Mar 6, 2011

Team India on it's way...

As I write this England is losing it’s way in the ongoing WC match as they take on one of the favorites for this world cup, my only favorites team other than India, i.e. South Africa. As a matter of fact, the pitch is a slow one, but the English men will feel the heat to go through the top class Safaris’ batting line up.

Well, another Sunday and another big game is on it’s way. I don’t think the adjective “big” surprises many, especially after watching the Irish men’s display against the British on the other day.

India vs. Ireland…

No matter what happens in the world cup with other teams, Indians will not mind anything as long as the Team India’s big guns fire on their days. As long as Team India does not lose it’s way, nothing goes wrong against the money pocketing of the ICC or BCCI. Knowing it enough the schedule is accordingly made; big matches on the weekends; day-night matches ONLY for the Team India;

The world cup spirit…

I’m with my fingers crossed to answer the questions of many parents and teachers if the ongoing world cup and the inspiring performances of the minnows can inspire the students write their exams well or at least to prepare for the exams well. Like anyone else, I’m also dumb for a moment. Hope this does not hurt much.

The Favorites…

Year after the year, world cup after the world cup, the favoritism is getting vanished slowly and it is the good augur for the game. Not just that it makes the things interesting, at the same time it can slowly remove the barriers such as under-dogs.

The WC’11 is a good or I must say the best example for the stage which can inspire the countries to give their best, no matter against whom they are playing or where they are playing. It is just about giving your hundred percent on every day than just trying it out.

I’m supporting India obviously. Indian bowling attack has been spoken a lot these days, especially after the start of the world cup, but something is spurring me to write that they will rock and silent the critics. But at the same time, there are many deserved teams to win the world cup, as they say. But for me it is just South Africa if it is not India at the end.

** South Africa: It is the team which plays extra ordinary cricket if it is not the world cup. I really don’t know what’s wrong with this team, but after being named for the title favorites three times consecutively for the world cup win, they failed; sometimes in qualifying for the last step and some other times in stepping forward from the first step itself. This time, they are all energetic than anytime else so far with their top class batting and the stunning bowling. Certainly the chances are more for them in the sub-continent hosting world cup.

Some other teams make me go stared when they play. Here are they.

** Pakistan: After Wasim Akram, somehow I could not find a fellow whom I feel like supporting in this team. In some way, its Misbha and Shahid Afridi. I’m missing Shoiab Malik, the smiling silent killer. Aktar has not yet proved his best, may be he is awaiting the Tendulkar’s show! This team has got it’s chances. But I’m not very sure!

** Australia: The true world champions they are. I’ve no doubt in saying so; of course I never preferred liking them with the aggressiveness, but at times I loved their aggressiveness too, silently. I confess I’m one of those who waited seeing their down fall and here it is, this time round.

** Srilanka: As per me, this team has got everything but they depend on one or the other every time they win. As a team they won very few matches recently, which obviously makes me call NO for the favorites, but you can never say dude!

Once again I would say its nothing more you and me can do than keeping our fingers crossed.

Jai Ho… World cup..;)

The factor called “The last world cup”…

The so called Sachin’s last world cup campaign has over shadowed it’s applicability to may other cricketer of many other countries. As a matter of fact, this may be the last world cup for few, but this can be the last world cup for anyone you name.

Jacques Kalis, Graeme Smith of South Africa, Daniel Vetori of New Zealand, Rickey Pointing and Brett Lee of the Ausies, Muralitharan of the Srilanka, Paul Collingwood of the England, and for that matter Virender Sehwag, Zaheer khan of India, for all such this age’s cricketing greats this can be the last world cup campaign!!

Seeing this, the factor called the last world cup is applicable equally across the continents and the players. It is important to win it this time for everyone at the same quota.

Hope we will have fun watching and analyzing all these.


hemanth said...

Good analysis. Anyway at the end of the day, we want to see that INDIA wins this world cup.

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Hemanth,

Yeah.. what else we can expect..!!