Dec 29, 2010

“Very Very Special” Team India…

‘Well done’ will be good enough to encourage the on going Indian cricket team’s tour of South Africa.

Master blaster’s fiftieth century has made the atmosphere so cool even after the innings defeat to the hosts. All credit goes to Sachin. What it feels to be the first man on earth to reach such a great milestone? If I’m not wrong, incredible would not be sufficient enough to describe. It is proud moment to say that he is the man called Sachin Tendulkar from India.

Again, VVS Laxman has played his signature innings with the stylish 96 being the match winning knock for India. Australians knew that earlier, but now, the world knows that he is so special. Only a hard man can drive a hard ship. It is always better for the young cricketers to get associated with such talent and the experience that Indian test team has got.

Any ways, it is a very special win by Team India to kick off the New Year celebrations.