Jul 1, 2011

Its All About Complaining!

Complaining about people never works better than finding and following various ways to get the work done. As we realize this, suddenly we understand the power of doing things by oneself expecting very less from outside. In fact, this makes us wiser about ourselves what otherwise will never be thought upon. If it needs a little frustration to complain it needs enormous strength to stay back quietly. Quietness is often misunderstood as a person’s weakness; where as the real strength behind being so couldn’t ever be estimated.

Other side of it, it shall not always be seen as complaining but sometimes it shall also be taken from the point of view of bringing things in to someone’s notice. This is very important not just for the matter of highlighting things but also shall be accepted at times since a person can not be every where to understand everything by himself every time. If you feel someone is complaining to you repeatedly it’s obvious that you get wet, but it can be only you who can judge the things better on what shall be listened with respect. One’s commonsense play very important role as well as the impression on the person who’s complaining has got it’s own part. It can go either, believing or ignoring but the deserved respect shall also be given by the listener.

It is an art to complain but not sounding so. Try and adapt it; it works.

Frankly, I’ve nothing to conclude here. Get the situations well both for complaining as well as for listening to the complaints. Try to avoid concluding people as complaining type or at least keep it with you if you really feel so about someone; instead, if you lose the control and express it to them, they may stop complaining to you but their attitude builds up far away from your reach henceforth. Put on patience and carry on the same.