Mar 30, 2011


I don’t think I can have a sound sleep tonight. Finally it is India in the finals of the ICC WC’11 to take on Sri Lanka, another strong team and a big hurdle I would say. For the moment let us forget the rest and concentrate on the celebrations!! Pakistan lost yet again to India under pressure. It was nice to see the prime ministers being seated next to each other and clap for their own countries. Hope for the best on the better relations between the two countries.

Wow... what an evening I had! Sharing the happiness with my roommates, clapping for the Indian players, and most specifically my face book page and the friends out there made it even more memorable. Thanks to all of them! How can I forget to mention this special man, who has given every nerve of him to the Indian cricket, Sachin Tendulkar! What can I say? They say it would be his last world cup and probably the final might be his last ODI, and still he is the man of the match. The passion that he has got wide open many hearts to feel the power of a person’s wish and will. Congratulations Sachin! The scene of the day was to watch this man getting excited after the win as if it was his first of it’s kind. Of course it is, but you can understand what I meant!

Dhoni has narrowly escaped the worried blessings of the analysts and cricket fans for his decision of excluding Ashwin, who did wonderful job the other day. Well, Dhoni is not a new lad to this extravaganza. He can deal it well, tough guy, isn’t he? Well, on the whole a good team effort was awarded the victory tonight. I’ve nothing to say about the final as of now. Let us think about it on 2nd of April. For tonight, its all celebration time! Enjoy guys.

Mar 28, 2011

Mistakes... Take Home #47

Mistakes are mistakes whether they are happened knowingly or unknowingly. Handling with the misakes and facing their after effects are not the games that every one can play and win. At the end of the day, the biggest challenge ramains is to forgive yourself; at the same time it is the biggest headache too, being practical.

Worried? Be choosy…

Share and the pain gets halved. But be very careful in choosing right people to share. Who knows? Wrong choices may leave you even more devastated!

Mar 27, 2011

Being commented?

The more a person is being commented the stronger he becomes. Then there comes a day when no comment can affect his caliber instead it brings out his best capability. So, be positive if you are being commented. And, commentators… beware guys!

Healthy Competitor...

Healthy competitor tries to enhance his own confidence levels by preparing himself well for the fight rather than trying to affect the competitor’s confidence with his doings or wordings. Both the ways may result in a person’s success, but just the difference is that the satisfaction that the former brings to the heart is the most powerful. It helps one to be confident for the next encounters instead of thinking all the time about the next opponent and starting the proceedings once again.

Mar 25, 2011

What a wonderful week this has been…!!!

What else is desirable than surprising guests with even more surprising gifts throwing you an amazing birthday party?

What else can be expected than multiple cake-cuttings with all of your loved ones surrounding you and cheering you for many more happy returns?

What else can make you want to work more than your superior highlighting your efficiency which you have developed after working over months?

Last but never the least…

What else can make any cricket lover excited than witnessing an inspiring run-chase of your home team against the strongest opposition which has been unconquerable in three previous world cups?

But at the end, I must say that this wonderful week has seen a sad ending on a beautiful weekend evening by bidding adieu to the mighty South African team which is ousted from the ongoing world cup. I really want to see this team winning the world cup. It is all over for now for them! Come on, no good reason than today’s match itself that could make me so desperate!

To take out the positives for next week, I would first mention the highest hypo semi-final next week between India and Pakistan. And of course the final day of this world cup, let us see what’s in store for India!

There are two things I specially want to mention hereby.

** Had India lost the World Cup Quarter final to the Australians the most disappointed man on this earth for that night would have been…

** The biggest upset of this world cup is…

Of course, answering the second is easy as the final moments of the South Africans in this world cup would still be irreplaceable in many hearts. The biggest upset, for me, is the loss of South Africa to the New Zealand.

And for the first point, the most disappointed man on this earth would have been Sachin Tendulkar. I don’t know if you guys can agree with this or not, but I sincerely feel so.

I think it is enough of this for now. It is still long way to go. Hope for another memorable bunch of evenings next week!

Mar 18, 2011

Life Partner & the Reality…

Couple of months back I met a girl who has become a good friend of mine now. As I sit and just remembering those moments I spent with her sometime back, I remember us discussing about an interesting topic for our age group and i.e. understanding the life partner.

I’ll try to summarize our conversation of that day in my words here. Hope this will be interesting to think about!

A person can know himself/herself in a very different way than what his/her life partner knows him/her…

A person can be something to the whole world; but he/she can be something else to his/her life partner…

It is about understanding the person for what he/she is instead of going around the world to know about him/her makes the relationships perfect resulting in inspiring relationships and a good environment for the children to grow up as well.

Of course, I would say this need not only be applicable for the relationship of the life partners. But the same can be adapted to many other relationships as well.

Making people WANT to work… Take Home #46

I remember writing on ‘building a team of spirit’ in one of my earlier posts. Now, in continuation to the same post I would like to add the following.

The person who works is paid less in monetary terms than the person who makes people work. But the person who makes people want to work is paid even more in terms of respect and attention by his team than a person who just makes people work.

Mar 15, 2011

Confidential &Yummy…Yummy…!!

“What’s so confidential about it?”

I can’t exactly tell you how many times this question pops up in my mind every day, especially these days. Not just the confidentiality that matters but also the associated risk of losing somebody else’s capability that costs and probably counts.

Ok, now enough on it. Yesterday while I was returning home from work I was little upset, reasons unrevealed. I was clear on what was haunting me but I shall shut my mouth for now I guess. Any way, to come out of the trauma I thought I would have to do some different task in a different way altogether.

So, what to do? As a result of a whole lot of think-tank finally I boiled down on to preparing a cake with chocolate flavor. Cadbury keeps the pain away; chocolate lovers believe it and vendors pocket it. I learnt the recipe from my roommate who was away yesterday, may be the cake too missed her so much; and I learnt this fact when the preparation took more than double the time it normally takes.

And the cake was “Yummy…” after all I made it!

Still that could not stop me from shuttling between good and bad moods. So, what next? I kick started my think-tank bank all again. Suddenly I remembered the days of IIT and those late night stays. One of the most adorable tasks was to watch movies, late night shows by downloading them from the server which used to appear as if it was more informative than Google!

Remembering these, last night I started watching a movie exactly at mid night and slept later at the time which otherwise would have been my dreaming era. As I woke up today morning I was fresh and fully ready to go back to work all again.

And that’s the story of the Confidentiality and the Yummy…Yummy… Cake!

Mar 12, 2011

Not necessary to win always… Take Home #45

"It is not necessary to win always; but winning at just right times also can make the things work for you"

Remembering Hansie Cronje and the days of WC-1999

I was eleven years old when I was first introduced to the game called cricket. The first ever player I loved to watch out for was Sourav Ganguly, of course his good looks was the reason. My interest or may be I must name it my passion towards watching cricket reached it’s peak when the world cup started in England back in 1999.

I was just thirteen then and I must thank my parents who were very generous to me in allowing me to go on watching every match of the world cup who were otherwise very uninterested. In fact one of the biggest achievements I felt was the moment when I went to bed in disappointment as Indian team was losing it’s way against the then not-so-known Zimbabwe as my parents continued watching until they witnessed the disastrous defeat of India.

I don’t think any one on this earth know this except my mom that I didn’t turn up to my 10th class summer coaching classes the next day of that very famous defeat!! I felt the love and the understanding my mother had for me when she herself asked me if I was upset about the defeat and that was the reason behind my absence to the classes! Really, she is an awesome woman of my life.

Well, as the tournament progressed I started getting to know the other teams and players. It really helped me in answering the questions of the quiz competition at my school. The only other team I wanted to support from mid way through the tournament along side India was South Africa. And the biggest reason was the captaincy of Hansie Cronje. I know that I knew very little about the captaincy, leadership etc at that age of mine. But you know what I still stick to what I said. To me he appeared very solid both with his game and game plans. I could not even understand the commentary at that time either in English or in Hindi. I just knew this guy with his face and the emotions he displayed on field. Somehow I felt him genuine.

My support to Hansie Cronje and his men got doubled by the time of their famous semi-final match against Australia. That day’s historical tie and the followed heart breaking exit of the South Africa from the world cup made me wept like no other time so far. I shared bed with my mom that night, she probably knew that I was crying but this time she didn’t ask me.

There ended the world cup when the Australians lifted the cup after defeating the Pakistanis fascinatingly.

But my interest and the supportiveness towards the Hansie Cronje or the Team South Africa ever continued in such a fashion that even today I don’t believe in cursing Hansie for the way he rattled the cricketing world with his confession towards the match-fixing followed by a life ban. I still have the same respect, same love and same dedication in supporting him and the new South African team whenever they play. Obviously, his untimely death way back in 2002 left me blank for a moment.

As the match between India and South Africa in the ongoing WC’11 is going to take off the covers in few minutes, I dedicate this post to the great man and captain Hansie Cronje. He continues to be my idol despite of any negative news that can come up against him in future.

I await Team India’s convincing display today. Win can be of any one but I love these two teams, not equally but definitely.

Mar 11, 2011

Bollywood Break-Ups and the Breaking News!!!

Why the Bollywood break-ups shall be the breaking news as if there is nothing else which can break enough? Why such couple hit the headlines the next day featuring the whole untimely story?

Three reasons hit my mind after the ruthless thinking I’ve given for this. First and the foremost is the media, which has become the obvious choice for everyone to rebuke every now and then. Second one is pretty serious; it is the way the Bollywood people have been entertaining different business cases on the names of patch-ups and break-ups. And the third one is we, the readers who give enormous attention to such articles which obviously encourage the media to feel the responsibility in it’s coverage.

Media Make-up…

Media has become the life partner for everyone or I must say life-runner. Media coverage has got nothing to do with the difficulty, stress involved, and the urgency of the coverage; they do every silly thing to capture those shots or to get those words out from a celebrity. How can one just ignore the efforts of the media person, of course it is a whole different story that often they go wasted after the extravaganza?

Media can make up the outdated product as a brand new one, and so as the news on break-ups. Often they write, “A week back, X and Y decided to stop encouraging their so called relationship, for their personal reasons…”

Something has happened a week back, people involved in this must be settled by now, junta known nothing about it’s happening, but the only one who is unhappy with the way the things are is the media! They raise the curtain for another episode which can waste the time of people as it pulls them in to gossiping.

Now enough on what is happening. For me it appears like this. It is better for the media and for people to treat the personals of someone such that they won’t affect the way the things are moving for the people or for the society. One shall think twice before delivering such news. It is not only about the social responsibility but it is also about polluting someone’s mind, which is at good work, may be!

Bollywood’s business…

The less we talk the better we feel about the continuous streak of break-ups happening these days. The whole news on the start of relationship of two, and then the live-in relationship of those two, and then the movies they cast together seems utterly waste when the whole thing is named as a business case where in the duo have been promoting their films.

One can never know when a patch-up happens and the break-up follows. It all happens as if it itself is a real time “Live movie”. Major worry is not that it is not at all the world-loving Indian culture, but there is a big reason to worry and that is the way all such incidents affect the younger generations and their growing mindsets.

In my childhood, I used to read such news very rarely. Such news used to appear far away, geographically and mentally as well. But the way they are appearing every now and then in the news papers, TV channels will make the younger generation of today feel that they are quite surrounded by such incidents and may be they are also part of it, and eventually leading to the belief that they can also do it! And this is already proven in many cases of once so called “couples”.

However, it is never late to realize. It is better if the Bollywood cuties understand the real world apart from the movie mania. It is not only the moral responsibility, but it is also the social responsibility that they often point only in their words or in some charity organized functions. Everybody shall be extra careful in maintaining their relationships such that they would not become the show-stoppers.

The Reader’s attention…

I know can write very less under this heading. It is up to an individual’s own interest on what to concentrate upon and what not to. But, may be giving it a thought about our own interests will not be a bad idea once in a while. What we are interested about, what makes us exciting and what not etc are the most helpful questions for us and for the society as well. I agree that interests can not be killed but I believe that they can be analyzed and used in most effective ways.

Hope I made some sense here.

Mar 9, 2011

Lost In Thoughts...

Lost In Thoughts,
Of big moments to achieve;
Of the glory to enjoy;
Of the choices to make;
Of the world to celebrate me;

Really I was lost last night,
When I went to bed,
With uncontrollable thoughts,
With unknowingly hidden tears;
May be, it happens, at times!!

Mood swings are not new to me;
But this time it is different;
I’m unable to identify the worry,
And it’s the major problem,
Which need to be operated soon.

But I know,
I’ll be fine, soon.

Mar 8, 2011

Message @ Women's Day...

I often listen to this “The world is a better place because of the presence of a woman”. I completely agree and this one line can speak a million feelings.

On the eve of the International women’s day, I’ve a small message for all of you.

Recognize the efforts of the lady of your life.
Understand her way of expressing her love towards you.
Best love is ensured when you can understand the mood swings of her.
And always do remember,
Whatever you do, you can not give back the same what a girl/woman gives to you.

People of all kinds exist; just that the way everyone is different.
Never compare. Never humiliate unnecessarily.
Just understand, love and believe.
Respect what the world has given to you.
Be respected for what you only can give to the world.

I believe these lines so much. I often tell myself the same being a girl and proud to be so.

Happy women’s day to all the concerned.

Mar 6, 2011

Taking the advantage…

“What you see is what you believe”

Well quoted and true as well. Understanding this makes life much easier. Often we fail to realize the fact that we are actually facing difficulty in implementing this in our life styles. But, on the other hand most of the times this particular attitude solves many problems for us, because it is easy to believe than changing the happenings or surroundings.

No need to worry about a person’s comments when you believe that he does not mean it…

Not sounding easy… isn’t it?

Of course, it is not. But it is worth giving a thought for a while. I’ve really seen people who can do this easily in their lives. They are the true inspiration for this post.

Like anything else, there is a dark corner associated with this attitude as well. There is every chance that the people who can well understand such behaviour in others can take the advantage of this particular kind of humans. Now do not get me wrong. I don’t mean that every one who understand such behaviors take advantage, but definitely some do.

So it is not just important to understand the basics like the above quoted. But it is also important to be extra careful about such disastrous loop holes associated with the same.

It is worth thinking!

Team India on it's way...

As I write this England is losing it’s way in the ongoing WC match as they take on one of the favorites for this world cup, my only favorites team other than India, i.e. South Africa. As a matter of fact, the pitch is a slow one, but the English men will feel the heat to go through the top class Safaris’ batting line up.

Well, another Sunday and another big game is on it’s way. I don’t think the adjective “big” surprises many, especially after watching the Irish men’s display against the British on the other day.

India vs. Ireland…

No matter what happens in the world cup with other teams, Indians will not mind anything as long as the Team India’s big guns fire on their days. As long as Team India does not lose it’s way, nothing goes wrong against the money pocketing of the ICC or BCCI. Knowing it enough the schedule is accordingly made; big matches on the weekends; day-night matches ONLY for the Team India;

The world cup spirit…

I’m with my fingers crossed to answer the questions of many parents and teachers if the ongoing world cup and the inspiring performances of the minnows can inspire the students write their exams well or at least to prepare for the exams well. Like anyone else, I’m also dumb for a moment. Hope this does not hurt much.

The Favorites…

Year after the year, world cup after the world cup, the favoritism is getting vanished slowly and it is the good augur for the game. Not just that it makes the things interesting, at the same time it can slowly remove the barriers such as under-dogs.

The WC’11 is a good or I must say the best example for the stage which can inspire the countries to give their best, no matter against whom they are playing or where they are playing. It is just about giving your hundred percent on every day than just trying it out.

I’m supporting India obviously. Indian bowling attack has been spoken a lot these days, especially after the start of the world cup, but something is spurring me to write that they will rock and silent the critics. But at the same time, there are many deserved teams to win the world cup, as they say. But for me it is just South Africa if it is not India at the end.

** South Africa: It is the team which plays extra ordinary cricket if it is not the world cup. I really don’t know what’s wrong with this team, but after being named for the title favorites three times consecutively for the world cup win, they failed; sometimes in qualifying for the last step and some other times in stepping forward from the first step itself. This time, they are all energetic than anytime else so far with their top class batting and the stunning bowling. Certainly the chances are more for them in the sub-continent hosting world cup.

Some other teams make me go stared when they play. Here are they.

** Pakistan: After Wasim Akram, somehow I could not find a fellow whom I feel like supporting in this team. In some way, its Misbha and Shahid Afridi. I’m missing Shoiab Malik, the smiling silent killer. Aktar has not yet proved his best, may be he is awaiting the Tendulkar’s show! This team has got it’s chances. But I’m not very sure!

** Australia: The true world champions they are. I’ve no doubt in saying so; of course I never preferred liking them with the aggressiveness, but at times I loved their aggressiveness too, silently. I confess I’m one of those who waited seeing their down fall and here it is, this time round.

** Srilanka: As per me, this team has got everything but they depend on one or the other every time they win. As a team they won very few matches recently, which obviously makes me call NO for the favorites, but you can never say dude!

Once again I would say its nothing more you and me can do than keeping our fingers crossed.

Jai Ho… World cup..;)

The factor called “The last world cup”…

The so called Sachin’s last world cup campaign has over shadowed it’s applicability to may other cricketer of many other countries. As a matter of fact, this may be the last world cup for few, but this can be the last world cup for anyone you name.

Jacques Kalis, Graeme Smith of South Africa, Daniel Vetori of New Zealand, Rickey Pointing and Brett Lee of the Ausies, Muralitharan of the Srilanka, Paul Collingwood of the England, and for that matter Virender Sehwag, Zaheer khan of India, for all such this age’s cricketing greats this can be the last world cup campaign!!

Seeing this, the factor called the last world cup is applicable equally across the continents and the players. It is important to win it this time for everyone at the same quota.

Hope we will have fun watching and analyzing all these.