May 31, 2011

Toughest Things… Take Home #58

Toughest things in life are always tougher than our own imagination. We can hardly call few as toughest! Let us not get fooled by our minds of the unnecessary fears.

Changing Decisions … Take Home #57

Changing decisions is very important to cope up with the changing needs. But in the long run, with long lasting changes, it only ends up bored!

May 30, 2011

At this stage of my life…

“Even after almost three years of joining the job you are still like a student; you are attending office just like a college gong girl, who stays in a hostel and attends the college” my father gave feedback of me after visiting my home at Pune, couple of weeks back. That was probably the outcome of my house and my maintenance of it. In fact I took it very seriously and thought about it.

When I joined job and stared living in the flat instead of PG or hostel, I felt a kind of freedom to have the things at my home my way. It was all different from that of what I had in my eight years of hostel life. Well, it is very true that I’m not yet matured enough to maintain a home. Or may not be! My age group ladies and friends of mine are managing babies and houses very neatly. Yet again, it is the necessity that makes man, for that matter woman more responsible. This thought made me enough confident that I would have done it right if I should have!

As the thought process was going back of my mind, my mom gave me very good suggestion yesterday night. She said very aptly. Her point is that it need not always be the necessity that would make a person more responsible. It would be in fact it should be a person’s inherent quality called discipline that makes everyone of us to be what we are today. More responsibilities would come in future and we must be preparing for that right since the beginning. Yes, I thought about it and I agree to be what she wanted me to be from now on.

However, it is not entirely different from that of the person I’m today; it is just that I need to be little careful about doing things, basically the maintenance of my rituals, keeping in mind of the life to come, years to come and responsibilities to come.

PS: Of course, this post is about me; but the main reason why I’m keeping it here is very clear to me. Many of my friends who are in the same stage of life as that of mine are regular visitors of my blog; if it suits you guys/gals, I believe it helps you; or at least this post may induce a thought about the way you do your regular rituals which may have to be changed once you start living together with your better half! I’m sure who experiences the same ship understands my point here; hence I didn’t specify any further details/examples.

Its not new to me to start writing something and end up writing something else; my next post will let you know of my actual intention. Any ways, this is an important post too!

May 26, 2011

Managers Are Made...

Managers are not born; they are made.

Made by people;
Made by situations;
Made by necessity;
Made by helplessness;
Made by choice;

But the world’s best managers are made by their own attitude and are those who believe in the same.

May 22, 2011

Being Professional...

Being professional is not about losing personality; rather it is about improving personality towards achieving a better professional status as well as a personal reputation.

May 19, 2011

Never Overdo It… Take Home #56

Support Up To A Level A Person Deserves, but Never Overdo It and Get Carried Away Along With.

May 17, 2011

Think Twice…

Think twice before concluding something as good; you will any way think much more to conclude something as bad.

We can say every reason why we do not like a person but we can hardly say reasons why we like someone specially. This is so true and so usual dialogue which suits many contexts/situations not only persons.

I don’t know how many times you would have felt this; but it happened many times with me that the things or people or situations which appeared very good to me at the start ended up on the other side altogether. On the other hand, the ones which I started with a bad feeling hardly ended up good.

I don’t want to elaborate on this much. Whenever we feel good about something we never think much about it since we get fooled by our mind and at the same time we think many times why we are feeling bad about something. Often we take better decisions with respect to bad what we feel about but we fail more than often to identify the goodness.

This is not unstoppable. Better we think twice before getting an idea on the goodness that we see or feel.

The Toughest Situation... Take Home #55

The tougher situation is when you are bound to control your laughter and the toughest situation is when you are bound to laugh.

May 13, 2011

Today’s Take Home #54

Never Lose Yourself Because Somebody Else Has Failed To Assess You.

May 7, 2011

That’s it... Take Home #53

Some things about some people can only be understood but they can neither be spoken out nor can they be asked.

That’s it.

PS: But I firmly believe that there comes a day for you to reflect back. Just Wait! Now I'm doing the same.

Answer within yourself…

Finding out others’ mistakes is quite interesting topic to work on and bringing up all of the mistakes before everybody else is further more breathtakingly enjoyable deed.

You will say no for what I’ve written above if you are not the kind of a person of the above.

I say a loud “NO” from my side.

And I would not expect any “YES” for this post from anybody, and that too straight forwardly in the comments section here. You may answer within yourself please. I’ve disabled the comments section for this post.

May 6, 2011

The Ultimate Things…

Listening to something which can not be heard,

Reading something which can not be written,

Seeing something which can not be witnessed,

Are the ultimate things that you can gift your

Loved ones in the case which they too can do it

For you, then no need to say that the relationship

Lives longer and all of you are lucky to have

Each other in your lives to enjoy and conquer.

May 5, 2011

The Biggest Lesson... Take Home #52

The Biggest Lesson For Your Life Comes From The Person Who Is Closest To You!

May 4, 2011

Missing you…

Amidst the thoughts of those days,

We spent together in good and bad times,

We roamed here and there hand in hand,

I’m missing you and desperate to see you,

All again, with your ever lasting loving smile.

May 3, 2011

Answers from within…

Often, things get worsen when people start seeing from someone else’s eyes, start hearing through someone else’s ears and come to a conclusion based on someone else’s views.

Now don’t ask me how come!

One intellectual person told me that not every question shall be asked to others; rather one shall look and think within to get his own questions answered by himself.

I too feel so!

May 2, 2011

The end of a person called OSAMA…

I'm unable to cope up with the fact that the world is celebrating a person's death. It has to be the end of the system that needs to be celebrated otherwise and always. If someone is ready to debate that this is the starting point for the end of the system slowly, I have something to say here. Osama always knew that some or the other he would be killed; some or the other time he would see his own end. Knowing his planning mind from his deeds and the news paper coverage of him so far, I don’t mind saying that the ground work which is required to be done for the system what he had set up to survive without him, would have already been done when he was alive and much before today. Also, it will be a great mistake if we get carried away with the fact that Osama's killing would have already hugely affected many younger minds or his fans/followers very badly!

US have finally done it! Reasons unknown, the Osama’s killing has come up on the screen all after the work done. However, this will stay in news for some time from now. I hope nothing takes this news off with the fight back from the world terrorist groups in an unexpected way!

Home minister Mr. P. Chidambaram says that this is not the end of terror!

Let’s wait and see. What else can we do other than this?

Act Aptly... Take Home #51

Don't think too much about coming out of a problem; you may end up further low! Instead, act aptly.

May 1, 2011

The beauty of taking the responsibility…

Often I think proud of people who are always ready to face the responsibility without a second thought of failure. I admire them a lot and I have enormous amount of respect too towards them in my day to day life. I feel blessed to work along with them.

It appears to me very beautiful when a person believes in what he does and ready to take responsibility for what he has done. I’ve been analyzing this attitude of people and building myself even stronger in doing so.

Personally, I firmly believe in taking responsibility for what I’ve done. I also happened to meet people running away from taking ownership. That appears so fearsome, since the organizations highly depend on people and their experience; when those people can not identify their roles and responsibilities properly, how come we can think of success at all!

Nevertheless, every community you name is a perfect mix of everything, people with different attitudes. The real challenge lies in making people excel in their own strong areas which eventually lead to success.

I stick to my words; for me, taking responsibility is the beautiful site to watch.

PS: It’s streak of posts here on this Sunday. Three more posts have been loaded. Pls do check them too. Thank you.

Post on cricket…finally!!

Well, sorry if I disappoint you with what I’m going to write here.

I’m not sure if I’m unable to get inspired by what’s happening in IPL or IPL is failing to inspire me enough.

I go with the later one, IPL is failing to inspire me enough, because I know how easily a cricket match could make me open my laptop and post here in the past, though it was the mid night or even early morning. However, there comes a black day every where; so is here. Silence for some time is better to enjoy the music to come.

Very quick words… No doubt that couple of centuries and streak of hat-tricks definitely did catch my attention, the century by the master and the one by Valthaty. I wonder how Sachin keeps up his cool and plays the expectations right through. Sehwag finally came up with a good knock yesterday so as Ishant Sharma with his five wicket haul in his last outing. I’m desperate to see Rohit Sharma making his come back soon in Indian team.

With all the teams getting their own moments some or the other time I believe towards the end of the tournament the attention becomes huge.

And we’re yet to see a super over in this season. I hope it’ll come somehow!

Well, I wish Indian selectors and Dhoni gets tough job in hand; I hope and wish the youngsters play their heart out. There is no big opportunity that can come their way than this. All the best to all of them.

Never be a detached observer…

What goes around comes around; famous quote; hence one must never be a detached observer, especially in the matters involve him in person. One must express his views without fail at right time, irrespective of the people involved or the causality to come. Voicing our choices brings the best out of us and also gets us through. I’ve been seeing people playing safe-side-taking games, so often. Reasons unknown, perhaps it could be the ‘let’s see what happens’ kind of attitude or the ‘let’s wait until it hits us directly’ kind of sort too be the culprit! Nothing of such is going to help us out in any case. One will have to face it no matter what, if not now, eventually some other time.

Never play the role of a detached observer. You will be screwed otherwise!

Taking time…

“For what?” I often question myself when I experience people taking time to resolve their own issues. May be, waiting for the right time to come is their own choice. But I feel, at times making right time is in our hands provided we believe so; otherwise in doing so if we have to face any problem, we feel we stepped in to it in wrong time, which is utterly unreasonable!

As a matter of fact, getting the feel that right time has come is difficult unless we feel we are in good position to defend ourselves. But by that time anything would have happened. Anything in the sense, by that time we might miss out on an even better opportunity too.

However, I too feel that it has to be left out for the person’s own choice, who is going through the tough time. Because none of us can either feel what he feels or is going through what that person is actually going through. It depends from person to person and situation to situation.