Feb 23, 2010

My Irregularity @ Blogger world

I did expect that I would write this post one day. Yes, it is about my irregularity at my space as well as at your beautiful blogs. I used to feel proud of myself for the way I could adjust my time for my favorite works. One of such works is writing as you know. But these days, I feel like too much stuff has occupied my mind completely. Be it professional, be it personal, it has got it’s own way to have robbed my mind.

Any ways, being on a positive side, I expect myself to fight back to fulfill my interests.

@ Nothing is worth taking to heart

I want to share loads and loads with you all about my previous to previous post titled as above. I will really have to take my time to come up with. Thanks a lot for your responses on the same.

Stay tuned and thank you.

Prepare Yourself to Face the Worst…

There is a definite difference in the way you feel the taste of a red chilli when you eat it knowingly and unknowingly. The difference is not in the taste of it, but rather it is certainly in the way you feel it. Your mind is well prepared when you eat it knowingly, where as the same is lacked when you eat it unknowingly.

Similarly, when you prepare yourself to face every hurdle of life, you feel better. It does not mean that you have to imagine the worst and be prepared for that, but rather you have to be ready to face any worst, no matter whatever it is. Nevertheless, not any worst is greater than life. Remember it and come out with flying colours.

Feb 20, 2010

Saying "Sorry"?

Neither you should say “Sorry”, nor should you expect “Sorry” for every mistake. Some mistakes are life changers, where in they do help us in understanding people, life, things in a better way than ever before. One’s knowledge lies in identifying such incidents, and one’s pleasure lies in learning from the same.

Never say sorry to convince someone; never say sorry to convince yourself; rather be happy to say sorry when you are ready to change yourself towards the mistake done.

PS: I know that both of the above said ones are not related to each other, in some way they even contradict with each other. But please note that they are mutually exclusive if we consider the situation they have to be applied.

Feb 8, 2010

“Nothing Is Worth Taking To Heart”

“Nothing Is Worth Taking To Heart”

For some reason, the above said line has been incessantly revolving in my thoughts these days. I would like to have your words before I say something more about this.

Dear friends, please do share your thoughts about this line. Thank You.

Feb 7, 2010

Love and Survive!

Let me begin this post with a very big ‘Hai’ to all of my dear readers. It’s been very long that I have updated my space with my thoughts. Not that I didn’t thought of anything meanwhile, but the fact is that I could not make it here. Any ways, I hope all of you are doing well in your own roles and my best wishes to all of you for your respective deeds.

‘Love and Survive’ I can not actually recollect where I did come across this phrase, but one thing is for sure that it’s not been very long that I have heard about it. It appeared logical at first site and the rest is well imaginable.

Love people, live in their hearts and survive yourselves in this beautiful world. Aim big to live forever and ever. A very simple fact of it’s kind, but again, a very tough one to follow.

You can live happily when you love people. You can love people when you believe in them. You can believe people when you forget everything else and just live with them. You can forget everything else only when you forgive people… As I write this, I got realized of the fact that there is no beginning and no ending to this process. Love, belief, happiness etc are our feelings and the rest is just life.

No one can negotiate with the fact that life is more of learnings and full of experiences. Learn to love and experience the difference. Memorize the basics of life and enjoy the success.

Life may not always be what you want, but it is always be what you see. See your best to love and survive.