Nov 22, 2010

…in love!

No, no…Hang on please!

Two back to back movies after a pleasant work-week have made me rich enough in content to deliver to you here.

Weekend refreshment magics me. Not that it waves off the Monday blues completely, but to some extent it definitely does. One out of the two, “Guzaarish” made me realize that I actually have gained the potential to control my tears; and “Harry Potter” has once again proved that I understand it less than sixty percent.

I couldn’t adjust my time to introduce to you a strange character I had met during my train journey on my way back to Pune from my hometown. He was so specific about his seating position or his own berth. He had his own rules that everyone should sleep/sit in their own seats throughout the journey; the waiting list people were no where supposed to travel comfortably etc, and except the one that he would not be accepted if he drink in train!

I brought a new mobile on the very next day after I lost my old one. The lost one was of course not brand new, but unexpectedly in a short period it became one of my two old mobiles. One night of the journey I was without phone and I felt as if had lost my pulse. Fortunately or unfortunately mobiles have become the important part of journey of life. Throughout that night I wondered about my once own memory when I used to remember at least 10 to 15 phone numbers, which had been brought down to narrowly ONE at the time I lost my mobile phone.

Let me tell you the title of this post is just to attract you to every boring line of this post and if I have to say the truth, I’m in love with my new mobile. To me, it appears as a black pearl that shines and smiles at me.

I have no miraculous news to tell you before I conclude this post. But I’ve got a funny picture for you.
See you.


Yamini Meduri said...

oye oye...somebody is in love....but ofcourse with her i understand..!!!

di, the sunday was wanderfull..thanks to you rakesh n vikas for making it so special..!!!

days like this make me think of being in pune...!!

thank you dearies :)

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rashid1891 said...

i like this site
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; and very good

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Yamini, yaa that makes me feel awesome too..:) thanks for joining us..

Being Pramoda... said...

Hey sahana,thanks ra

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Rashid, welcome here.. and thank you so much..that makes me write more, no diubt.