Feb 27, 2011

Ensuring the focus… Take Home #44

Not every time one is allowed to make choices. Sometimes, it is certain that one needs to follow something which may not be the ultimate but is the only remaining. Now that does not mean taking back seat. May be, that can be the beginning of an unending streak of successes.

It is not about whether you are choosing or following, but it is all about believing what you are doing ensures your focus at times.

The Well Deserved TIE…

Wow… what a convincing result…no team deserved the loss!!! This was my expression at the end of today’s match. What else can any one expect after a nerve wrenching match? Of course, win of either side would have lifted the spirit of the game, but the tie has kept the spirit of the players who are probably playing the important phase of cricket of their lives.

Sachin played an unconventional innings of his modern cricketing attitude bringing back the glorious memories of him of 1999-2000 with those remarkable sixes. Yuvi’s competitive innings has a lot to do with the confidence it brings to the Indian dressing room. At the end Zaheer proved it. On the whole it was a good game today, and of course I can not end this post without mentioning that I had missed Dhoni’s stunning Captaincy, both in terms of the knock as well as the field settings. Hope he gets his rhythm as soon as possible.

The English captain was the only specimen who made me not to be selfish about India’s win. I do believe that it would have been a famous win if it was either of the sides ending on the top, but this will remain as a good inspiring work for all the teams who will be chasing the big under lights.

Ok, Sunday Smiles popped up on my face at the end and for me “this is it …”

Few more such matches will make me happy for being able to witness the WC’11.

I don’t want to hide the fact that today’s performance of India, especially the bowling makes me look forward for more good matches, and convincing wins to be specific. I feel India can and will work it out.

Feb 26, 2011

Sunday Smiles…

If it was not for India, all the other teams I supported so far ended up on the losing side on the respective days in the ongoing cricket world cup including tonight’s clash of Sri Lanka and Pakistan. But that does not worry me much. All my concern is about the upcoming match, i.e. the India Vs England, tomorrow at Bangaluru, as I’m once again geared up to support my all time favorite team, the Team India. Now this too does not make me think too much about it and the reason is nothing else than the Team India itself. Being named as one of the best teams playing the world cup, playing before the heartful home crowd on the home soil and having the world class players teamed up to fight for capturing the cup, this Team India keeps my nerves cool.

“Hope we bring it home this time...” hope the popular words by the cricketing maestro Sachin Tendulkar come true.

So, for tomorrow’s match all is set. Should I chose one side for the cup winning, it is obviously India. But if I have to choose the most deserving, I’m screwed completely. Reasons follow in my next post on the world cup.

For now, its sign off from me with the hope for tomorrow’s Sunday Smiles.

Feb 20, 2011

The best material of a manager... Take Home #43

Sometimes one shall satisfy the purpose of work at the cost of people involved. Sometimes one shall satisfy the people involved at the cost of the purpose of work. Only the best material of a manager can choose the right option out of these two.

Cricket @ College days...

College days are the best ones to watch a cricket match anytime as you want. Its just about adjusting your own time-table unlike the corporate world where in one has to adjust himself for the organization’s or team’s.

As the 2011 world cup is on, I’m occupied with the memories of the days I watched the 2003 world cup in our B.Tech hostel's TV room with all of my friends and many other cricket lovers. Probably those are the best days I’ve ever spent watching a match. It touches me when I recall some of my friends saying that they had come to the TV room just to feel happy being my side as I get excited about the match. Definitely, the most I’m going to miss this time round will be the cheer and the fun what most of the cricket fans enjoy when they watch the match together.

Double Game... Take Home #42

“Double game” may win the game for you for the day but the ultimate loss is never imaginable. Most of the times, the win is at the cost of the people involved. By the time it is realized the damage will have already happened. Remember, nothing else can get you the people back as they were earlier.

Feb 17, 2011

The Start…

Colorful is the word coming to my mind thinking of the opening ceremony of the 10th cricket world cup held at the Bangabhandhu Stadium, Dhaka. Honestly, I loved the fire works. Of course, it was nothing new or not too big, but checking it out from the expectations that I had, Bangladesh has really done it well.

Sonu Nigam was at his best so as the Shankar Mahdevan with their respective performances on the stage. The 2011 world cup song moved my nerves too much. The performance named the “Magnificent India” magnificently represented the diversified culture of the world big democratic country.

Surprising to me was the way the captains were brought on to the stage by the Rickshaws. It appeared a nice and simple act that would have already touched not only the Bangladesh Junta but also the Indian proud people who usually keep many things simple.

On the whole, it was a wonderful opening ceremony experience. However, something was definitely lacking, I don’t know, but… somewhere at the back of my mind, like any other Indian, I think I too felt “Had it been in India…!”
And the Masqat “The Stumpy” is great too.

Get Inspired… Take Home #41

One shall use the success of his competitors or contemporaries to inspire himself rather than getting tensed and losing momentum thinking of his own result. Once he starts inspiring himself, obviously he starts respecting the winner, though may not always be for what the winner is, but always for his win and for the way he has won.

Practicing such and adopting such thinking generate the courage to accept the loss, give the confidence to perform better next time, further add great chances for one to get succeeded and inspire others as well.

Feb 4, 2011

To become Mrs. somebody…

… What a girl goes through?

Probably this post has been the one which has taken quite a lot of time for me to compose. Not that I have nothing to write under this title, but it has always been a challenge to pick up the relevant ones out of the limitless thoughts waving high; even tougher job is to arrange them in an order. I hope I’ve been the best choosy of mine in delivering the post.

I don’t know if the long time that I have taken to think and write this post is the culprit, let me tell you, out of all the posts I’ve written in my blog so far, this is the one which is very dear to my heart. All the moments I’ve pondered through various thoughts for this post will always remain as some of the best of their kind, as far as I’m concerned.

Read on…

Childhood days are the best ones in terms of making a girl believe harmony of love of her well-wishers who surround her. They make her believe in the affection and caring of her people as if it continues forever and ever. Never realizing mindset of the fact that she has to be someone else’s someday, keeps her nerves off the pinching pain and fills her heart with joy and only joy.

As the days pass by and the years say goodbye one after the other, she realizes the fact that she has to step in to a different world all together at a certain age of her life. Realizing this fact is just the starting point of the journey which she has yet to go a long way. As soon as she starts imagining her future with somebody, she starts searching for the quality first of all, which she would like to have in the person she would have to live with.

Certain mentality of her keeps on developing within herself, which almost becomes her attitude towards her marriage or towards the whole extravaganza itself. The way the people are getting married, the way they are leading their married lives interest her as the days pass by.

Days can never be stopped so as the years and age as well. As she is still in understanding the whole concept and preparing herself towards the requirements of social life, she comes to know that her parents want her to get married, and that they would like to start the match-fixing process.

** Nerves start feeling the heat. All of a sudden, she has to wind up her observations, thinking and learning process, and she has to identify her own ideas of the right person for her.

** Of course, some support is provided by the family and friends, but she feels that she is all alone in deciding the choice for herself. More than the good thoughts about choosing the right person, the fear of losing the right person starts dominating.

** In some cases even the time is not provided by her parents; some parents go a step ahead and even do not provide her the option to choose. She has to blindly follow the so called perfect choice of her parents which makes her choice-less from a side and fearful from all routines.

** Based on the girl’s own ideas and the experiences of others, sometimes she stays very positive towards the marriage. At the same time, the fear of playing with the luck factor keeps on pinching from the back.

** Especially in the cases of working woman, the difficult task of choosing between the person and the working location or organization becomes the hectic job apart from the regular job which fills her bank account every month. In case, if she is in a responsible position and liking the work she is doing or if she has already planned her career in the years to come, it becomes even tougher, not only for her personal life but also for her professional life.

** Parents stay somewhere, she stays somewhere else, all have to have a single opinion about the right choice, and why does not it makes her life challenging to attend the phone calls of asking her to come home frequently?

** If the girl is still young or in her very early twenties or last stages of her teenage, the whole music she has to face is very different. Decision making skills at this age of a particular girl is not competent enough in any way to match with the basic needs of a mind that can choose confidently.

** Otherwise, if the girl or if I should call lady, is well settled and is in her late thirties or so, it is even bigger task for her to prepare herself to undergo the proceedings. Recently I read a survey result, in which it is very clearly mentioned that the women who are well settled and are in their late thirties or above, would have a clear opinion about their life partners and also understanding and satisfying such ladies would be a difficult task for their better halves.

** Emotional but it is the fact that ay girl who is going to get married definitely thinks about the responsibility that she has for her parents, how he will take care of her parents, how well will her relation with her parents stay fresh always etc. It is almost impossible to estimate the other person especially in such issues. This scenario not only makes the girl worried, at the same time it makes her parents face nightmares.

** Marriage is not just about two people, it is about two families. Each other’s support is very important; it is even important for the girl speaking realistically. Whopping thoughts about the life after marriage in this regard keeps her transfixed.

** Innumerable and unanswerable questions pop up. At the same time, they are unexplainable or at least inexpressible here for me here in this blog.

This attempt of mine is just to make you people think and understand the situations. Being a girl, I’ve observed almost all of the above situations in the lives of my friends or my relatives. These may have been thought from a skeptical point of view as we all being humans, each one of us can think about a particular issue from a particular direction or with some ideas. There would be many other situations and attitudes. I’ll go ahead and try to understand as many as possible, so that I can help such girls by doing as much as I can.

All in all, to become Mrs. Somebody a girl undergoes certain practical difficulties, but at the same time this stage shall be taken positively. Hopefulness makes the girl take good and bold decisions at the same time carefulness is very much important in every aspect. Good learnings can be obtained when the difficulties are faced!

PS: No special cases or love marriages are considered while writing the above lines. Hope you understand.

Awards Vs People

Some people are known for the awards they have received, but some awards are known for the people whom they are bestowed upon. The former joins the history, the later creates the history.

Feb 2, 2011

Be willing to give credit…

Not getting the credit, but the ability and willingness to give credit to the deserved separates the people who are succeeded and the people who stay successful.

Never late to appreciate... Take Home #40

Of course, it is never late to appreciate; but the delay in appreciating the deserved shall be kept as less as possible.

Want to work in heaven?

As long as the work is interesting, fame-giving and gainful in someway or the other, the person who is working on it or responding on it does not mind about anything else. But the moment it becomes clutter, troublesome or effort-full, all the questions such as the team which is supposed to be doing it, or the person who shall be responding on it etc pop up. If he is the same person who is supposed to work on that, then he takes it as a challenge; if he is not, then he brings in the right person to face the challenge, thinking happy for putting himself out of the mess.

I wonder, why at all such questions are not thought of before addressing any issue!

As I write this, I remember a quote by Albert Einstein:

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction”

Where a right person addresses the right issue in the right direction to meet the right expectations that is the place we feel heaven to work in. I know I’m sounding ideal, but who does not want to work in heaven?