Jan 17, 2011

A Mother’s Last Wish…

A girl is seen distributing sweets which she has made herself. Her friends and neighbors are gathered over there on another occasion actually. The girl is in full of smiles while approaching each and every one in person and letting them taste the sweet. Her whopping excitement is the talk of the gathering. None of them knows why she has been distributing sweets. None of them is answered by her for their only question “what’s the matter?”

She simply giggles and says that she will tell once she sees everyone with a sweet in their hands. People wait like none to know the matter as if it is the only thing that they don’t know about under the sun.

Finally, the moment comes where she has to reveal the assured. She becomes stable, controls her breath, adjusts her sour throat and says “This was the day last year I lost the person who loved me like none”.

She wipes the rolling tears and clarifies “My mother passed away that night”.

Her words see everyone dumbfounded. Not even a single person among them understood why she was happily distributing the sweets till then and was in tears all of a sudden. Also, they could not understand why she was actually happy while distributing the sweets. None of them could spell a word out for a moment.

Finally an old man comes to her and asks “I can understand the agony but why are celebrating the day like this?”

“What was there on your mind when you were in smiles a moment before?” he continues.

The girl wipes all of her tears away, comes back with her beautiful smile all again to hide the agony in her best way.
She says “I only had my mother in this world to love me, to care for me. We didn’t have any relatives. We were all alone walking past the innumerable hurdles of our lives. One night all of a sudden my mother fell off from the bed with deep pain in her chest. I reached her quickly but never on time” her sour throat appears further decayed.

“I lost her already by then. Then I saw her hand directed towards a book on the side of her bed. It took me long time to realize that she was actually fallen down since she was trying to reach the book in her last minutes”

Everyone out there is seen interested to know what was written in the book. The girl broke down for few seconds all over again. She was consoled by her friends. Finally she made herself ready to reveal the pages of the book.

“My dearest daughter…

I know I’ve left you in lot of pain and loneliness. But I was helpless dear. I could not do anything to make it not to happen this way. I hope you understand me.

I’ve been suffering from a heart disease which I didn’t tell you. Seeing the poverty that we are in as on today, I’m not very convenient to struggle you even more for my treatment. Instead, since some time, I’ve started making up your mind to face the odds. If you can recollect some situations happened recently, and the conversation I’ve had with you, you will get my point.

I’m leaving with a satisfaction that I’ve made you as a person who is sensitive towards the needy, who wants to help the poor children for their education. I’m sure you are a kind of a person who does something to keep the pain away from such people. I want you to grow in life with time and age. I want you to keep your smile which can light many lives. I will always be proud of you if you become successful not just for yourself, but also for all the people who are in lack of love and affection, especially the children who are poor and lack of education. As you read this you have to promise me and yourself that you will achieve your dreams with all the possible efforts.

Dear, I’ve a small wish; probably my last wish too. On every death anniversary of mine, you prepare some sweet with your own hands and share it with the people around you, friends etc. Never feel that you are alone in this world. This is world is of them who loves. Love people, have friends and achieve your goals. This wish may appear strange but I know how this small deed will help you in being confident and not feeling the loneliness.

Every time you give the sweet, every smile you give to the person who receives strengthens your attitude that you are surrounded by the love. It reconfirms you the joyful world that you have around you. I know you can understand the rest.
You are my lovely baby. I still remember your first steps and first words. I can still feel the first touch that I had while rubbing your palms gently. Any way, we have to depart one day and the day has come today. I hope you will live your best.

Take care of yourself. Bye dear.

Ever yours


“The note ended with my mother’s signature. That is the only thing which brings my mother close to me every night. Every time I touch it, or read it, I feel I’m talking to her.


Creativity!! said...

Too Touching!!!! I Too had tears while reading this. such a hearfelt post.

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Sunakshi said...

Ah,that's touchy. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

tooo touchy seriously..nd presented in such a wonderful way..creating full interest of readers..nice 2 read u as m cuming here after a long time..gudd going gurl..:)

Anonymous said...

Lovely story. Congrats on being picked a Tangy Tuesday pick!

deeps said...


thats a nice & different one from you

Amity said...

Moms are the best dear...and so is this very nice tribute!

Liked it so much!

divsi said...

left me watery eyed:(( briliiaaannnnt!!!:)

Dew said...

Very touchy!! I was in tears. Mom is the best!

Anuj said...

Gawwd... i m all tears .. :(

Mom's are always the best !!!

U shdnt write stuff to make ppl cry u know..