Nov 22, 2010

Cluster of random thoughts…

** As always, first would be the sports news. Indians have been doing well at the Asian games. Three gold medals of yesterday are undoubtedly the important ones as two out of them have come from the athletics. The world number one, Indian test cricket team is appearing comfortable on track with the wall, Rahul Dravid’s gutsy 191. Harbhajan has played three lovely innings in last two tests and for me he is the player of this season. Of course, I’d say I’m in no hurry to watch the master’s 50th century in tests. No doubt, after he makes it, people start targeting his 100th century in all formats of the game.

** India has been flooded by the news on various scams recently. Politicians have once again proved it their best; and this time army officers joined the hands, enough surprisingly. The less we speak about them further the good it would be. Hope such news will not build the attitudes of the young enthusiastic!

** Obama’s visit has certainly raised some curtains. The US President, one of my best all time speakers, had been on positive note all the way he walked on Indian soil. The US first lady delivered an inspiring speech which was the mixture of love, honesty and compassion. She spoke so impressively that the young generation will remember longer to dream big. The way she worded the line “our circumstances shall not define us” was the best part of it, I feel.

** One of the Indian B-schools has been awarded the top-4 position in the world. That is a good sign for the standards that we have in-house. Many other best educational institutions of India are in queue to prove themselves; students are their real strength equivalent to the faculty.

** It is a saying that Indian women like gold very much. At the present situation, the gold prices have been the major factor in restricting them from entering the jewelry shops. Indian men, especially the husbands must be happy about it, if I’m not wrong! On the other hand, business experts say that it is not the good sign for the economic condition of any country. Hope everything comes under the control of the stock market.

I think this is it for now. Have good time friends.