Aug 11, 2011

They are players, not supermen…

Every time a player is being written off or a team being turning it’s own fate up side down, I see myself writing all for backing them. Frankly, it’s not the feeling that that’s all I can do makes me do so. May be, having seen many aspiring players from a little distance and having been a player myself, I connect myself to the rhythm of sportsman spirit quite nicely.

According to the spectator, whatsoever is the condition, whosoever is the opponent, the player whom he supports shall win. That’s perfectly ok, but expecting the player to win every time is definitely not fair enough. For a spectator its only the player appears on field. And then what about the hell lot of other issues make the player go crazy with his own very natural human mind, brain and heart? He has also been living in this crazy world, where criticism, failure, pressure, expectations do matter the most when it comes to affecting his own game and game plans. Apart from everything else, he also has got his own personal life, just like anyone of us.

Playing for his country itself is the greatest responsibility, but, come on, not every time he can meet a mere spectator’s expectations. After all, they are players, not supermen.

Yesterday I saw a news channel rebuking the Team India for it’s poor performance in it’s ongoing tour of England. Yes, relatively it has been poor show from Team India. But what about rebuking the BCCI for it’s never ending tour schedules? What about the relatively new ball made, of which the Indian players weren’t well aware of? What about the main players missing the tours due to injuries? What about the selection where talented players often do miss the opportunity? Of course, channels publish this news, but they keep it to a corner and ensure we almost miss it.

Also, the team members outing clips are being scrolled a number of times with brutal comments on their dedication towards the game after the loss. Now, questioning a player’s game can be in people’s court who knows the game, but questioning a player’s dedication lies with very few. A mere spectator’s name will not even be the last on the list. The fun part here is, when our own people fail to do things, we tell them, “come on man, and cheer up. It is all part of the game/life. Go for an outing and make your mood refreshed”. I wonder why it doesn’t apply for the players!

Dhoni? What an amazing captaincy record he has been having including the rarest ODI World cup victory? It is one of the well known facts that the records are celebrated crazily when they are created but they would be forgotten the very next moment unless for the sake of actual records or for awaiting a record breaking performance from another player. The same is happening with Dhoni right now. Everyone including Dhoni knows that a victory of Team India can turn all comments upside down, for which the quest would have been on from his end by now.

Who else play to win if not players? All we can do contribute to our team’s or our favorite player’s win is by giving moral support. Already enough analysts of the game overcrowded the commentary rooms. At least I feel, for me its giving the support, having belief that they would do well, will do good enough for a day.

Unnecessary criticism without having clear understanding of the situations/scenarios becomes the show stopper, only to make players even more pressurized. Let’s not do it.


KParthasarathi said...

Your post is more sentimental than what is justified.Our guys play well only in benign pitches and our bowlers are unable to exploit the conditions obtaining overseas.This is the third test we are likely to lose in succession.Yes Dhoni has done his part magnificently this time.To be at number one spot in tests for long calls for greater grit and skill.We are short of them whatever you say.

The Holy Lama said...

Write an open letter to BCCi and other fools

deeps said...

Don’t forget Team India is world No 1 (as of now), and this is the way they play? It s been a shoddy show so far in England saving couple of guys…

Anonymous said...

Ya I agree with you Prams, but why it is happening continuously in last three tests. Where is the problem? whether England climate or Play Ground or some thing else (misunderstanding within the team or match fixing or Politics)? I coundn't understand. This is not fair, then how come they are playing very well, huge difference in the scores, what is happening?

Being Pramoda... said...

Partha uncle,

Thanks for ur sincere comments. I appreciate your openness every time you write here.

** Sentimental: yes, we all are. That make us go in day to day life; we need not keep sentiments aside when it comes to players.

** Pitches: yes, long known fact. Indians have started doing well on all pitches in recent years. but this time, they aren't. Agreed. But you and me can't blame players because we are in no position to help them to come out of it. Enough care shall be taken by BCCI..players play what they know, what they practiced, but not always they play the same. we can't expect something out of blue, every time. One must accept this whatever you say!

@To be at number one spot in tests for long calls for greater grit and skill.We are short of them whatever you say.

Agreed it to 100 %. Our team need to develop such skills. Hopefully with all our support they will do..


Being Pramoda... said...

@ HOly Lama..

hey..nice to see u back :) Thanks ya..;)

Being Pramoda... said...

Deeps, yes, it's been.. me too disappointed with it :(

i believe, when we celebrate their win, enjoy their success, we must accept the failure too, similar to what they do..

Being Pramoda... said...

@ Anonymous

I feel its lack of time to get set well to the tour itself; the first innings score of England in the first test itself would have effected our players. it was too early in the series and we were already 2 down! it impacts very brutally, we can't understand.

Regarding bowling i came to know that the ball which is being used is not what is regularly used in tests; its made in England, normal one is made in India or Australia..that ball made is new to Indian bowlers except Zaheer Khan, who is out now.

Batting.. I too feel we didn't perform to the potential..Sehwag was back but was duck out and that disappointed us, it will definitely be more than disappointment for players too..

Match fixing - i hate to discuss about it. I don't like to see players from that angle. even if someone does it, it will not change my way of thinking because of only one or two players..

Politics: Could be; but i'm not sure.

Doreen said...

Hello, I am a new visitor and follower. I enjoyed your post and it hit me that my husband and I watch our players and yes we want to live through them and make them superheros. We want them to come through for us every game. But they are just men...
Nice to meet you:)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hello Doreen ,

Thanks for being here. nice meeting u too..;)

Pls keep coming..;)