Jul 21, 2011

My Realizations @ Book: “One Minute Manager”

Sounded surprising by it’s name when I first heard about the book “One Minute Manager”, of course it made me enthusiastic as well to know what’s it is all about!

Frankly, I thought, it will be on how to make decisions or manage things in a minute or so. Now this made me even more astonished, as I had been learning that decisions should be taken or things shall be managed very thoughtfully.

My speculations were proven wrong by the very first pages of the book though the curiosity stayed right through.

Nevertheless, first of all I would recommend this book for every one, does not matter if you are managing people at work, managing friends at colleges, managing family members and for that matter whoever you may be and whatever you may be doing in your day to day life. After all, we all need to manage some or the other every day every minute including our own personality and doings.

I would not prefer this post to be turning up as just another book review which explains the body line of the book; rather I would prefer to present to you what I realized while and after reading the book.

** There are no good or bad managers in this world; always there have been and will be three types of managers only:

(i) Managers

(ii) Better Managers and

(iii) Best Managers.

Most importantly, every one of us falls under all these three categories pertaining to the situations. None of us can always be best either.

** I used to have query/speculations that if managing someone would mean more or less manipulating him/her! But, no, now I realized that it is not at all, provided we make the person whom we have to manage understand why he has to do what we want him to do.

** One must be willing to get managed, but definitely not to get manipulated, for him to make his, his peer’s and his superior’s life easy.

** It is very important to treat different people differently and to do the same we must be aware of the people we manage. We need not wait till we read all of them thoroughly, at times we can even play with our commonsense, provided we do not provoke the other person to take it personally.

Well, I think I’ve not missed any other points. Hope I made some sense here and I really wish these points do make you think for a moment!


Anonymous said...

Sorry for being brutally frank in my next lines.This blog is getting quite monotonous !

Being Pramoda... said...


Thanks so much. Now this is a wake-up call for me..:)

I'll try my best..

deeps said...

the answer is within ourselves ha? maybe it s a question of how and when we discover them...

Reiki said...

This is the nice post..well thinking of this one..nice to share here..and the topic is so nice. Thanks for sharing here with us..

Being Pramoda... said...

Exactly deeps..

Being Pramoda... said...

My Pleasure, Reiki..