Apr 8, 2011

Emotions and relations…

Emotions keep the relations longer and tighter; use every chance to express your emotions towards your people.

Emotions when I say, I’m not just ticking the positive ones, but the negative ones are under scanner too. By negative I mean the anger, sadness etc which are most expressive than the positive emotions such as happiness. We often hear people saying that happiness gets doubles when it is shared and sadness gets halved in doing so.

Well, I would like to add something in here. Sharing the emotion like anger not only leaves you less irritated for the moment, but for your partner it is the moment to understand what you are. It of course makes you little concern afterwards for what you did when you were down, but I would say it is more advantageous to be what you are. It may not be possible all the time but it is definitely possible when we read the situation nicely. To get the situation under control in such conditions it takes whole hearted efforts from both the persons involved.

Emotions play an important role in keeping up the relations. The more we understand this the better we maintain them.