Jun 5, 2011

On The Name of Love!

“Lover kills girl for rejecting his proposal…”

“Young boy kills his lover; commits suicide”

“Man kills girl’s parents for approaching the police”

Indeed it takes only a little effort to search and read the news on all the brutal acts that are leaving the girls as victims on the name of love. It’s the paralyzed heart of the man who is the culprit, every time. Such happenings are already on day to day basis in our latest proud fast generation and life. As we try to digest some news of today we end up seeing another one just in the corner.

I’m not sure about rest of the world; it’s been a standard practice in India that a girl is often given a second priority. I agree, today in India many women are in honorable positions right from the president Mrs. Prathibha Patil to the recent victorious Miss. Mamata Benarjee. This is enough evidence to prove what’s been happening to the young ladies in the recent times on the name of love is just the other side of the coin.

Long history, years of well established culture of India named as the world’s most accepted and respectable one, especially in terms of relationships and the respect the woman has been given. Love is the ultimate gift we can give to anyone in this world. Mixture of love and culture results in the long loving love-stories of the history.

In the recent times, all such love stories are unable to inspire or make the young guys understand the essence of loving someone. Instead of thinking for the girl, now-a-says it has been misunderstood as thinking of the girl for himself.

“If not for me, she is for none” attitude makes the difference. Such thoughts are being induced in the young minds, may be by the fast generation in which parents do not have time for their own son whose mind set is uncontrollably changing, may be by the educational institutions, unintentionally making the commonsense of a man taking it’s back seat etc. Whatever it is, it has been happening and many girls have already stood as victims either in acid attack or in a knife attack.

Well, writing too much on the happenings makes this post just another news paper column which I dislike to see.

** Education can be of real help; education not only of the degrees sort but the social education, awareness make one understand his responsibilities better.

** Parents shall be educated first of their children mentalities, habits, his/her life happenings.

** No need to say much about love here; enjoying the happiness of your lover, ideally speaking this is called love; but when it is failed, the frustration levels shall not be so high that one loses his own control

** Always one shall be updated of his own goals and aims, catering the love it’s time but it shall not become the obsession.

** It shall be a habit to give other person the space he/she deserves; one shall allow his pal to have the freedom to take decisions; the same shall be respected without fail.

I’m a strong believer of the involvement of both the persons in a misunderstanding/mishap between two. Either it is for love or for anything else two take part, and most of the times equal part. I definitely do not want to point out only men for all such attacks. Ladies/girls shall also take care of themselves, their thoughts, their opinions about the love and relationships.

** One shall respect her own decisions or choices of love and lover; short term intervention of someone else shall not affect her easily.

** Misbehaving and brutal comments on a man’s personality and character is unnecessary in any terms.

** Opinions shall be shared but extra care shall be taken when dealing.

Love, relations, attitude-differences, changing choices shall be seen as part of life; one shall respect and give the other person the space he/she deserves. Being frustrated makes the worry double. The control over one’s own self is necessary to be practiced.

I wish everyone the life you deserve on the name of love.


Amity said...

They say money is the root of all evil...but..in your post, I can again say that love is the root of all evil...whewwww....what a world, brutal world we live in.

Reason why I seldom see or hear news on tv...most are disheartening...:)

Many lessons served in this post of yours. I hope many will learn and read.

Hi Prams, been a long time but I am back blogging now...only I am at wordpress now...reason? some technical glitches in my old-first-love blog i could not cure...hence shifted to wordpress...please drop when you have time!

Love and miss you,


sm said...

love is not the problem
problem is religion and raising of kids and education.

Bikramjit said...

I m sorry but its not jsut the men or boys who do that.. the problem is what the other half do it does not come up. I have heard where Girls are all fine in love but later they change Partners too ..

YEah i know what you say that both should talk it out and see whats to be done.. mos of these wrong things happen is because when they started it ws a infatuation ..

and as time passes priorities change and so do the tastes ..
the young generation is Far advanced and to be harsh all they think is hwo to bed each other thats the motive .. and then over to the next one ..


Jack said...


Read all current posts. If one has pre-conceived ideas, it is difficult to come to any agreement in a meeting. One should never doubt own capability. It is true that being away makes one realise worth of other person more effectively. It is not love but just infatuation or lust which enrages one having such feelings if these are not reciprocated. We surely need to induct high sense of values in education system as well as families should inculcate in their children.

Take care

Anya said...

Touching lines but so the truth

Very well written!!!

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Amity..

@Many lessons served in this post of yours. I hope many will learn and read.

Thanks ya :)

Being Pramoda... said...

@ sm

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Bikramjit,

@and as time passes priorities change and so do the tastes ..
the young generation is Far advanced and to be harsh all they think is hwo to bed each other thats the motive ..

Agreed.. and the way the children are brought up makes every difference..

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Jack uncle, thank you once again..

Being Pramoda... said...

Thanks Anya..