Apr 15, 2011

KG to PG...Letters to Facebook...All about being in touch!!

How long has it been since you wrote a letter to a friend?

What does it indicate when the 200th friend’s spot of your Facebook profile gets filled by a person whom you know for eleven years but with whom you last spoke five years ago?

What makes you recollect the sweet mutual promises made between you and your friend in slam books of each other to be in touch?

How old were you when you had last chat with your long lost childhood friend?

Do the questions deserve your time to think? I think so considering the above-average long title of the post and the new trends in the communication system. Read on!

Recently I checked a survey asking people if they like school days or college days. Choice made by the people who responded to it didn’t surprise me as half of them chose school days and the other half ended up in choosing the college days. No matter what, the days of being student are memorable always most likely because of the friends we are covered with. Be it the rain games played during childhood, be it the quick exchange of looks during the adulthood, be it the mass-bunking days of college life, or be it the night outs on exam days, every single moment involves very good friends of us right through.

Being in touch with friends is I would say is ‘an art’ and that too right since the beginning till date. Once it used to be a hand written letter that was the medium between hearts if not otherwise the direct dealings. And now, what it takes a person away from being in touch with friends? It is just his own interest; and otherwise he is done. Best examples could be many in fact we, ourselves, when we decide to come in contact with our friends what not helps us in the world of internet to get succeeded!

However, there are some areas in which the dependency of friends who want to be in touch is inevitable. Of course, what else can be a best example for this case than friends who lost their contacts with each other and that too for no reason? At the same time, who can stop them from being felt happy once the relation is resumed all again? That’s the magic of the eternity called friendship.

Well, I think all of us are enough experienced in this regard to understand this topic to the core. Finally I want to come to the point. It is long over due that I need to thank ‘Facebook’ and the people who spur me to take up the account there. It’s been wonderful so far over here in my blog too with the acknowledgements of many of my good old friends reaching me all in smiles.

Kinder garden to the post graduation I have had lots of friends whom I came across and I’m more than happy as I’m remembering all of them through this post of course with the help of my latest full-time job ‘Facebook’.

It becomes very difficult when I have to accept the fact that it has been three years that new friends of my life entered as part of my professional life. I’ve never known how the time moved on! So far so good! I want to wait and see what’s in store!

Now, this post being my 400th, what else can be a better time than remembering all of my good friends here?

Thank you dear friends for all your support right through.


sivaprasad said...

congrats and keep posting

Vivek Chamoli said...

Hi Pramoda,

Yes school days are the sweet memories which will remain in our thoughts all the time , looking back into those days makes us cheer if we are in bad mood too.

Life was fun ...happening ..the freedom ..of a different kind.

thanks to social network , for making old is gold to meet-up again..
Facebook has evolved like anything...and has now looks very different from its counterparts.

Nice post ...1st time over your BTW ..I'm glad to visit and re-lived the old childhood..moments again.

take care.
Happy weekends

Yamini Meduri said...

First of all di...Congratulations on the 400th..!!! Another milestone..!!

about the post..as usual wonderful..!!!

FRIENDS has always been a favorite topic to me and the way you have written it here...has brought me wonderful sweet memories..!!

thanks for the post darling..!!!

congratulations once again.!!!

anupama said...

Dear Prams,
Good Morning!Happy Ugadi!
It's celebration time!I am so happy for you!
Regards letter writing,I had written posts.
I alwys loved writing letters and reaching out to my near and dear ones!
I still love writing letters!
School memories are more colourful and cheerful!
May you be happy with sincere friends who will be with you through thick and thin!
Happy Blogging!
Wishing You A Wonderful Day Ahead,

Sparkling Gem said...

400th OMG :O i am yet to reach 100th...congrats gal :) and perfect day to remember friends :)

btw this is scribbling gal rem?

Creativity!! said...

Woww!! So Beautiful Lovely Touching Write Up Dear :) :)

Suree said...

congrats on ur 400th post.,. and actually u r late to this meet old friends on fb feeling.. but better late than never..:)

u really rock in conveying your feelings through ur blog... keep going

deeps said...

after a decade who knows what is going to come up...
letters to mails to scraps to sms... all means to fine end :D

hemanth said...

Congrats and keep it up!
Make it over doctorial. :)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Siva... thank you :)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hello Vivek.. welcome here..

thanks to social network , for making old is gold to meet-up again..
Facebook has evolved like anything...

Thats truely said..

Pls keep coming here..;)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Yamini..

@FRIENDS has always been a favorite topic to me and the way you have written it here...has brought me wonderful sweet memories..!!


Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Anu.. wow..

@ I alwys loved writing letters and reaching out to my near and dear ones!
I still love writing letters!

WOw.. keep it up my dear..:)

Nice to knw that and thanks a bunch ..:)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hey Yamini..blame my mouse click..:) fast haa..

Thanks a lot..:) its your support that makes me better..;)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Sparkling gem new pen name..:) good.. i remember u ..:)

Thanks for being here..;)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Sahana, thanks a lot dear..;)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Suree, yeah i was late any way as u said beter late than never ..;)

SPecial thanks to u for FB ..as i said .:)

Being Pramoda... said...

Exacttly deeps.. lets enjoy the moments for now ..:)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Hemanth, thanks bro..;)

Rohini Prasanth said...

lovely post pramoda! the face of friendship has changed. although I like this information overload sometimes - where I know something as soon as it happens or see pics as soon as possible - i miss the good old days when you would actually meet people and talk.. and gossip.. or the never ending telephone conversations whether something happened worth talking or not. I miss it.

we move. we grow. and the bonds of friendship we forge reflect all this.

glad I am your blog friend :)

Micheal Belayudam said...

I like the quote which was written in first picture.I will forward this quote to my friends.

Leave Letters

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Rohini.. wow.. Im glad too that i met u here.;)

We miss those..as we move on..:)

Thanks for being here and pls keep coming >:)

The Idle Brain said...

OMG!! 400!! Great going gal!

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Valli... thanks ya..:)