Dec 1, 2010

Grand Pa & Me...#2

My grand father says that the tastiest food is the least healthy one. Every time I look the menu, I’m use to hear his words at the back of my mind. But I go helpless, at times, when I go to a restaurant, of course not a new reason but to eat more and even more if possible!

It was a summer morning when I was chit chatting with my grand ma at the back part of our house. All of a sudden we heard a loud noise from the front side of our house, as if somebody was screaming to his heart, something like these “Whaaaa….Uhaaaaa...Whaaaaa….”

I rushed quickly at my fastest speed to see what the hell that was. I was absolutely stunned to see my grand pa, who stood on the road, bended himself and was screaming like anything. I saw his hand was half way through his mouth and he was working hard to push something in to his stomach. Finally he made the successful attempt to found the way for that eatable to reach his stomach. He entered the house very proudly after the incident.

After some time, one of my neighbors came to our house and asked my grand pa what he was doing in the morning. He replied that he was advised to eat the Neem tree leaves (Vepa Iguru – we call it in Telugu) as a natural medicine for his diabetes problem. He was literally eating the leaves one by one; as the taste opposed him from eating them, he made those ear-threatening noises to make it happen.

On hearing that, my neighbor could not stop her expressions and laughed for half a minute continuously as we all looked unanswered. After controlling herself she said that the way to eat them was not what he had done. One should take some leaves and they should be grinned nicely in a mixi and then that paste should be swollen directly without having it in much touch with the tongue to avoid the undesired taste of them. Then we all understood why she was unstoppable a minute before!

My grand pa intelligently escaped from the scene with a big “Ohh…”

Take healthy food but only after knowing how to eat it as the healthiest food is never tasty! This was one of the biggest lessons that I learnt during that summer vacation.