May 1, 2011

Taking time…

“For what?” I often question myself when I experience people taking time to resolve their own issues. May be, waiting for the right time to come is their own choice. But I feel, at times making right time is in our hands provided we believe so; otherwise in doing so if we have to face any problem, we feel we stepped in to it in wrong time, which is utterly unreasonable!

As a matter of fact, getting the feel that right time has come is difficult unless we feel we are in good position to defend ourselves. But by that time anything would have happened. Anything in the sense, by that time we might miss out on an even better opportunity too.

However, I too feel that it has to be left out for the person’s own choice, who is going through the tough time. Because none of us can either feel what he feels or is going through what that person is actually going through. It depends from person to person and situation to situation.