Aug 30, 2011

Gift and the pain…

My grand pa use to say that everything in this world has got good and bad accompanied with it. I couldn’t think of any bad about a “gift” given or taken.

Now I know, Gift make us happy when received and doubly sad when the same is lost/destroyed.

Certainly, the bad pain! One must understand and console himself. we never want the gift we give pain, so as the one who gives you the gift.

PS: Hope you do not miss my previous ones posted back to back :) Cheers.

The Highly Dependent Human Race…

Depend on those who you are supposed to be depending upon, not unnecessarily on everyone!

Well, independent living is something I never understood in this highly dependent human race. During my graduation I read a book on self-dependency. We can not be independent. Being self dependent we can hang over but ultimately one must be depending on some or the other, again it’s the highly dependent human race!

The Success you’ve got… Take Home #75

Very few people in this world know why you deserve the success you’ve got. Try not to get worried much about the comments the rest make about it.

Equal weightage of importance… Take Home #74

Understanding what we must learn from the happenings and what we mustn’t, carry equal weightage of importance.

Aug 28, 2011

Campus placement and whatnot?

Not to any one’s surprise student life ends once got placed in a company. If the placement happens through campus the fun is different, and if not there is more to go.

Who have been a student and undergone the crazy feet called campus placements can never have more heated up thoughts there after, especially about the job.

The change in aura…

As the dates of campus placement approach the aura in the college changes to an unseen unimagined extent. Students swim in the pool starting from the number of companies to the compensation details. Self address is known as one of the most boring speeches to listen, but then it proves wrong as the pre-placement talk is on.

High reputation of the college…

I underwent all this stuff in IIT. I along with my friends concluded that highly reputed colleges make you put yourself under more pressure like none. Of course, in any institute, a written test is a written test, an interview is an interview, a placement is a placement but the failure is not just the same. Not that its really different, but the way we perceive it certainly proves so.

The Competition…

Well, along with the change, the only thing that’s constant is the competition. I did already mention in one of my posts that a very good friend of mine once said that the students of an institute should prepare together and should face the competition burning outside. But a mere student’s mind set is far away from understating it especially at the time of ongoing placement. The person next to us is the very first competition as we feel. I’d be glad if institutes take the initiation to help students come out of this mentality.

Satisfaction and security…

Though a student thinks about his placement or not, though he has got other goals than just the campus placement, still it carries it’s own satisfaction and secured feeling. Now, no need to say what a student thinks of it who aims only it! For that matter, not just students but their parents think the same too.

The best and worst…

If partying after being placed is the best experience of it, undergoing tremendous pressure if not placed and eventually losing confidence in oneself, getting depressed and succumbed to the pressure and attempting suicides is the worst part of it. Nothing really can help other than one’s own will power when the pressure is on. Parents’ or friends’ consoling love can work positive to some extent but at the end of the day it’s the student he or she has to come out of the trauma by themselves.

The attitude issue…

It’s the way to prepare for the campus placement by concentrating and thinking about it till it concludes well. But at the same time, the attitude of students changes too dramatically during this period. Though it was an IIT, I had seen people mass copying during the written tests. All I can say is that the desperation made them do so. But when we think about it independently, its pretty clear that its neither good nor what is supposed to do. Or at times it can also be perceived that certain pressure situations bring the actual personality hidden inside! One shall have an eye on his changing thoughts, attitudes while aiming high under pressure. Its not just about a placement but it’s the matter of satisfaction for the life time.


I did experience lot of trauma during the campus placements and I hope what I’m going to say here helps.

** Career options shall be clear.

** Prepare yourself under good guidance. Talking to seniors is one of the finest approaches.

** Hold the intentions right. Tension can do well at times, but never panic.

** Either you get placed or not, never think this is it. There will be a lot to go further.

I’m pretty confident that none of the above said can keep you away from thinking the way you do during the campus placements stage. Always have an eye on your own thinking. Hold the nerves and you will do it.

PS: Recently some of my friends, juniors got placed. Congratulations to them and all the very best to all those who would be going through this stage.

Those who adjusts themselves well… Take Home #73

It is very difficult for those who adjust themselves well with people, to get to know who takes the advantage of them and their characteristic. Even if they do come to know, its almost impossible for them to reciprocate unless they change or are deeply hurt.

Wanna Impress…? Take Home @72

Being yourself impresses more than being confident.

Aug 26, 2011

Do you complain about home food?

“No” will be the answer of those who stay away from home.

“Sometimes” will be the answer of those who stay at home and are foodies.

“Frequently” will be the answer of those who stay at home but never cook.

“Never” will be the answer of those who know the respect every cook deserves.

One day when I was a kid I complained about the food made by my grand mom. My whole family was present at the dining area.

My dad said “Eat what is made or make it yourself if you can”. I still remember his words and they do stop me from commenting that moment onwards.

You may think about it too!

My dad is one of the very few people I saw respecting the cook. Be it by my mom, be it by my relatives, be it by anyone, I’ve never seen him complaining about food. Eventually I get to like the people who resemble him. Now that doesn’t mean I do not like those who complain! But obviously, I’ve disliking towards that particular trait.

Not complaining may also confuse us by appearing tasteless. But, come on, this is understandable. If you say you can not, you do not know the person.

My sincere suggestion to all those who complain frequently is not to do so at least try to reduce the frequency. Being a girl I can say it confidently that it hurts. You need not control yourself from saying it; rather try to understand the respect the cook deserves. That’s it.

Nonetheless, up to you.

Aug 24, 2011

Holiday without internet…

It’s been unusually long time I’ve written here. Hope you all are doing well. I’d been on a holiday with no internet access.

The moment I came to know that it would not be so possible for me to access internet for a week I was dumbstruck. Soon I realized, these days I started taking things the way they come when no escape. Eventually I believed the time would not give me a chance to get disappointed about it once again. When on a holiday, time runs faster than ever, we be busy like never.

As foreseen, days started moving faster. Life without internet was of course not the same as that of with it, nonetheless it was definitely not routine for me at least. I’d like to mention about the person who was sad and happy about it, my mom. She wanted to show it to her students, got naturally disappointed as she couldn’t. The next moment she turned to me and said “Good that you can not access it here. Now you will have lot to do other than surfing”

Even I convinced myself nicely by thinking about some tasks which I would be required to do if I could access it and otherwise not. I felt “even it’s good too!”

Actually it was more than good as I myself was ready go to my relatives’ houses, to meet friends, to spend time with an infant next door, to check the neatly and innovatively arranged library room of my father at home and what not. I had time to roam around by walking which otherwise I expect to get dropped by my father.

The best part of the holiday this time round was meeting my childhood buddies after a real long eleven years. We were so happy when we saw each other. They were my classmates from 6th to 10th in the high school. School friends brought my so beautiful and hidden memories back on track.

I’d been to my school to participate in the Independence Day celebrations. It was the same place where I participated in five successive Independence Day celebrations during my schooling and the most memorable one was the last but one. We had a NCC parade for which I was the proud Sargent.

You know what, being in a comparatively and competitively good position professionally, being one among the participants, teachers who know me for years, seeing the students doing what I had been through when I was in their position, is the best experience that happened to me over there. May be, it was hidden and waited for me to come and collect!

Neither had I expected it would be so heartening when I was a student nor I had expected it to be so dumbfounding when I decided to attend the celebration, that’s what life is. It was a great gift in the form of time I spent there.

For a moment I thought what would I be doing in that time if I hadn’t been to my school that day and if I had a chance to access internet. Perhaps I would have been online on Facebook, I would have written another post on the Independence Day or something or the other like that. I had an awesome half day spent in my school, thanks to everyone who were present over there.

In the due course of my stay at home I completely got realized what my mom said, that I will have lot to do other than just surfing. Also, I got realized that the surfing I do is not a necessity by it’s own, rather the addiction make it so. I would suggest everyone to check back on this at your end, if its necessity or addiction.

Finally, its very simple… Surfing is good but don’t overdo it. Give your time to every work of you, every person around you, as deserves.

Aug 13, 2011

What’s the most addicting?

The Most Addicting Thing In This World Is “Thinking”. Think When It Matters. Too Much Thinking Is Injurious To Health.

Aug 11, 2011

They are players, not supermen…

Every time a player is being written off or a team being turning it’s own fate up side down, I see myself writing all for backing them. Frankly, it’s not the feeling that that’s all I can do makes me do so. May be, having seen many aspiring players from a little distance and having been a player myself, I connect myself to the rhythm of sportsman spirit quite nicely.

According to the spectator, whatsoever is the condition, whosoever is the opponent, the player whom he supports shall win. That’s perfectly ok, but expecting the player to win every time is definitely not fair enough. For a spectator its only the player appears on field. And then what about the hell lot of other issues make the player go crazy with his own very natural human mind, brain and heart? He has also been living in this crazy world, where criticism, failure, pressure, expectations do matter the most when it comes to affecting his own game and game plans. Apart from everything else, he also has got his own personal life, just like anyone of us.

Playing for his country itself is the greatest responsibility, but, come on, not every time he can meet a mere spectator’s expectations. After all, they are players, not supermen.

Yesterday I saw a news channel rebuking the Team India for it’s poor performance in it’s ongoing tour of England. Yes, relatively it has been poor show from Team India. But what about rebuking the BCCI for it’s never ending tour schedules? What about the relatively new ball made, of which the Indian players weren’t well aware of? What about the main players missing the tours due to injuries? What about the selection where talented players often do miss the opportunity? Of course, channels publish this news, but they keep it to a corner and ensure we almost miss it.

Also, the team members outing clips are being scrolled a number of times with brutal comments on their dedication towards the game after the loss. Now, questioning a player’s game can be in people’s court who knows the game, but questioning a player’s dedication lies with very few. A mere spectator’s name will not even be the last on the list. The fun part here is, when our own people fail to do things, we tell them, “come on man, and cheer up. It is all part of the game/life. Go for an outing and make your mood refreshed”. I wonder why it doesn’t apply for the players!

Dhoni? What an amazing captaincy record he has been having including the rarest ODI World cup victory? It is one of the well known facts that the records are celebrated crazily when they are created but they would be forgotten the very next moment unless for the sake of actual records or for awaiting a record breaking performance from another player. The same is happening with Dhoni right now. Everyone including Dhoni knows that a victory of Team India can turn all comments upside down, for which the quest would have been on from his end by now.

Who else play to win if not players? All we can do contribute to our team’s or our favorite player’s win is by giving moral support. Already enough analysts of the game overcrowded the commentary rooms. At least I feel, for me its giving the support, having belief that they would do well, will do good enough for a day.

Unnecessary criticism without having clear understanding of the situations/scenarios becomes the show stopper, only to make players even more pressurized. Let’s not do it.

Aug 9, 2011

Laziness or Lack of Interest?

Why do we neglect doing some simple tasks in life, as everybody else end up wondering about us?

Why some simple tasks appear too difficult to perform, where on the other hand we get through some toughest tasks with ease?

Why do we work heartout when it matters to us and why not otherwise?

Is it laziness or lack of interest?

Aug 7, 2011

Friend, in all times…!

When in good times,

Some hands hold you,

Protect you, from the

Side effects of glory.

When in bad times,

Some hands hold you,

Embrace you, of the

After effects of loss.

When one of those hands

Is of a friend of yours, he is

The best one of your known

Of all the times, of your life.

Lucky you, if you have such.

As you have him in your life,

Be with him, no matter what.

Not all can get one of such.

Choose and learn…

Wrong choices though not always reveal how we could have chosen the right ones, but, often they make us get experience the majestic perspectives of life, what otherwise would never be looked in to.

Such learning of life must be given the higher priority, rather than going off by thinking about the wrong choice itself. After all, choosing is daring enough than leaving it in vain.

Aug 4, 2011

Start it right…Take Home #71

It is not always necessary to start journey with a belief of getting succeeded. Rather, to have belief on getting at least a way of small hope during trouble times, or ever for that matter a small clue, which, we further can take ahead and move towards success, is an important milestone at which everyone can start their journey with.

It’ll be better … Take Home # 70

Better, do when you feel like doing it, rather than just because someone is asking you again and again to do it.

Aug 2, 2011

Why I was named Pramoda…

Well, not at all a long story indeed.

One of my father’s very good friends’ name is Pramod. And my parents’ choice for my name was Pramoda.

I’d also like to tell you the meaning of my name: Happiness.

PS: Thank you Priya, it was a nice initiative from you in your blog on the story behind your name. Good work @ Journeying through life alone…

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