When a person dies, he doesn’t die alone

I heard this dialogue in a recent Bollywood movie released couple of months ago. My very first reaction was “How true!”

We all know what happens to us when one among our loved ones dies. We all know what happens to our emotional balance when such incident happens. Everything is next to what happens at the very moment. But the most important and the most killing pain of such incidents lie in the moments when we miss them again and again. Sooner the toughest truth that we badly miss the love, care, and completeness they would have brought in our lives if they are alive, encourages the agony, which unfortunately has to be fought out by ourselves!

As the title says, when a person dies he doesn’t die alone. Love, may be immortal, but the feeling that no one else can love us like the person who died makes us feel absolutely detached at times. Missing the things, what they used to do when they were alive, do make us realize the importance of such people in our lives, every single time without fail.

Every realization is important for a life to fulfill our dreams. Lets understand and move forward.

A Surprising One ... Take Home #31

Not Every Take Home Can Be Kept In Words And That Too Here In This Blog.

Nov 6, 2010

My Updates...

Hi friends, hope everything is fine you all. I assume you would have had a blasting Diwali, of course may not only with crackers, but with the food items, festival extravaganza etc.

I had a real blasting Diwali this time too; for me it was third Diwali after I joined the job; like any other time so far, this time too I had lot of fun. Specialty for this time is that I’m at home with mom and dad. Of course I missed my Grand pa a lot. Nevertheless, it was fantastic. Again we didn’t celebrate it with crackers, but with all the fun of decoration etc.

It is good that our organization declares five holidays on every Diwali. Long leaves once in a while, makes us enough potent to perform our best for the rest of the season. I had been to my school in the morning. Felt a warm welcome all around. For sure, it was one of the most memorable moments.

Right now all of the TV channels have only news to telecast and that is the cyclone in the Bay of Bengal, on the Ease coastline of Andhra Pradesh, India, at my home town. The effect of this “Gel Cyclone” is predicted high of course, nothing be predicted as it would be when it is nature. I hope I’ll not get struck at my home town with the lack of transportation. Actually I wish I could welcome it!!

I’ve met my friends and relatives, who got their babies delivered recently. The small and pink shaded hands of the babies and the beautiful smiles of them made me fall in love with babies once again. Every smile, every tear, in fact every expression and emotion of them are true and worth enjoying; as if they don’t have any second thought!

This is it for now. I’m enjoying each and every moment at home.

An important update for you all; every important person comes late or towards the end, right? The matter is that I’ve lost my mobile in a tragic accident. I’ve lost all of my contacts. Nevertheless, in the present day highly developed communication system nothing should be an issue between hearts who want to stay connected. So, I’ll get back soon.

Now I’m done for now. Once again I wish you all a happy and safe Diwali, belated of course. Enjoy your moments.

Tears...Take Home #30

Tears may always represent a person’s sensitiveness; but they do not really always represent a person’s nervousness.

DIfferent...Take Home #29

Nothing is wrong; everything is just different.