Jul 31, 2011

Compromise… Take Home #69

Compromise, but never get compromised to get compromised. Have no regrets afterwards!

Jul 24, 2011

The World Was Ending…

I saw a bad dream last night. The world was ending.

It was fearful while going through. It was relaxing when I came to know that it was just another dream. It was thoughtful as I woke up and remembered what was going through my mind when the dream was up and running.

What I can still recollect of those moments was an annoying lightening stroke lasted for a continuous two minutes after which the eventual thunder was expected to screw us down all the way, but to our surprise it didn’t follow. Every one of us in the scene was expecting the thunder as the lightening stroke lasted more than expected and longer than what it was supposed to be. But surprisingly nothing much happened and that made us shiver even more. All of us were running out of thoughts to save ourselves as the ear-screaming noise of people out there, waiting for some one to come to their rescue was disheartening both to witness and to hear.

As I opened my eyes it was all dark around. After few seconds, it appeared like a famous place for me at least. Now the realization popped up that it was just a dream. How relaxing! Nothing much could be done about the bad dream in the mid of the night other than turning aside and closing my eyes once again. It was a dream after all.

In the morning I was rethinking about the thoughts I was having while the dream was running in my mind. I didn’t know any one who was around me, who was accompanying me through out those scaring incidents. Whoever it was, there was no question of whom, what we regularly do when we meet people. There was no question of doubt on anyone as we were all left alone to do journey with. There was only one ambition, to survive, to breath more. We were helping each other who otherwise would ask hell lot of questions to help. It was feeling horrible but there was a tempo to help each other, there was a goal to save each other. Being unknown, being feared, we all were having determination for each others well being in mind.

I’m not sure from where the snobbish fear of witnessing the end of the world has started to come to my knowledge. But of course, its very clear that most of us are already contaminated with this thought.

If it has to end it has to start somewhere. Be it the world, be it the fear, it has to start ending somewhere. Better to end the fear of witnessing the end of the world. I firmly believe that nothing of that sort is going to be experienced by us.

Have good life. Make most out of it.

Jul 21, 2011

My Realizations @ Book: “One Minute Manager”

Sounded surprising by it’s name when I first heard about the book “One Minute Manager”, of course it made me enthusiastic as well to know what’s it is all about!

Frankly, I thought, it will be on how to make decisions or manage things in a minute or so. Now this made me even more astonished, as I had been learning that decisions should be taken or things shall be managed very thoughtfully.

My speculations were proven wrong by the very first pages of the book though the curiosity stayed right through.

Nevertheless, first of all I would recommend this book for every one, does not matter if you are managing people at work, managing friends at colleges, managing family members and for that matter whoever you may be and whatever you may be doing in your day to day life. After all, we all need to manage some or the other every day every minute including our own personality and doings.

I would not prefer this post to be turning up as just another book review which explains the body line of the book; rather I would prefer to present to you what I realized while and after reading the book.

** There are no good or bad managers in this world; always there have been and will be three types of managers only:

(i) Managers

(ii) Better Managers and

(iii) Best Managers.

Most importantly, every one of us falls under all these three categories pertaining to the situations. None of us can always be best either.

** I used to have query/speculations that if managing someone would mean more or less manipulating him/her! But, no, now I realized that it is not at all, provided we make the person whom we have to manage understand why he has to do what we want him to do.

** One must be willing to get managed, but definitely not to get manipulated, for him to make his, his peer’s and his superior’s life easy.

** It is very important to treat different people differently and to do the same we must be aware of the people we manage. We need not wait till we read all of them thoroughly, at times we can even play with our commonsense, provided we do not provoke the other person to take it personally.

Well, I think I’ve not missed any other points. Hope I made some sense here and I really wish these points do make you think for a moment!

Jul 16, 2011

Business busyness?... but make enough time too…

Business by it’s name almost spells busyness proving the recent days’ scenario of not having enough time to spend with our beloved ones, which is supposed to be spent otherwise. The most fascinating debate of the decade will be on the topic if we are not having enough time or we are not making it enough!

I prefer to take the side of people who express their views on not making enough time!

Spending time with our loved ones, friends, and family is such an important thing which has got enormous power to keep the relations always fresh. Not just that, having good time with each other makes one want to have the relationship longing last nullifying all the hurdles commonly come in between.

Very few moments allow us to understand our loved ones perfectly, though the process shall continue with changing times and mindsets. One shall grab all the chances he gets to get exposed to such precious moments.

Most importantly and more than anyone else, kids need to be taken in to hand and nurtured by parents. They need most of their time spent with parents especially during their early ages of growing up. Nothing much to mention about it as the scientific research results have already made it very clear.

Coming back, making time is a skill. I agree that one must be excelled in his professional life, business etc but at the same time one shall also be excelled in making time for his people. When I say people, I’m not referring to just one relationship of one’s life, its more than that.

Every relationship in life, be it the blood relationship, be it the friendship, be it anything else, it requires love and even more importantly expressing the same strengthens the bond.

Making time to enjoy the togetherness is the key to have healthy relationships. How we make time is up to an individual and directly proportional to the dedication towards doing the same.

Make time and be happy.

Belief on our own beliefs…

Almost all of the times, we get deceived by our own belief on our own beliefs, but not by people. Have beliefs and keep trying to be aware of their in and outs too.

I call it interest…

Some call it dedication,

I call it interest.

Some call it hard work,

I call it interest.

Some call it time management,

I call it interest.



Interest is the backbone of every successful work we do, every successful win we enjoy. It not only makes us give our best but also ensures our happiness in doing so. One may succeed or fail at the end, but having done the work with interest he comes out successful.

Jul 15, 2011

Be Tough… Take Home # 68

Often a person’s helplessness is misunderstood or misinterpreted as his limitation. If you are a victim, deal such situation calmly and never take it personally.

I read a line long time back: “after all, limitations are not mistakes!”

Be tough and become tougher and better.

Jul 14, 2011

Realistic Thinking!

Don’t expect people to listen to you being a pessimist or talking pessimism. All such qualities and words are unknowingly disliked by human beings, no matter how close you are to the person whom you are talking to. I assure you that he hears you or he may not actually do it at times, but listening has got a clear cut advantage over just hearing.

An optimist may or may not become one of the world’s best speakers but he helps society by creating a world’s best listener. This can never be done by the pessimist with his discouraging sense of feelings and spreading the same across helps none.

As the optimist enjoys his speech by encouraging people, the pessimist kills his own spirit by speaking discouragingly.

The moment you come to know you are listening to an optimist, try to involve yourself more in to it and start clearing your doubts. The moment you come to know that your chat is going on in a pessimism order, start to be realistic about the threats the speaker is saying about! If the pessimism exceeds the limits, just hear him or leave the conversation whatever you can do based on the situation.

I read a very good book on this topic and the author said (In my words) “I can think positive about the work which is in my arena of doing things but I can not be positive or assured about the plane I’m traveling lands safely. It is not in my hands and for the same I can not be assured of but I can only believe that it goes through safely and I plan my later activities accordingly” this is where the realistic thinking has got an edge over the positive thinking.

Realistic thinking makes one understands the situation very well including the threats involved! Also, it makes one prepared to face any threat irrespective of it’s effect, unlike the negative thinking which kills the spirit and leave one fully unprepared or make him confused of what to do!

Jul 7, 2011

Prioritizing Perspectives… Take Home #67

Most of the perspectives are correct taking one at a time. Living social life is all about prioritizing perspectives and learning to improve the skill to do so.


Take Care If You Can; Otherwise Take It Easy.

Call Spade a Spade… Take Home #66

The moment one starts thinking too much to call spade a spade it is the moment he starts losing himself. Of course in this context, thinking for others some what still admirable but thinking for himself is truly a sheer loss of dignity.

Jul 5, 2011

Be Respected!

Best Ending And Best Beginning Do Not Exist. Keep Trying Not Only to Give Your Best but Also to Satisfy Yourself with What You’ve Given. Between Success And Failure There Always Exist Efforts. Respect Your Own Efforts Before Expecting Anything From Outside. At the Same Time Be Respected By Respecting the Efforts of Others.

Jul 3, 2011

Well, it’s been sports week…

Truly I enjoyed this week like never before. All the motivation I had behind being able to follow the 125th Wimbledon was the determination players had been showing on the field.

What a wonderful sight it is when players come back fighting all the way from the edge of a defeat to win the match or at least making it difficult for the winner!

I learnt a lot; in fact much more than what I used learn from one of my all time favorites, Cricket. Being a team game cricket used to make me feel the importance of backing each other as a team and being strategically supportive to each other. Where as, in Tennis, seeing the players backing themselves all alone from the misery to the glory makes me feel awesome every time. As everyone else keeps their fingers crossed including their coaches, players have to come back very quickly yet intelligently; and that makes the sight watchable more and more when they do it but themselves showing the character along with the game.

The important milestone here is when a player has to come up with spirit though no one comes out for his/her rescue. We face such situations in life and they need to be treated the same way too.

As I write this, the Men’s singles final is on the cards. As always I’m supporting one of my all time favorites Rafael Nadal, but I definitely feel Djokovic has got a slight deserving edge to win the Championship. But come on, its Rafa out there and any thing can happen in this match still.

Be it the women’s second round match between 31 yrs old and an 40 years old lasted for almost two hours, be it the Roger’s loss to the Tsonga being two sets up, be it the women’s final ended up with the new Wimbledon champion Kvitova all in smiles, the volleys, the aces showed their obvious impact on the so called sportive spirit.

Well, it’s been the sports week for me; I hope to implement the learnings in my working style as well.

PS: Its delay in posting this one; but it gave me an opportunity to wish the new Men’s Wimbledon Champion Novak Djokovic hearty congratulations. It’s always good to see new faces coming up making the championships worth watching. Some words for Rafa … well played man! Hope to see you holding the glittering golden trophy, once again! Its long journey to go!

The best end for this week; it can’t get better than this!

Jul 2, 2011

Facing Difficulties… Take Home #65

Facing difficulties by choice or by chance turns one better and better as the time progresses. The real muscle lies in the way one calls the difficulty a challenge or he concludes it as a debacle.

Jul 1, 2011

Its All About Complaining!

Complaining about people never works better than finding and following various ways to get the work done. As we realize this, suddenly we understand the power of doing things by oneself expecting very less from outside. In fact, this makes us wiser about ourselves what otherwise will never be thought upon. If it needs a little frustration to complain it needs enormous strength to stay back quietly. Quietness is often misunderstood as a person’s weakness; where as the real strength behind being so couldn’t ever be estimated.

Other side of it, it shall not always be seen as complaining but sometimes it shall also be taken from the point of view of bringing things in to someone’s notice. This is very important not just for the matter of highlighting things but also shall be accepted at times since a person can not be every where to understand everything by himself every time. If you feel someone is complaining to you repeatedly it’s obvious that you get wet, but it can be only you who can judge the things better on what shall be listened with respect. One’s commonsense play very important role as well as the impression on the person who’s complaining has got it’s own part. It can go either, believing or ignoring but the deserved respect shall also be given by the listener.

It is an art to complain but not sounding so. Try and adapt it; it works.

Frankly, I’ve nothing to conclude here. Get the situations well both for complaining as well as for listening to the complaints. Try to avoid concluding people as complaining type or at least keep it with you if you really feel so about someone; instead, if you lose the control and express it to them, they may stop complaining to you but their attitude builds up far away from your reach henceforth. Put on patience and carry on the same.