Jun 25, 2011

The Mismatch…

People involved in an argument are rarely the culprits as the mismatch in opinions or attitudes of them being the top most root causes.

Always, people are brought up by different environments and different family conditions, situations. When two people come out of such situations and stay together, there accompanies an inevitable mismatch of opinions. No one is wrong, just that the opinion mismatch make them fight to prove their own thoughts or point right! Often, we do observe the streak of arguments pull each of them away from each other and at times the distance can never be shorten unless they decide to do so or want to be together once again.

When two people understand and respect each others’ underwent situations, brought up conditions, it will be very easy to deal with each other. In case of couple undergoing all these, it shall be the love they have for their children plays the big role.