Dec 20, 2010

Love, eternal…

First is first; a tiresome Sunday had come to an end with the fabulous fiftieth test century of Sachin Tendulkar. It was absolutely enjoyable to witness the master’s maestro, South African’s sportive spirit and the stadium full of tri-colour. My hearty congratulations to the Indian cricketer; I’m proud to write this here.

At this moment I can not forget the effect of the single digit temperatures of Pune on me while writing this. Early in the morning as I start going to the office, the two minute walk to the bus stop appears longer than usual and the office bus which comes, stops in between the way on the road, and picks me up, though I’m half way through to the bus stop, appears too good than usual.

Change the mood…

As she walks alongside of him she gets realized.
His soothing affection makes her lose her nerves.
She moves towards him slowly to feel his presence.
Lovely smile of him makes her walk even closer.
As he turns towards her, holds her hand gently,
Tears roll down her reddened yet saddened cheeks,
When she gets realized that he is her imagination.

She recollects,
Their beautiful past spent together.
The wishful dreams they dreamt of.
Those unforgettable memories of him;
And the promises they made for each other.

“Will you marry me?”
Words of him appear repeatedly at her back.
“See you tomorrow”
His last words keep her crying all the way long.

She knows the fact that he will not return.
Some facts can only be known and felt, but
Can not be accepted or believed, though
Some or the other day they have to be, for sure.

She has to accept the fact that he is no more.
Not tough, but the toughest feeling to handle.
Yet she is left with no option than,
Answering every question herself.
Crossing every hurdle herself.
Living every moment herself.


KParthasarathi said...

A great milestone, a record that would be a bench mark for many cricketers in future,this exemplary achievement by Tendulkar should gladden the hearts of all followers of this game.

A touching poem, Pramoda

An Ordinary Gal said...

touching rhymes..

Yamini Meduri said...

wow...dats soooo nice di..i loved the am eagerly waiting to meet him...the man of your life..!!!

All the best di..!!!



deeps said...

Bradman of our time indeed….
Actually I too had put up something on him ….
Ohhh Pune clime… but somehow I don’t miss my pune days…
nice poem by the way :P maybe the dropping temperature did it :D

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Partha uncle,

Thank you so much and we all must be proud of him.

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Ordinary gal...

Thanks yaa

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Yamini, thanks dear..

waiting for u to come here on 25th..:)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Deeps, yeah..definitely..:)

and the dropping temp are so chilling..:)