Mar 30, 2011


I don’t think I can have a sound sleep tonight. Finally it is India in the finals of the ICC WC’11 to take on Sri Lanka, another strong team and a big hurdle I would say. For the moment let us forget the rest and concentrate on the celebrations!! Pakistan lost yet again to India under pressure. It was nice to see the prime ministers being seated next to each other and clap for their own countries. Hope for the best on the better relations between the two countries.

Wow... what an evening I had! Sharing the happiness with my roommates, clapping for the Indian players, and most specifically my face book page and the friends out there made it even more memorable. Thanks to all of them! How can I forget to mention this special man, who has given every nerve of him to the Indian cricket, Sachin Tendulkar! What can I say? They say it would be his last world cup and probably the final might be his last ODI, and still he is the man of the match. The passion that he has got wide open many hearts to feel the power of a person’s wish and will. Congratulations Sachin! The scene of the day was to watch this man getting excited after the win as if it was his first of it’s kind. Of course it is, but you can understand what I meant!

Dhoni has narrowly escaped the worried blessings of the analysts and cricket fans for his decision of excluding Ashwin, who did wonderful job the other day. Well, Dhoni is not a new lad to this extravaganza. He can deal it well, tough guy, isn’t he? Well, on the whole a good team effort was awarded the victory tonight. I’ve nothing to say about the final as of now. Let us think about it on 2nd of April. For tonight, its all celebration time! Enjoy guys.


deeps said...

another match for sachin in world cup, his last one!

Being Pramoda... said...

yeahhh DEEPS.. i want him to make it for one LAST TIME :)