Apr 29, 2011

Identify Those... Take Home # 50

Do not get adjusted every time for everything with everyone. Identify those people who really deserve to get to know this shade of yours.

Apr 26, 2011

Have you ever faced the same?

At times after having hell lot of discussions and debates on a single issue, we quite end up keeping our own argument high failing to get other person’s point or completely denying other person’s view without even trying to think about it!

Exactly such situations make us think whether I’m not getting their point of view or they are not getting mine!

Tough one to think and the toughest one to accept the fact that your point is not even considered, easily discarding the fact that you have also done the same with the other person’s point of view.

Only question remaining at the end would be “what now?”

There are two ways…

** Forget the other person’s view and go ahead with the belief that you are right.

** Forget your own view and go ahead with other person’s as a matter of respect.

Both of the above would be landing you in trouble or both of the choices make you come out with flying colors. Choice is completely yours and up to you.

I personally recommend to go ahead with the first if you are in the decision making seat or a team lead and proceed with the second if your view is differing with that of your superior’s. I think this will make the atmosphere better or at least this can stop the further degradation. At times this can be a wrong choice too but at the end we appreciate ourselves that we have given our hundred percent!

Apr 22, 2011

Keeping cool…!!

At times simple things appear too complex until they are seen as they are. Once we get the control over such situations its all ours; nothing can really dominate our thoughts from then but arriving at it tests one’s attitude, if not anything else. Getting control takes lot of our guts and coolness along with a calm mind which can think of such situations the way they deserve. When we miss on keeping our coolness it becomes too hectic to see things as they are and eventually results in a mess, all for something which can not really be called as a reason!

Face off with such situations every time makes us rich in experienced on how to handle. I was worried that I could not handle one of such situation sometime back. But I realize that it takes experience and a deep wish to work on such behaviour of ours play important role.

Looking forward! Hope I get control over it!

Apr 21, 2011

Ultimate Memories...

Best memories bring back smiles.

Ultimate memories bring back tears.

Apr 20, 2011

Understanding the status of your relationship…

When you want to understand the status of your relationship with somebody close to your heart, please read through.

No matter how close two people are to each other, it can always happen that they misjudge each other even if it is for a simple matter. It is not that that particular incident or that particular moment makes then do so; rather a series of happenings knowingly or unknowingly be the culprits. This can exclusively be related to the situations where one of them would not inform the other person some important news about himself.

Well, this can happen because many times when we think too much about formalities and about informing everybody without missing anyone, we often end up missing our own dudes.

If you are the culprit, and when you come to know that you have forgotten to inform him, at that very moment…

** If you feel guilty about not informing and still feel better to inform him the news at the very next moment, then the relation is in a very well structured state.

** If you get tensed that you have forgotten to inform him and if you are bit hesitant to inform the very next moment or if you want to take sometime to talk to him about it, then the relation is not in a very good fashion but this definitely shows your intension of working towards improving the relationship from your side.

** If you stay calm without any guilty feeling about it and do not want to think about informing him, then there is a serious issue both with you any with your relationship.

If you are the victim, and when you come to know that you are forgotten by your best pal, at that very moment…

** If you are surprised but still in a go and get him kind of situation, then everything is fine with your relationship.

** If you are worried but still feel happy about it and want to take sometime before talking to him about it, then you are really working towards improving the relationship.

** If you are furious and never want to talk about it with him until he speaks himself, then there is a serious issue.

Such incidents may not happen so often but when they happen we learn more about each other which obviously helps us in understanding each other better. Everyone shall understand that in either of the above mentioned cases, both are equally responsible; after all relations are meant for each other and are built by both persons.

Apr 17, 2011

Spend some time for yourself, just for yourself...!

My basic intention of posting this stuff here is that I really want you to go back and have some time spent for yourself, just for yourself and enjoy the eventual magical moments you go through. Oops, I’ve not just meant that you never had those moments spent for yourself. But I do believe that in the recent times where our circumstances are driving our thinking and life styles, I would not mind saying that we are not taking care of ourselves despite of saying ‘take care’ or ‘tc’ to every friend at the end of a chat.

Well, when I say, that we are not taking care of ourselves I don’t mean from the sense of physical appearance or healthy food habits, as the beauty care tips are having their own good existence along with various centers to explain the healthy food habits and their significance. We all have to take care of the most important cubicle of our body, i.e. our mind.

I don’t think I’m required to mention various ways of taking care of our minds as the websites compete like none to give you the information. Rather I just want to let you all know that spending some time just for ourselves in a day, in a week, in a month, in an year makes us empowered to take care of our own people in a far better way, and which I feel is the best way of the bests to take care of ourselves.

** Go to a shopping mall alone… just think about yourself… think about your own needs… pick the items… come out with a bag full of items which you like and only for you…

** Go to a book shop alone… pick up the books of your own interests…

** Go to a gift shop like the famous Archies, alone again… Enjoy doing rounds in between the neatly placed beautiful gifts… pick up something which you would love to have on your writing table or on your bed room wall…

These are the classic examples of the places where we regularly go either to get something for home needs, to buy something to present to a friend etc ad generally we go along with somebody. But when we visit such places alone and get the things just for ourselves, we feel all together better which can not be explained so easily. I did it couple of times and I’m out of words when I have to express the after effects.

Not just that, wake up early in the morning… do whatever you love… just spend some time for yourself and your day will be cool…

Sleep early in the night… just think about yourself… and take rest…

It is nothing illogical or selfishness. It is quite logical though. We love ourselves the most, who is ready to debate? When we spend time for ourselves we feel a kind of completeness in our expectations which makes us live with a positive outfit to spread out the joy and love to our loved ones in a far better way. And no question of selfishness here as we all believe that when we love something we are ready to do anything for it; when we love ourselves we must do something special for ourselves.

So friends, try it out. Have some time exclusively for yourself in your day to day life and enjoy the fruits of completeness.

Apr 15, 2011

KG to PG...Letters to Facebook...All about being in touch!!

How long has it been since you wrote a letter to a friend?

What does it indicate when the 200th friend’s spot of your Facebook profile gets filled by a person whom you know for eleven years but with whom you last spoke five years ago?

What makes you recollect the sweet mutual promises made between you and your friend in slam books of each other to be in touch?

How old were you when you had last chat with your long lost childhood friend?

Do the questions deserve your time to think? I think so considering the above-average long title of the post and the new trends in the communication system. Read on!

Recently I checked a survey asking people if they like school days or college days. Choice made by the people who responded to it didn’t surprise me as half of them chose school days and the other half ended up in choosing the college days. No matter what, the days of being student are memorable always most likely because of the friends we are covered with. Be it the rain games played during childhood, be it the quick exchange of looks during the adulthood, be it the mass-bunking days of college life, or be it the night outs on exam days, every single moment involves very good friends of us right through.

Being in touch with friends is I would say is ‘an art’ and that too right since the beginning till date. Once it used to be a hand written letter that was the medium between hearts if not otherwise the direct dealings. And now, what it takes a person away from being in touch with friends? It is just his own interest; and otherwise he is done. Best examples could be many in fact we, ourselves, when we decide to come in contact with our friends what not helps us in the world of internet to get succeeded!

However, there are some areas in which the dependency of friends who want to be in touch is inevitable. Of course, what else can be a best example for this case than friends who lost their contacts with each other and that too for no reason? At the same time, who can stop them from being felt happy once the relation is resumed all again? That’s the magic of the eternity called friendship.

Well, I think all of us are enough experienced in this regard to understand this topic to the core. Finally I want to come to the point. It is long over due that I need to thank ‘Facebook’ and the people who spur me to take up the account there. It’s been wonderful so far over here in my blog too with the acknowledgements of many of my good old friends reaching me all in smiles.

Kinder garden to the post graduation I have had lots of friends whom I came across and I’m more than happy as I’m remembering all of them through this post of course with the help of my latest full-time job ‘Facebook’.

It becomes very difficult when I have to accept the fact that it has been three years that new friends of my life entered as part of my professional life. I’ve never known how the time moved on! So far so good! I want to wait and see what’s in store!

Now, this post being my 400th, what else can be a better time than remembering all of my good friends here?

Thank you dear friends for all your support right through.

The ‘Risk’ factor… Take Home #49

It may not be possible to be succeeded every time we risk; but for sure, the biggest success follows the biggest risk we take.

PS: Hi friends, I’m really sorry for the wrong information given in my previous post that it was 399th. In fact it was 398th. Blame my memory for forgetting one draft post I have had dated three years back!

Any way, 400th post is right after this one. Thank you.

Apr 9, 2011

Inspiration from the past… Take Home #48

Getting inspired from one’s own past achievements is undoubtedly the best way to choose when it is being felt that all most all doors are closed for the future. Looking back once in a while is not a bad idea if it is not for stepping back.

PS: I was out of ideas for my favorite short posts. I thought I would check my previous posts to get back to the touch. And here is the result in the form of my 399th post.

Apr 8, 2011

Limit of diplomacy…

Sometimes, to pass on the moment we speak or rather we try to be diplomatic and get the maximum out of the words what we can say to the other person. No doubt that it works most of the times unless it is a diplomatic listener whom we are talking to. Either way at least to pass the moment on, there would not be a better idea and of course not just to pass on the moment but at times we really need to be so to get away with the ongoing situations such that our helplessness doesn’t make it even worse.

But then, when we do it repeatedly until it happens that there comes a day or time when no word can satisfy the other person who is used to the stuff of somebody who can turn their own words, simply, there could be no better worse situation than this to face!

Talking to people is very important. Only discussions can keep people together. Of course, but this can end up on positive note only when the limit of diplomacy does not get exceeded too many times for too much extent. This shall be remembered all the time to keep up the spirits considering the fact that the limit varies from person to person and situation to situation.

Emotions and relations…

Emotions keep the relations longer and tighter; use every chance to express your emotions towards your people.

Emotions when I say, I’m not just ticking the positive ones, but the negative ones are under scanner too. By negative I mean the anger, sadness etc which are most expressive than the positive emotions such as happiness. We often hear people saying that happiness gets doubles when it is shared and sadness gets halved in doing so.

Well, I would like to add something in here. Sharing the emotion like anger not only leaves you less irritated for the moment, but for your partner it is the moment to understand what you are. It of course makes you little concern afterwards for what you did when you were down, but I would say it is more advantageous to be what you are. It may not be possible all the time but it is definitely possible when we read the situation nicely. To get the situation under control in such conditions it takes whole hearted efforts from both the persons involved.

Emotions play an important role in keeping up the relations. The more we understand this the better we maintain them.

Apr 3, 2011

Once in a life time post… I hope not!

It has been long time that pictures have inspired me to write here in my blog. And today I’m right back here on this special occasion of India winning the coveted title of The World Cup.

Right away on to the matter…

What a shot! Gateway of India and India’s favorite son with the most wanted cricket world cup; what an incredible wait this guy has been undergone for this beautiful moment! Finally it has happened shouldering down the tremendous pressure he had been accepting proudly for years now. Sachin Tendulkar’s medals tally is complete.

An effortful tournament with his solid captaincy would have been ended up on slightly low note had he not performed well under pressure in the world cup final on home soil before home crowd! Well deserved Man of the match and really the man of the coolness, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the part of Indian legends list irrespective of what’s going to happen in the years to come in his cricketing career.

Man of the tournament’s life was never easy before the world cup. Dhoni’s confidence brought him back in team. Coming back in to the team straight away in the world cup, performing well always when needed made him special match winner. The reddened and eyes full of tears of him explained how important it was to be determined till the win. Well done champ!

India’s most respectful cricket coach now has become the proud member of the world cup winning squad. The South African who came from the team named as chokers had wonderful memories with his Indian boys carried him in the ground. Gary knows it better how it feels to lose the momentum in crucial matches being in the South African squad and now he ensured Indians stay tuned.

Indian Media, which I feared sometime back, that it would probably, disturbs the team either by shouldering them or by scolding them. At the end, the team has emerged as winners and the news papers have all the space booked to express the nation’s connectivity to the game of cricket. Thank you media for the memorable coverage!

It is not only that Sachin has got the deserved moment for all the hard work he did, well-known spectator, Sudhir Gautam, one of Sachin’s life-time fans has also added the beautiful moment to his own tally, again for all his hard work he did to be the brand ambassador of the little master waving the Indian flag high. It is the proudest moment not just for the little master but for this man too.

Proud father is often seen, but here the story is different. These are the proud children of a great cricketing maestro enjoyed their moments as the crowd was cheering their father their heart out. I hope and wish Sachin would appear again in pictured being a proud father of his children. All the best Sara and Arjun! I’m sure Sachin would have missed his love Anjali Tendulkar out there!

Not every time we get chance to express ourselves on the wonderful things and that’s why I titled this post as ‘Once in a life time post…’! Definitely I cherish these moments but I hope these wouldn’t be the once in a life time. I wish I would write many more of such posts being inspired by such wonderful victories, yet again.

All formal words to Team India:

Thank you for the memories.

Congrats for the victory.

And last but not the least,

All the best for future.

Apr 2, 2011

India – The World Champions

No words for now.

Most memorable moments have been experienced by whole Indians, once again in the form of the ODI world cup. I’m glad that I’m one of them.

Thanks to Team India and Special mention to Sachin Tendulkar.

Enjoy guys!!

Who said Cricket is a batsmen’s game?

When the team we support bats-

The Expectation: Every ball shall see the boundary

The Threat: Every ball can get the wicked down

When the team we support bowls-

The Expectation: Every ball shall get a wicket down

The Threat: Every ball can see the boundary

See, whole lot about BALL here… Who said Cricket is a batsmen’s game?

And a BIG LoL…!!!

Apr 1, 2011

On an April Fools’ Day…

How eager were we

Awaiting this day

To make fool out of everyone

Keeping everything else away

How conscious we used to be

To escape becoming a fool

On the most smiling day

To stand tall at the end of the day

Whole school used to gossip

On the list of fools for the day

Does not matter who made whom

Enjoyment used to be a smile away

Those childhood days are the best

Nothing can replace them

Nothing can bring them back

But we have memories to cherish


That’s fair enough though!