May 1, 2011

Post on cricket…finally!!

Well, sorry if I disappoint you with what I’m going to write here.

I’m not sure if I’m unable to get inspired by what’s happening in IPL or IPL is failing to inspire me enough.

I go with the later one, IPL is failing to inspire me enough, because I know how easily a cricket match could make me open my laptop and post here in the past, though it was the mid night or even early morning. However, there comes a black day every where; so is here. Silence for some time is better to enjoy the music to come.

Very quick words… No doubt that couple of centuries and streak of hat-tricks definitely did catch my attention, the century by the master and the one by Valthaty. I wonder how Sachin keeps up his cool and plays the expectations right through. Sehwag finally came up with a good knock yesterday so as Ishant Sharma with his five wicket haul in his last outing. I’m desperate to see Rohit Sharma making his come back soon in Indian team.

With all the teams getting their own moments some or the other time I believe towards the end of the tournament the attention becomes huge.

And we’re yet to see a super over in this season. I hope it’ll come somehow!

Well, I wish Indian selectors and Dhoni gets tough job in hand; I hope and wish the youngsters play their heart out. There is no big opportunity that can come their way than this. All the best to all of them.