Jul 3, 2011

Well, it’s been sports week…

Truly I enjoyed this week like never before. All the motivation I had behind being able to follow the 125th Wimbledon was the determination players had been showing on the field.

What a wonderful sight it is when players come back fighting all the way from the edge of a defeat to win the match or at least making it difficult for the winner!

I learnt a lot; in fact much more than what I used learn from one of my all time favorites, Cricket. Being a team game cricket used to make me feel the importance of backing each other as a team and being strategically supportive to each other. Where as, in Tennis, seeing the players backing themselves all alone from the misery to the glory makes me feel awesome every time. As everyone else keeps their fingers crossed including their coaches, players have to come back very quickly yet intelligently; and that makes the sight watchable more and more when they do it but themselves showing the character along with the game.

The important milestone here is when a player has to come up with spirit though no one comes out for his/her rescue. We face such situations in life and they need to be treated the same way too.

As I write this, the Men’s singles final is on the cards. As always I’m supporting one of my all time favorites Rafael Nadal, but I definitely feel Djokovic has got a slight deserving edge to win the Championship. But come on, its Rafa out there and any thing can happen in this match still.

Be it the women’s second round match between 31 yrs old and an 40 years old lasted for almost two hours, be it the Roger’s loss to the Tsonga being two sets up, be it the women’s final ended up with the new Wimbledon champion Kvitova all in smiles, the volleys, the aces showed their obvious impact on the so called sportive spirit.

Well, it’s been the sports week for me; I hope to implement the learnings in my working style as well.

PS: Its delay in posting this one; but it gave me an opportunity to wish the new Men’s Wimbledon Champion Novak Djokovic hearty congratulations. It’s always good to see new faces coming up making the championships worth watching. Some words for Rafa … well played man! Hope to see you holding the glittering golden trophy, once again! Its long journey to go!

The best end for this week; it can’t get better than this!