Jun 8, 2011

Being Accessible…

The more you are accessible to people the more you are under scanner with great probability to get exposed to rumors. Doesn’t matter if your words are taken otherwise in to the public domain or your silence is taken as a big yes!

On the other hand, if you are less accessible to people, rumors come less of their sort because of people whom you are accessible to, but the guarantee can not be given on the bunch of rumors roam around without your intervention, which are the absolute blockbusters with no competition by the way.

As always, pros and cons are very clear; its up to us whether we choose to be accessible or not! Accessibility, just in the sense of being in touch and keeping the people around us in a position to ask us what they want to know!

However, being accessible makes you identified as a person what you are; and being the other way round obviously results in a mystery of you for many, though not for all!

Again, choice is yours.

I choose to be accessible. I find it beautiful which can turn my personality enough stronger to reply the rumors.