Jun 26, 2011

Doctor, Medicine and the Side Effects

If you had ever felt that meeting doctor cured half of your sickness, I would be more than happy to vote for you. I believe I’ll be accompanied by many who experienced the same.

No doubt that sickness brings our loved ones very near to our hearts no matter what. We keep on remembering them; we become desperate to have them near by. We can not quite disagree to call this as side effect of the sickness apart from the obvious of such health related side effects.

By the way, side effects of medicine are well known I guess. But what if the side effects come in the form of our own thoughts and eventually act as medicine to reduce the sickness in to rubble?

Well, let me be specific here; I bought some medicine couple of days back as I was not keeping well. The sooner I bought the medicine I felt the sickness taking back seat. As I didn’t get the happenings clear, I recollected the same phenomenon happened to me when I met the doctor last time.

Now I realized, at times buying medicine also works positive in reducing the sickness, may not be in the form of medicine as such but definitely in the form of a catalysts in reducing our thoughts of our own sickness.

Once a doctor told me, pain is very subjective. The more you think the more you feel the pain. I wouldn’t support the same in accordance with the sickness but the same equation works well to an extent. The more we think that we are sick the sick we become; mental sickness is the worst form of all kinds.

Words of doctors work well. Of course it is up to the belief we have on the doctor. Usually we believe them; once I wanted to meet ENT specialist. By the time I reached the hospital he had already left. I had no choice than ending up getting checked up by another doctor. That night I took the medicine but couldn’t sleep well. Lately I realized that the mental disturbance I felt that night was of the doubt I had on the medicine given by him.

Not that the doctor was wrong but the communication gap played it’s role. Mother tongue is the best form of communication. Any way, I met the doctor whom I wanted to meet the next day and by that evening I was back in my fit forms.

The effected thoughts and the eventual energy we feel being the side effects medicine and the doctors have the final say!

Mostly, life’s simple…

Not always though, life’s simple most of the times.

As simple as stepping on a stair case of which the further steps can not be seen but just with a confidence that in case of a problem we can step down through the same way from where we headed for.

This may not be applicable always considering the time we probably lose by choosing such way. But this thinking for sure ensures us keep up the spirit and makes us understand that sometimes losing time is nothing before losing the confidence and the touch.

Alternate ways are always there to make life simple; one must be focused upon the target ensuring his own confidence and commitment could not get destroyed at any point of time of the journey.

The Bossism… Take Home #64

The Best Act of Bossism Is Not Showing The Bossism.

Jun 25, 2011

The Mismatch…

People involved in an argument are rarely the culprits as the mismatch in opinions or attitudes of them being the top most root causes.

Always, people are brought up by different environments and different family conditions, situations. When two people come out of such situations and stay together, there accompanies an inevitable mismatch of opinions. No one is wrong, just that the opinion mismatch make them fight to prove their own thoughts or point right! Often, we do observe the streak of arguments pull each of them away from each other and at times the distance can never be shorten unless they decide to do so or want to be together once again.

When two people understand and respect each others’ underwent situations, brought up conditions, it will be very easy to deal with each other. In case of couple undergoing all these, it shall be the love they have for their children plays the big role.

Being Practical…

Yes, it is not always possible to keep the spirit right.

Yes, it is not always suggestive to be good to situations.

Yes, it is not always productive to speak the truth.

Yes, it is not always possible to respect for what a person is.

Being practical, the above said is the inevitable. It is not about being ideal, but being in a form to practice trying the idealism do help us keeping our nerves for a good cause.

Trying is important. Be practical, it’s good, but one shall keep trying to keep up the basics of life.

Jun 21, 2011

Mutual Respect…

It is good to respect others for having the quality you like. It is ultimate to respect others for what they are.

Mutual respect not only brings an admirable discipline in to our lives but also makes the teams the world’s best.

And, respect yourself always, no matter what! This is the most important of all and also the most productive.

The Awaited… Take Home #63

The happiest is the awaited. Treasure your patience without which it would never be possible to take the happiness to heart.

Jun 18, 2011

Unconditional Love…

Unconditional Love...

Give it but expect it from none. You will enjoy the most when you give. You will suffer the most when you expect.

And, give it but be cautiously very choosy.

Who can bet?

When one realizes that understanding something is necessary, then he can understand anything and everything. If he can turn the necessity in to his own interest who can bet he can not work wonders?

Achieving again… Take Home #62

Very few pat your back and bother about your pain when you lose; many shake hands with you and share your happiness when you win. Both of them are important, former for the sake of supportiveness to take it sportively and later for the sake of happiness to make you want to achieve it again and again.

Easier to do than to think!

Doing some things is much easier than thinking about doing them; and when we realize this not after doing it once but after almost getting in to the regular practice of doing it, we pity ourselves!

Well, let me mention the example here. Otherwise it may unnecessarily eat your brain! Recently, one day I was cleaning the bowls in kitchen and realized that every time I had to do clean them I used to think hell lot of times as if I had to do something really big. But the moment I started doing it I would finish it in few minutes.

As it became my routine thought process, I slowly realized that I was losing more energy to think about it than that of what I would lose by actually doing it!

I believe it doesn’t appear as a silly example. The same scene can be interpreted with your daily routines where you feel the same.

Jun 14, 2011

The First-ness


First friend,
First teacher,
First school,
First rank,
First kiss,
First love,
First child…etc

All the above bring loveliness to the mind the moment we think about them.

Of course, professionally,

First operation,
First match,
First student,
First job,
First boss,
First promotion,
First invention…etc

They remain as the best memories.

We become passionate about what we ever do/undergo for the first time. They are the best memories one can recall anytime to get set with the mood.

Jun 13, 2011

The ‘New’ Factor…

‘Ageless’ is the adjective I would prefer to give to the simple but surest inspiration of all called the ‘New’ factor. As our day to day lives are entertaining many new moments, new things, we unknowingly feel great about being human.

If the essence of mankind is to deliver our best the most essential and effective parameter which can make us live up is the inspiration. Often I realize that we do not get inspired always through some heartening or inspiring life stories of legends, it do not always be the burning desire, it even do not be the mouthwatering future in case of success; rather it is as simple as the below:

** A new cup for a kid to make him want to drink more milk

** A new kit for a player to make him want to practice more

** A new job role for an employee to make him want to deliver more

** A new camera for a photographer to make him want to give his best

** A new utensils for a housewife to make her want to use it better than before

** A new book/pen for a student to make him want to spend more time for his studies

** A new crop for a farmer to make him want to get it done by any chance this time round

** A new batch of students for a professor to make him want to start the fresh desire yet again

… and likewise.

All the above said are very simple and equally beautiful things to happen for us to inspire us in our day to day lives. Remembering this fact and performing the required at right times can make the life of our beloved the best thing ever happen to him.

After all, it is we who can inspire ourselves the better, or I must say the best. I normally do this; let the old thing be there, buy a new one and start using it; you will realize the magic yourself. However, new does not always remain new; there comes a time to bring out the old and use it for sometime to produce quality work. This may not be applicable in some of the cases, like buying a new house, just for inspiration! Only our commonsense can help us in this regard on what to do and when to do!

Enjoy the ‘New’ factor friends; we must choose what we want, carefully though!

Games people play…

A win is a win and a loss is a loss no matter if it is resulted when you play the game for yourself or when someone else plays the game with you or for you. Both win and loss effect equally in their own respects; but the ones resulted out of your own efforts takes your satisfaction and thoughts to very different levels which the people who plays the game for/with you can never understand in their lifetimes.

Prefer to play yourself; do not get worried if it is not in your hands. Let them play their game as you prepare yourself to answer back!

Frustration… Take Home #61

Out of all your expressions, love can be felt by some; hatred can be felt by a little; sadness can be felt by few; happiness can be felt by many; but, frustration can only be understood but can never be felt by anyone unless they are another you!

PS: I feel so; please do share your opinion. I want to think more about it.

Jun 12, 2011

Advertisements @ TV

“Thanks to the TV channel; this is the right chance for her to go back to kitchen and finish the work; I hope she goes now at least!”

When an interesting serial is going on, these are the inner words of a mere hungry husband. By the way, it will be even late if he fails to say her that he is hungry.

“Even we require some break; how long can we?”

My grand father says about the now-a-day’s so called fights/tension oriented movies. He hates every sound made by the TV and film theaters of today, though he himself speaks very loudly. He is sincere that he says “I myself speak loudly but I hate someone making loud noise!” and smiles, no, laughs.

“Shit, actual program comes only half of the supposed time”

Why to say what happens the rest of the time? I always say this to myself and to my friends with whom I sit and watch TV.

“At any scene the add comes you feel the same; come out now”

My mom says to me when I stick myself to TV forgetting the other rituals and give “oops, why shall this come now?” expression on an ad.

“Coming next…”

This subtitle and the exiting scenes they shown on the tv before the advertisements help the sponsors compete with each other to be the last ones before the restart of the program.

Mixed expressions, mixed opinions we do observe on the advertisements in TV in between the programs. Its equally applicable across all advertisements irrespective of the adventurous Thumbs Up one, lovely Mc-D ad with cute kids, innovative zoo-zoos of Vodafone, confusing Idea 3G bit, or even the cool food/cosmetics adds.

Especially the most practical one I feel is the 7-up ad on how to deal girl friends! Being a girl I can’t so easily accept it though, but yes, in most of the cases it works!

What can I say about the baby ads? Cute babies make us stand by and look at them, in fact staring at them.

But one thing is for sure. Advertisements in between the overs of a cricket match are the most welcoming ones, real stress busters, as most of us experienced this during the very recent world cup.

Any way, commercial ads have become part of our lives as good as any other TV serial or a reality show! Its good to see people coming up with such an innovative ads.

It would be my great pleasure to appreciate the ad-makers and the designers.

Often it feels very good to see our favorite heroes, heroines, models or even sports person appear in the ad and rock. Marketing has been taken to very different heights by the talented marketing managers. Well, hats off to their ideas as well.

If any one of us feels that the celebrities are earning much with the endorsements than from their professions, if any one of us feels that that the marketing heights have gone beyond, one must understand that the former is because of people’s interest and the later is because of the dearness all companies naturally prefer to have with people.

Jun 9, 2011

On A Saturday Night @ Girls Hostel

Having spent eight years of my college life at different girls hostels I feel enough confident to write this post. At least I never thought I would choose this topic for my blog, but as I have already started it off let me be little sincere in narrating. I hope this brings your attention to this supposedly naughty post!

College life when I say, it was two years of intermediate, four years of B.tech and two years of M.tech.

7:00 – 10:00 pm

Intermediate hostel: None of us is unaware of the weekend tests happen at the intermediate colleges. Name wise it is a weekend test but the results of it start the next week all in misery! These three hours were hardly spent on the so called adulthood dreams, but were spent to avoid the nightmares off the after effects of the exam.

B.tech hostel: Weekend mood in a B. tech hostel is unexplainable but I’ll try my best. And the winner of the competition is gossiping! I used to have friends across many specializations, so called branches, and now who dares to measure the length of girls gossiping?

A bunch of gals sitting together, especially on a weekend mood results in unstoppable discussions, comments, few compliments on whom else, boys. Of course lecturers would be the victims if it was a weekend just after the mid-term exams/lab exams. Not to forget the dinning table, however full it was of the items, either good or bad, it was the only dinner of the whole week with minimal complaints, as the rest was ruled by the flavor of enthusiasm, that too of girls.

M. tech hostel: Friday night used to be the weekend night at IIT. By the time it was a Saturday night a pleasured day of Saturday would have gone just in a blink of eye. No much interest was observed in gossiping in M.tech except for few times, that too was not too interesting sort of. Downloading movies and watching them late night was the regular and favorite weekend stunt for many.

At times, we used to spend time in the lab itself; an open secret was that the fast internet access and the chilling AC was the inspiration! 10 pm was never considered as per it’s actual value any time.

10:00 pm – 2:00 am

Intermediate hostel: Oops… nothing much to say here; it was all spent in doing the then famous work, reading.

B. tech hostel: The walk after the dinner continuing the teasing friends was the most memorable and unstoppable unless we feel the pain in legs. One or two girls would be the major victims of the teasing in our batch. But just in case, if they took charge, I promise we were helpless. It would continue till 11 pm. Once we were back in rooms our stomachs would start bargaining us for food, for the obvious reason!

And suddenly it was cooking time! None of us were so expert in maintaining the things, the search for all ingredients would start then including the stove, which was long forgotten somewhere some days back. Maggie was the choice of the days other than the weekend, but weekend would be much special, with items like yellow rice, masala rice etc.

Recipes remained mystery though the bowl full of food would become empty in a flash. The one who missed the fun was undoubtedly the biggest loser of the week!

M. tech hostel: Again, nothing much to say here; it was still the time to start another movie. Watching movies in groups never used to be the habit unless it was a horror movie. The door kept opened of the room in which the horror movie was being played where as the rest of the doors were dumb shut.

Interesting point here, opened door would act as the stress buster to look around in case of tense situation and the closed door used to help the rest in watching their choice of movies peacefully without getting disturbed by the countless shouts out of the room of the horror movie. Just imagine, it is a group of gals who shouts!

Never understood the enthusiasm to watch the horror movies despite the sleepless nights to follow!

2:00 am – 5:00 am

Intermediate hostel: pin drop silence. Do not have much idea what would happen during this interval. If it was 2:01 am when we go to bed, it would be 2:02 or probably 2:03 am by the time we slept. What else I can say!

B. tech hostel: As the own made food acted as the lovely medicine to get in to sleep, all the morning alarms were shut off without fail. That was the time when you would see the really tired engineering girl students, not for the sake of studies but for all the hard work done till then just to forget for a night that we were still students.

M. tech hostel: As the love story oriented movie provoked to watch a message oriented movie, message oriented one carves for a sentimental one, sentimental byte encouraged to opt the suspense plot, the most favorite horror movie would provoke girls to get up and start walking here and there. They would distribute themselves in to the others’ rooms where no-horror movie flag was raised.

Victims of the horror movie were the first ones to touch their foot and say they were tired, where as the rest were the enthusiastically waiting ones for the others to vacate their rooms, to sleep, or else for what? Could be something else, like phone-chit chat!

The next day morning: what so ever be the hostel, the next meeting place for all of us was nothing but the hostel mess, which welcomed us for an exam day out with Yellow Upma (tomato bath!) in intermediate, Ravva Dosa in B. tech, and bread pieces with jam and smelled milk in M. tech!

That’s how it was!

PS: I don’t want to bore you any more, hope I didn’t, but yeah, those are the most memorable, lovable and livable moments again and again.

Those days,

Those friends,

Those moments,

Are the best!

Can not live them again, but I would if I could. I know it will be the same answer by many else too.

Its Marriage Season…

Its big marriage season out here, once again but like never before. Facebook has already brought back my lost attention to my good college friends. Access to their profiles has made me to look at the beautiful/handsome life partners they have got. In some cases cute babies have already made their way too.

Days and distances have become such a way that I couldn’t make it to any of my friends’ marriages. Nevertheless, all of them have been generous to me and understood. Thanks to them. I thought I would send my wishes their way through my blog.

I wish all them a wonderful and happy married life.

Back to basics, life isn’t happy always. Accept it or not, we can only make the most out of it! Everything is part of life including misunderstandings, expectations and even miserable fights. Please do not think unnecessarily about all these. They come and go; we have to live lives. Happiness makes people stay together, but the tough times are really tougher to handle when it comes to the relationships. It requires each other’s attention and love to resolve the issues with mutual understanding and respect. It is the togetherness that can assure you the way to come out of the problems.

Be together and enjoy the togetherness too.

This is a small message from my side to my dear friends. Life teaches us the rest.

Once again, wish you all good time with your relationships.


Jun 8, 2011

Being Accessible…

The more you are accessible to people the more you are under scanner with great probability to get exposed to rumors. Doesn’t matter if your words are taken otherwise in to the public domain or your silence is taken as a big yes!

On the other hand, if you are less accessible to people, rumors come less of their sort because of people whom you are accessible to, but the guarantee can not be given on the bunch of rumors roam around without your intervention, which are the absolute blockbusters with no competition by the way.

As always, pros and cons are very clear; its up to us whether we choose to be accessible or not! Accessibility, just in the sense of being in touch and keeping the people around us in a position to ask us what they want to know!

However, being accessible makes you identified as a person what you are; and being the other way round obviously results in a mystery of you for many, though not for all!

Again, choice is yours.

I choose to be accessible. I find it beautiful which can turn my personality enough stronger to reply the rumors.

Jun 5, 2011

On The Name of Love!

“Lover kills girl for rejecting his proposal…”

“Young boy kills his lover; commits suicide”

“Man kills girl’s parents for approaching the police”

Indeed it takes only a little effort to search and read the news on all the brutal acts that are leaving the girls as victims on the name of love. It’s the paralyzed heart of the man who is the culprit, every time. Such happenings are already on day to day basis in our latest proud fast generation and life. As we try to digest some news of today we end up seeing another one just in the corner.

I’m not sure about rest of the world; it’s been a standard practice in India that a girl is often given a second priority. I agree, today in India many women are in honorable positions right from the president Mrs. Prathibha Patil to the recent victorious Miss. Mamata Benarjee. This is enough evidence to prove what’s been happening to the young ladies in the recent times on the name of love is just the other side of the coin.

Long history, years of well established culture of India named as the world’s most accepted and respectable one, especially in terms of relationships and the respect the woman has been given. Love is the ultimate gift we can give to anyone in this world. Mixture of love and culture results in the long loving love-stories of the history.

In the recent times, all such love stories are unable to inspire or make the young guys understand the essence of loving someone. Instead of thinking for the girl, now-a-says it has been misunderstood as thinking of the girl for himself.

“If not for me, she is for none” attitude makes the difference. Such thoughts are being induced in the young minds, may be by the fast generation in which parents do not have time for their own son whose mind set is uncontrollably changing, may be by the educational institutions, unintentionally making the commonsense of a man taking it’s back seat etc. Whatever it is, it has been happening and many girls have already stood as victims either in acid attack or in a knife attack.

Well, writing too much on the happenings makes this post just another news paper column which I dislike to see.

** Education can be of real help; education not only of the degrees sort but the social education, awareness make one understand his responsibilities better.

** Parents shall be educated first of their children mentalities, habits, his/her life happenings.

** No need to say much about love here; enjoying the happiness of your lover, ideally speaking this is called love; but when it is failed, the frustration levels shall not be so high that one loses his own control

** Always one shall be updated of his own goals and aims, catering the love it’s time but it shall not become the obsession.

** It shall be a habit to give other person the space he/she deserves; one shall allow his pal to have the freedom to take decisions; the same shall be respected without fail.

I’m a strong believer of the involvement of both the persons in a misunderstanding/mishap between two. Either it is for love or for anything else two take part, and most of the times equal part. I definitely do not want to point out only men for all such attacks. Ladies/girls shall also take care of themselves, their thoughts, their opinions about the love and relationships.

** One shall respect her own decisions or choices of love and lover; short term intervention of someone else shall not affect her easily.

** Misbehaving and brutal comments on a man’s personality and character is unnecessary in any terms.

** Opinions shall be shared but extra care shall be taken when dealing.

Love, relations, attitude-differences, changing choices shall be seen as part of life; one shall respect and give the other person the space he/she deserves. Being frustrated makes the worry double. The control over one’s own self is necessary to be practiced.

I wish everyone the life you deserve on the name of love.

No Choice… Take Home #60

We do not mind when we do not have choice.

Jun 3, 2011

Maintain Relationships…

Staying away from our best pals once in a while is for good; it makes us understand how to maintain relations with everyone around us; at the same time it answers all sort of questions on why to maintain the same irrespective of whom we are with or close with.

Don’t worry if you have to stay away from someone close to you; your relationship with people around you will be bettered; your relationship with your best pal will anyway become stronger.

PS: Let me give a clarification here; i did not mean staying away intentionally; once in a while we have to, as part of life, it happens generally at times;

Test your Capability…

Anyone can work where and when the things are pretty clear. Absence of them is the best place to test your own capability. Never worry if you feel like screwed somewhere! Work it out, test yourself; you will understand yourself better.

Believe me; it works.