May 30, 2011

At this stage of my life…

“Even after almost three years of joining the job you are still like a student; you are attending office just like a college gong girl, who stays in a hostel and attends the college” my father gave feedback of me after visiting my home at Pune, couple of weeks back. That was probably the outcome of my house and my maintenance of it. In fact I took it very seriously and thought about it.

When I joined job and stared living in the flat instead of PG or hostel, I felt a kind of freedom to have the things at my home my way. It was all different from that of what I had in my eight years of hostel life. Well, it is very true that I’m not yet matured enough to maintain a home. Or may not be! My age group ladies and friends of mine are managing babies and houses very neatly. Yet again, it is the necessity that makes man, for that matter woman more responsible. This thought made me enough confident that I would have done it right if I should have!

As the thought process was going back of my mind, my mom gave me very good suggestion yesterday night. She said very aptly. Her point is that it need not always be the necessity that would make a person more responsible. It would be in fact it should be a person’s inherent quality called discipline that makes everyone of us to be what we are today. More responsibilities would come in future and we must be preparing for that right since the beginning. Yes, I thought about it and I agree to be what she wanted me to be from now on.

However, it is not entirely different from that of the person I’m today; it is just that I need to be little careful about doing things, basically the maintenance of my rituals, keeping in mind of the life to come, years to come and responsibilities to come.

PS: Of course, this post is about me; but the main reason why I’m keeping it here is very clear to me. Many of my friends who are in the same stage of life as that of mine are regular visitors of my blog; if it suits you guys/gals, I believe it helps you; or at least this post may induce a thought about the way you do your regular rituals which may have to be changed once you start living together with your better half! I’m sure who experiences the same ship understands my point here; hence I didn’t specify any further details/examples.

Its not new to me to start writing something and end up writing something else; my next post will let you know of my actual intention. Any ways, this is an important post too!


The Idle Brain said...

Like ;)

Ashish Surana said...

hey...probably our parents are right..we at this stage of our lives should prepare for the upcoming future..but isn't it true that our better half should accept the way we are..and we don't have to change entirely.

Giving up the natural way of living will just take away all the fun & excitement.

Keep blogging :)

Being Pramoda... said...

Thanks valli...

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Ashish, that's true..:) but, usually it happens to be different practically...!

Thanks for visiting my blog...see u around..:)