Jan 28, 2011

The ‘Corporate’ feeling…

The best feeling:

“This is work is given to me, because no one else can do it”

The worst feeling:

“This work is given to me, because no one else will do it”

Shed smiles anyway… Take Home #39

A smile given away as a formality may solve the problem for the moment; but the smile given away with genuineness solves the problem forever. Face problems with the confidence that you can shed smiles anyway.

Jan 26, 2011

The President’s Address…

“Every day people work hard and spend money for their needs, cutting excess expenses wherever possible. Hence, they deserve a government which does the same. We much freeze on the Annual Domestic expenses for next five years. We must cut the excessive expenses wherever possible.

Instead of cutting off the scholarships for the students, we shall ask the Millionaires to give up tax breaks. It is not about punishing their success, but it is all about developing our country”

I might not have put it in the same words from him, but I tried my best to put these lines here. These are said by the man know for his speeches, The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. He is one of my favorite speakers of all the time. He was applauded by the entire US state of the Union with his words.
“Be it the white, be it the black, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, whoever it may be, let us move forward as one nation”

It is he, being the president, I’ve ever heard mentioning the efforts of a company of his country and it’s employees who worked round the clock to make a rescue equipment for the mine victims.

All in all, for me, the 61st Republic Day of India is started with witnessing one of my favorite speakers’ inspiring addresses to his nation and the world, live telecasted in BBC from the USA. I’m really overwhelmed by the way his fellow Union people gave the standing ovations many times, backing him from the front all the time.

It has been a good experience for me in this morning to start the day. Thanks to BBC and Obama.

Battling the uncertainty…

Interesting crickets match is on… India is batting second… huge target to reach… well going innings… super shots from the Indian openers… flamboyant first few overs… suddenly, Sachin is out… audience dumbfounded… few more batsmen reach the pavilion… hopelessness all of a sudden… audience leave the stadium… people switch off the TVs… players undergo the edge of curses… a few believe in not watching the match any more…but the players have to complete the formalities… they have to play the game… they have to witness the loss till the last ball is played, does not matter how much it pains… sometimes, the game may turn around to their surprise… they may emerge as winners and hit the headlines next day… smiles in their way…

The above sequence of incidents is the best example that hits my mind to start with this post. Uncertainty lies everywhere, in every profession, in every game as long as the fight for the win happens. Sometimes, like the situations mentioned above, we forget the fact that the uncertainty can play it’s role. We go ahead in believing what our mind says at that point of time. Not only that, the disappointment emerges out of the hope that we have on our team makes us behave so. It happens with everyone, nothing surprising. Being the audience, it is one’s own choice to witness or not. All in all, players are known for battling the uncertainty. They have to go through it, does not matter how disheartening or boring the defeat is or the match is. They have absolutely got no option other than facing the truth. Every time I switch off the TV in the situations mentioned above, these lines hit my mind. And this thinking of mine makes me respect the team and it’s efforts despite of their defeat. If they win out of such critical circumstances, I feel too sad for myself for not witnessing the match.

Any ways, one has to agree that battling the uncertainty calls for the confidence, strength of one’s mind and the aim to win. I wish all these help Team India win the upcoming world cup which is going to happen on their home soil surrounded by the cheers from the home crowd.

Jan 17, 2011

A Mother’s Last Wish…

A girl is seen distributing sweets which she has made herself. Her friends and neighbors are gathered over there on another occasion actually. The girl is in full of smiles while approaching each and every one in person and letting them taste the sweet. Her whopping excitement is the talk of the gathering. None of them knows why she has been distributing sweets. None of them is answered by her for their only question “what’s the matter?”

She simply giggles and says that she will tell once she sees everyone with a sweet in their hands. People wait like none to know the matter as if it is the only thing that they don’t know about under the sun.

Finally, the moment comes where she has to reveal the assured. She becomes stable, controls her breath, adjusts her sour throat and says “This was the day last year I lost the person who loved me like none”.

She wipes the rolling tears and clarifies “My mother passed away that night”.

Her words see everyone dumbfounded. Not even a single person among them understood why she was happily distributing the sweets till then and was in tears all of a sudden. Also, they could not understand why she was actually happy while distributing the sweets. None of them could spell a word out for a moment.

Finally an old man comes to her and asks “I can understand the agony but why are celebrating the day like this?”

“What was there on your mind when you were in smiles a moment before?” he continues.

The girl wipes all of her tears away, comes back with her beautiful smile all again to hide the agony in her best way.
She says “I only had my mother in this world to love me, to care for me. We didn’t have any relatives. We were all alone walking past the innumerable hurdles of our lives. One night all of a sudden my mother fell off from the bed with deep pain in her chest. I reached her quickly but never on time” her sour throat appears further decayed.

“I lost her already by then. Then I saw her hand directed towards a book on the side of her bed. It took me long time to realize that she was actually fallen down since she was trying to reach the book in her last minutes”

Everyone out there is seen interested to know what was written in the book. The girl broke down for few seconds all over again. She was consoled by her friends. Finally she made herself ready to reveal the pages of the book.

“My dearest daughter…

I know I’ve left you in lot of pain and loneliness. But I was helpless dear. I could not do anything to make it not to happen this way. I hope you understand me.

I’ve been suffering from a heart disease which I didn’t tell you. Seeing the poverty that we are in as on today, I’m not very convenient to struggle you even more for my treatment. Instead, since some time, I’ve started making up your mind to face the odds. If you can recollect some situations happened recently, and the conversation I’ve had with you, you will get my point.

I’m leaving with a satisfaction that I’ve made you as a person who is sensitive towards the needy, who wants to help the poor children for their education. I’m sure you are a kind of a person who does something to keep the pain away from such people. I want you to grow in life with time and age. I want you to keep your smile which can light many lives. I will always be proud of you if you become successful not just for yourself, but also for all the people who are in lack of love and affection, especially the children who are poor and lack of education. As you read this you have to promise me and yourself that you will achieve your dreams with all the possible efforts.

Dear, I’ve a small wish; probably my last wish too. On every death anniversary of mine, you prepare some sweet with your own hands and share it with the people around you, friends etc. Never feel that you are alone in this world. This is world is of them who loves. Love people, have friends and achieve your goals. This wish may appear strange but I know how this small deed will help you in being confident and not feeling the loneliness.

Every time you give the sweet, every smile you give to the person who receives strengthens your attitude that you are surrounded by the love. It reconfirms you the joyful world that you have around you. I know you can understand the rest.
You are my lovely baby. I still remember your first steps and first words. I can still feel the first touch that I had while rubbing your palms gently. Any way, we have to depart one day and the day has come today. I hope you will live your best.

Take care of yourself. Bye dear.

Ever yours


“The note ended with my mother’s signature. That is the only thing which brings my mother close to me every night. Every time I touch it, or read it, I feel I’m talking to her.

Jan 16, 2011

Start if off…

None of us want to let our dreams just remain as dreams. It may not always be so possible to turn all of our dreams in to reality; but the very first step that we take to make them true or the move that we make to let our ideas pop in, is very important and the moment to be cherished. Of course, they say, starting it off itself is half way through the success, may not always be interpreted as half-done though!

So, come on; start it off; be successful and satisfied too.

Added responsibilities…

People feel excited about the added responsibilities in professional life and feel over loaded about the added responsibilities in personal life.

PS: Well, the above line did hit my mind yesterday. I’m not sure why, but I was quite confidence while penning down those lines.

Jan 14, 2011

To be a better performer… Take Home #38

It is very useful for every one of us to know the importance of the work that we are doing. May be, it is even more important to realize it’s significance to be a believer and hence to be a better performer.

Jan 11, 2011

IPL-4 Auction…all about Indians…

It is interesting and even more surprising to see the way the franchises’ have capped the cricketers, especially the Indian players for the entire amount that they can afford paying. All the looks were kept astonishingly on the young India. It is sufficiently evident that within no time Indian extravaganza can influence the equations of world’s cricket; I really don’t know how good it is.

Nothing more is expected than a price of $2.4 million for the in-form Gautam Gambhir. I still remember the Yusuf Pathan’s energetic performance against the then most adoring spinner Ajanta Mendis of KKR, during the only super-over of the season-2; and no doubt he was eyed high by the KKR this time. No doubt that the loss of Muralitharan affects the Super Kings; where as the spinner duo of Chargers, Ojha and Amit Misra, shall have to prove their best. May be, Yuvi has been hiding his game since last season of IPL, only to play his best for the Pune Warriors!

Oops… I realize that it is very difficult to describe or pen down all of my opinions about the auction-2011. Now, I’ll start doing it on fast track.

The less-paid (comparatively) talented foreigners will undoubtedly be envy of their team mates unless they wouldn’t mind much about their payment. After all, who does not mind when the players are being sold like papads, unveiling the same on LIVE for the entire world to see! One more point I would like to mention that some of the players who are surprisingly sold for more are lucky enough to have the franchises who wanted them.

Sourav Ganguly, the omission of the former Indian captain was the stunning stunt of the day performed by the owners. The way he remain unsold remembers me his omission from the Team India couple of years back before he retired. The entire Kolkata was on fire backing their sporting hero. Any way, I believe Ganguly will fight it out alone; he is well capable of doing it so. He is one of very few gutsy players I’ve ever seen. I wondered when the West-Indian Brian Lara announced his availability for the IPL; I went a step ahead and thought if any franchise would be interested in taking him in, which came true coincidentally the other day.

I know, I didn’t mention about the teams I support as yet. And I’m sure that I don’t want to choose the same now. I wish to keep my focus on the upcoming cricket festival of the year, the ICC world cup. Let us see what will turn around!

On the whole, it is a good sign to the Indian cricket and so as the same to the world cricket as well.

Jan 10, 2011

Crazy dreams…

Crazy dreams may not last long;
But they make us think aloud.

May be, we overlook them at times,
But they do not let us do so, so easily.

Craziness is all about what we perceive;
And of course, what we are, actually.

Jan 2, 2011

Does it sound logical?

Sometimes we say it because we like others saying such; and sometimes we don’t say it because we don’t like others saying such.

Or rather,

Sometimes we like others saying it because we like ourselves saying such; and we don’t like others saying it because we don’t like ourselves saying such.


I know, I’m late. My best wishes for all of you on the eve of the new kitty of hopes, the New Year.

Smile, serve and survive.