Mar 11, 2011

Bollywood Break-Ups and the Breaking News!!!

Why the Bollywood break-ups shall be the breaking news as if there is nothing else which can break enough? Why such couple hit the headlines the next day featuring the whole untimely story?

Three reasons hit my mind after the ruthless thinking I’ve given for this. First and the foremost is the media, which has become the obvious choice for everyone to rebuke every now and then. Second one is pretty serious; it is the way the Bollywood people have been entertaining different business cases on the names of patch-ups and break-ups. And the third one is we, the readers who give enormous attention to such articles which obviously encourage the media to feel the responsibility in it’s coverage.

Media Make-up…

Media has become the life partner for everyone or I must say life-runner. Media coverage has got nothing to do with the difficulty, stress involved, and the urgency of the coverage; they do every silly thing to capture those shots or to get those words out from a celebrity. How can one just ignore the efforts of the media person, of course it is a whole different story that often they go wasted after the extravaganza?

Media can make up the outdated product as a brand new one, and so as the news on break-ups. Often they write, “A week back, X and Y decided to stop encouraging their so called relationship, for their personal reasons…”

Something has happened a week back, people involved in this must be settled by now, junta known nothing about it’s happening, but the only one who is unhappy with the way the things are is the media! They raise the curtain for another episode which can waste the time of people as it pulls them in to gossiping.

Now enough on what is happening. For me it appears like this. It is better for the media and for people to treat the personals of someone such that they won’t affect the way the things are moving for the people or for the society. One shall think twice before delivering such news. It is not only about the social responsibility but it is also about polluting someone’s mind, which is at good work, may be!

Bollywood’s business…

The less we talk the better we feel about the continuous streak of break-ups happening these days. The whole news on the start of relationship of two, and then the live-in relationship of those two, and then the movies they cast together seems utterly waste when the whole thing is named as a business case where in the duo have been promoting their films.

One can never know when a patch-up happens and the break-up follows. It all happens as if it itself is a real time “Live movie”. Major worry is not that it is not at all the world-loving Indian culture, but there is a big reason to worry and that is the way all such incidents affect the younger generations and their growing mindsets.

In my childhood, I used to read such news very rarely. Such news used to appear far away, geographically and mentally as well. But the way they are appearing every now and then in the news papers, TV channels will make the younger generation of today feel that they are quite surrounded by such incidents and may be they are also part of it, and eventually leading to the belief that they can also do it! And this is already proven in many cases of once so called “couples”.

However, it is never late to realize. It is better if the Bollywood cuties understand the real world apart from the movie mania. It is not only the moral responsibility, but it is also the social responsibility that they often point only in their words or in some charity organized functions. Everybody shall be extra careful in maintaining their relationships such that they would not become the show-stoppers.

The Reader’s attention…

I know can write very less under this heading. It is up to an individual’s own interest on what to concentrate upon and what not to. But, may be giving it a thought about our own interests will not be a bad idea once in a while. What we are interested about, what makes us exciting and what not etc are the most helpful questions for us and for the society as well. I agree that interests can not be killed but I believe that they can be analyzed and used in most effective ways.

Hope I made some sense here.