Jul 14, 2011

Realistic Thinking!

Don’t expect people to listen to you being a pessimist or talking pessimism. All such qualities and words are unknowingly disliked by human beings, no matter how close you are to the person whom you are talking to. I assure you that he hears you or he may not actually do it at times, but listening has got a clear cut advantage over just hearing.

An optimist may or may not become one of the world’s best speakers but he helps society by creating a world’s best listener. This can never be done by the pessimist with his discouraging sense of feelings and spreading the same across helps none.

As the optimist enjoys his speech by encouraging people, the pessimist kills his own spirit by speaking discouragingly.

The moment you come to know you are listening to an optimist, try to involve yourself more in to it and start clearing your doubts. The moment you come to know that your chat is going on in a pessimism order, start to be realistic about the threats the speaker is saying about! If the pessimism exceeds the limits, just hear him or leave the conversation whatever you can do based on the situation.

I read a very good book on this topic and the author said (In my words) “I can think positive about the work which is in my arena of doing things but I can not be positive or assured about the plane I’m traveling lands safely. It is not in my hands and for the same I can not be assured of but I can only believe that it goes through safely and I plan my later activities accordingly” this is where the realistic thinking has got an edge over the positive thinking.

Realistic thinking makes one understands the situation very well including the threats involved! Also, it makes one prepared to face any threat irrespective of it’s effect, unlike the negative thinking which kills the spirit and leave one fully unprepared or make him confused of what to do!


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