Jun 12, 2011

Advertisements @ TV

“Thanks to the TV channel; this is the right chance for her to go back to kitchen and finish the work; I hope she goes now at least!”

When an interesting serial is going on, these are the inner words of a mere hungry husband. By the way, it will be even late if he fails to say her that he is hungry.

“Even we require some break; how long can we?”

My grand father says about the now-a-day’s so called fights/tension oriented movies. He hates every sound made by the TV and film theaters of today, though he himself speaks very loudly. He is sincere that he says “I myself speak loudly but I hate someone making loud noise!” and smiles, no, laughs.

“Shit, actual program comes only half of the supposed time”

Why to say what happens the rest of the time? I always say this to myself and to my friends with whom I sit and watch TV.

“At any scene the add comes you feel the same; come out now”

My mom says to me when I stick myself to TV forgetting the other rituals and give “oops, why shall this come now?” expression on an ad.

“Coming next…”

This subtitle and the exiting scenes they shown on the tv before the advertisements help the sponsors compete with each other to be the last ones before the restart of the program.

Mixed expressions, mixed opinions we do observe on the advertisements in TV in between the programs. Its equally applicable across all advertisements irrespective of the adventurous Thumbs Up one, lovely Mc-D ad with cute kids, innovative zoo-zoos of Vodafone, confusing Idea 3G bit, or even the cool food/cosmetics adds.

Especially the most practical one I feel is the 7-up ad on how to deal girl friends! Being a girl I can’t so easily accept it though, but yes, in most of the cases it works!

What can I say about the baby ads? Cute babies make us stand by and look at them, in fact staring at them.

But one thing is for sure. Advertisements in between the overs of a cricket match are the most welcoming ones, real stress busters, as most of us experienced this during the very recent world cup.

Any way, commercial ads have become part of our lives as good as any other TV serial or a reality show! Its good to see people coming up with such an innovative ads.

It would be my great pleasure to appreciate the ad-makers and the designers.

Often it feels very good to see our favorite heroes, heroines, models or even sports person appear in the ad and rock. Marketing has been taken to very different heights by the talented marketing managers. Well, hats off to their ideas as well.

If any one of us feels that the celebrities are earning much with the endorsements than from their professions, if any one of us feels that that the marketing heights have gone beyond, one must understand that the former is because of people’s interest and the later is because of the dearness all companies naturally prefer to have with people.


yamini meduri said...

first of all..wonderful post di..!!

abt the Ads...i like them too..earlier i use to see them just for fun but my 2 yrs MBA taught me so much abt campaigning...that now i see an Ad and think of who his target audience are...his logic of the theme..etc..!!

The Ads are the same but i see them differently now...its so much fun..!!

nice post di.!!

The Idle Brain said...

Liking ads is one thing, and liking their timing is another.
(Ads.. of course, there are creative ones & there are rather dumb ones too.)

But timing? (Unless you have decided to put urself into the husband's shoes) Every program on TV creates a certain mood. It maintains a certain emotional rapport with the user. Thats the reason ppl make all such desperate 'noise' to engage their users (keep ur eyeballs glued to the tv & ur fingers off the remote) which translates to TRPs and revenue. No wonder if the wife gets glued to some masala, the husband wants to get glued to some sport. Thats a pleasure audience expect too.

Now, in the middle of something you watch so intently, in the mood of great sorrow / suspence/ drama suddenly some semi-naked demi-goddess pops up trying to emotionally sell u the stuff u dont care about at the moment, all the pleasure of the mood is lost!

Their reasoning for that timing is just coz ur eyes are watching & ears listening & ur conscious & subconscious receiving.

But why u?

The Idle Brain said...

Now a days, a half an hr tv show boils down to 3 scenes & extends to 1000s of episodes. For the pleasure of viewing the 3 non-progressive scenes, one must watch 3-4 mins title song, 15 min ads.

Sometimes I feel that these programs are a very clever design. 10 min of emotional element enough to make you buy ur tata sky and watch all these nonsense ads which u otherwise don't!

Bikramjit said...

The problem is majority of the ads are not that clever ...

When i was a young boy 10-12 years old i rmemeber on doorsarshan a program use t ocome a comedy one and in there i heard this line .. the man saying he loved all the programs coming on TV but got did not like the 20-30 minutes of something that comes in between the minute long programs :)


Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Yamini.. thanks for the read and ur words here..)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Valli, very nice analysis about the timing especilly..thanks dear.:)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Bikramjit, of course..;) they will get their own evil effect as well.;)