Dec 29, 2010

The Art of Gossiping...

Gossips are made. Or may not! Gossips are provoked.

Behind an every gossip there lies a reason, an excuse that actually had provoked the gossiper to start it off. For the same person, it almost takes hell lot of energy only to make an unsuccessful attempt to prevent the gossip from being spread across. The reason or the so called excuse is unknown unless it is spoken out with guts. Otherwise, the gossip does the rounds all that it can make. Surprisingly enough, people make it successful by nurturing with great belief and care.

Believing the gossip is something that is to be thought of. It definitely deserves a moment from every one of us. What happens when a gossip rolls out? What actually provokes people from passing it on and on? What the hell that a human ego can do with the so called gossip?

Well, ego is none other than what a human being is. It is nothing separate from a man’s or woman’s own state of mind and his/her on-the-spot actions according to the situations. In all most all cases the gossips are believed as per the ego state of a person. Basically, the listener’s image off the person who’s against the gossip is or the positive impact of the gossip to satisfy his own ego! If so, the gossip will be conveyed across. If not, the gossip’s road would come to an end then and there itself. Most of the gossips are believed with the advantages they carry along. In case of disadvantageous situations, they are killed, undoubtedly.

Leave the rest to a human’s own belief; but, what about the person who actually initiates the gossip? Out of what such things usually get generated?

I don’t this I have thought enough on this. So let me check it out at my end. I’ll require some more time and experience to come up with the answer for this.

One thing is for sure. As long as you find some real joy in gossiping, gossip. But the very moment you start feeing some sadistic pleasure or unhealthy happiness in gossiping, just stop doing so. Finding our mind’s own state of such madness is very difficult unless we keep ourselves understood of our own rhythm. At the same time, it takes enormous courage to face the gossips against you. Be prepared for the worst.

People often say that girls are best at gossiping. I do not disagree. But on his day, a man is definitely unstoppable from doing so; I stress this.

This is it for now.


Windel said...

Well,...a true man won't allowed engaging gossiping a gossip..he might be mistakenly be called a gay if he engaged into gossiping. He even don't accept gossip especially if it is a hearsay...gossip sometimes makes us trilled, but if we take it seriously we might be lost and put us in serious trouble.

AS said...

the science behind gossip, i liked it.

Creativity!! said...

Wonderful Write Up.

Anonymous said...

gud one .. i knew this little bit personally as i went through it :(

Being Pramoda... said...

@ Windel

@gossip sometimes makes us trilled, but if we take it seriously we might be lost and put us in serious trouble.

Hey.. thats true.. thank you.

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi AS, yeah.. hehe..i just tried!!

Being Pramoda... said...

Hey Sahana, thank you..

Being Pramoda... said...

@ Anonymous

Thanks for being here.. going thru it personally makes one realize th e pain..