Feb 26, 2011

Sunday Smiles…

If it was not for India, all the other teams I supported so far ended up on the losing side on the respective days in the ongoing cricket world cup including tonight’s clash of Sri Lanka and Pakistan. But that does not worry me much. All my concern is about the upcoming match, i.e. the India Vs England, tomorrow at Bangaluru, as I’m once again geared up to support my all time favorite team, the Team India. Now this too does not make me think too much about it and the reason is nothing else than the Team India itself. Being named as one of the best teams playing the world cup, playing before the heartful home crowd on the home soil and having the world class players teamed up to fight for capturing the cup, this Team India keeps my nerves cool.

“Hope we bring it home this time...” hope the popular words by the cricketing maestro Sachin Tendulkar come true.

So, for tomorrow’s match all is set. Should I chose one side for the cup winning, it is obviously India. But if I have to choose the most deserving, I’m screwed completely. Reasons follow in my next post on the world cup.

For now, its sign off from me with the hope for tomorrow’s Sunday Smiles.