Sep 30, 2011

Be Answerable…

Be answerable to those who believe you; need not answer those who won’t believe you.

PS: I had a long chat with one of my closest cousins today till late night. It was full of insights on family, marriage and relationship. I’ll try to share here some of those views soon.

One more thing, its been my long time aim to post on everyday of a month. Today I’ve successfully done it for the month of September. I feel good about it. There is an inspiration behind this, and its my sweet cousin Yamini Meduri. Thanks to her.

Sep 29, 2011

After a limit…

Ironically, after a limit, every bad appears the same, where as the good has got no limits, in fact, not every time everyone cares to measure it. A small mistake is enough to ruin the good done for years; it does hurt!

The Expectations...

Expecting nothing seems no big deal compared to meeting the expectations.

Sep 28, 2011

Drive Undrunk…

Drive Undrunk; self explanatory by itself. Drinking is not bad, but it isn’t good either, for health, for state of mind.

“Drive safely, your family needs you” is one of the hoardings I see on the high ways in Pune. That speaks volumes when think.

Drunk driving is nothing short of a suicidal act. Given a chance to go ahead, some people prove how easy it is at times to concentrate on their own mental happiness, ignoring the most eye-catching world happenings. Leave the world, to them, even their families seems no business.

Irresponsibility plays it’s own part, no denying. Giving it a thought before proceeding ahead to be seated before the steering wheel is worth saving a life or more. When it comes to driving one’s own car, doesn’t matter to the rest of the world much, but being the driver of a passenger carrier, it puts considerably extra amount of responsibility on him. Driver stands having no rights on the lives of the passengers, instead carries the huge responsibility of carrying them.

However, I only have one suggestion or request as you can well call it, driving drunk is one of the dangerous of it’s forms. It can anytime prove life ruining.

I don’t mean you all do drive drunk, but if its the case, please stay away. Rules and regulations shall not play a major role in making you drive undrunk compared to the love you have on your own family, the awaiting members of your life.

Drive undrunk, reach safely.

Sep 27, 2011

Smile it out…

Nothing is a big deal unless

You can not smile it out!

Smile as much as you can;

Nothing denies you a win.

Sep 26, 2011

Confidence from within… Take Home #82

Confidence gained from a compliment can be ruined by a comment. Nothing can crack the confidence that is gained from within. Believing in one’s own capability is an important companion one must have on the road to success.

Sep 25, 2011

The third reason…

This is in continuation to my post few days back on two reasons for not giving frank feedback. The third reason, which I suppose it to be, has come to my mind just few hours back.

Doesn’t matter how frank the feedback is, knowing the person who receives it, the doubt//confirmation that it may/will go waste often do play its own discouraging role.

One may say it shouldn’t matter, but as we all know…

Words said unheard,

Words written unread,

Just remain words,

Make no difference

If expressed or not.

None of us likes our words remain just words!

Sep 24, 2011

I Enjoy It Still…

As the places
We roamed
Make me realize
Your absence,
I enjoy it still.

As the skies
We stared
Cover me alone,
Without you,
I enjoy it still.

I enjoy it, the thought,
You are being thought.

I enjoy it, the feeling,
You are being felt.

I enjoy it, the breathe,
You are being breathed.
I enjoy it still, cause,
I’m being watched,
From the heavens you live,
I’m being felt,
By my heart you own.

Whatever I do
Without you,
Though all alone,
I will enjoy it,
For us, for you.

PS: Just fiction work…

Sep 23, 2011

Clueless @ Quote…!

“Those who say happiness can not be bought do not know where to shop”

I read this quote sometime back and still clueless on how to interpret it! Please let me have your views if any!

However, the quote on happiness that caught me the most is below...

Sep 22, 2011

Suffer Together…

In trouble times, suffering together as a team not just lessens the burden each person takes, it inculcates the responsibility of living up to the expectations of each other, of team, and eventually results well many of the times. Instead, sitting back and playing the blame game helps none; moreover, it’s when the team splits.

The team that’s split is never a team, unless its mended back. Delivering as a team itself is a big task, no say if its not a team.

PS: Its equally applicable for family, profession, sports, politics, friends etc.

Sep 21, 2011

A simple fact…

People are doubted either when they are not believable or when they are unbelievable.

Sep 20, 2011

When your lover is upset… Take Home #81

When upset, a woman appreciates her man the most when she is made aware that she is loved so much, and a man appreciates his woman the most when she conveys her belief in him that he can deal with it all on his own.

Sep 19, 2011

Psychological income!

We all work for food but not just for that too. Psychological income is the most satisfying thing that can happen to anyone.

If an orderly planned time table can make our day, isn’t it a good idea to just keep doing it everyday?

If a well mannered behavior can win people, won’t it be fair enough to catch the nerve of people and behave accordingly?

If keeping up the commitments can us make attentive for others, can’t we go ahead and conquer the same?

If a timely and accurate outcome can scintillate the notion for us, would any of us mind working heartout to prove ourselves?

The question here is not about what the above traits of a person can lead him to, it is to ask ourselves if sole above traits can inspire us to breathe our best at work!

Think about it deeply, I bet you wouldn’t mind nodding to convey a ‘no’, no in the sense, ‘not just these’.

An orderly planned time table can make your day, provided you are all alone who need to work to let it done as it is supposed to be. A well mannered behavior can win people, provided their definition of good manners match with yours. Keeping up commitments often do make you attentive for others, provided the so called others are really benefited because you are so. Timely and accurate outcome can scintillate, provided you accept what you are rewarded is what it is supposed to be. All such traits are good, provided some conditions are applied, which is the case where conditions change so as people.

Involvement of many people, difference in the definitions of people, expecting to get benefited no matter what, resistance to accept what is received are the unavoidable and eventual happenings considering the people we work with and their cultures too.

Now dealing with these situations is what the cynosure is. Dealing is the ultimate lesson we all learn at the end of the day to start another day confidently. As the new day starts and the process of gaining confidence for the next day seems get prioritized, confidence we gained yesterday appears surprisingly clueless.

I’d like to present to you the lines from one of my earlier posts…my mother used to tell me this since my childhood.

Busy person is not the one who does not have time for anything; he is the one who adjusts his time for everything.

If we can be rightly busy, it would be the sole source for the mouth watering psychological income. Always, this seems play an important part defining ourselves, though its not shown out.

We all work for food and we need money to live. Working is the only way to work the things out. But the way we work is what we choice out, be it anything. Every way we choose lead to somewhere, some type of income. Do you have any objections if I have to say that the longest yet simplest, straightest yet worthiest way leads to the gallery called psychological income?

We all work for food and not just for that too. Choosing the right way of our interest being the gate way to start with, interpreting the happenings on the way in a right manner being the milestone up at every corner, all I can say and conclude is that the psychological income is the best target one can aim his arrow at.

What we think is important than what we get! What we assume is important than what it is! Professional life is where many so far appeared truths start turning themselves down to allow us inventing a new horizon, a new perspective of life.

If truth is bitter, the bitterest is what you discover here. Ironically, to every person, every discovery of him seems as if its his own invention, thanks that no patents are allowed.

Sep 18, 2011

Killer of all the times…

There can be only two reasons for not giving frank feedback to anyone; either one’s low confidence on his feedback, or his hesitation, later one being the killer of all the times.

Sep 17, 2011

Of all the dearest relationships…

Of all the dearest relationships,
Mother can be felt in her absence;
Father can be felt in his absence;
Lover can be felt in his/her absence;
Husband can be felt in his absence;
Wife can be felt in her absence;
And that perfectly completes it.

A friend, can of course be felt, but
Sole this feeling is not quite enough,
To share all those hidden words,
To colour all those worthy moments,
Unless another of such is around,
That’s how we feel him/her and
That’s why we need him/her around.

Sep 16, 2011


At times what we say about ourselves as what we are is not what we are, incidentally, unknowingly.

Sep 15, 2011

500th Post - “What’s the most motivating for writers?”

What’s the most motivating for writers?

Now, after thinking to answer it for quite sometime, I realize that framing a single line answer for this question is certainly not as easy as framing the question itself.

Earlier I used to think that for each writer there could be different reasons to write, but now again I would say, I realized that for all writers there could be different reasons to write at different times.

Sometimes it could be the deep wish to express himself;

Sometimes it could be to unburden himself from ongoing;

Sometimes it could be the disturbance he might be hit with;

Sometimes it could be the happiest moment makes him share;

Sometimes it could be the critic whose comments initiate it all;

Sometimes it could be to improve the way he expresses himself;

Sometimes it could be the reader’s compliments make him strive;

And, the rest of the times, most commonly, the regular writer writes

For the sake of writing something, of course not all the times he stays

Ready to put it just like that unless its something that makes good sense.

Well, this being the 500th post of mine, I would like to let all of you know that I’m no different from the above cases. I write for the same reasons too.

The main motivation to me…

But, as it is to tell you, the main motivation behind my writings, especially in this particular blog is nothing but you, my reader(s). Your compliments make me love my own writings more and your comments make me go back and think one more time, or many times too at times.

More than what I’ve received in the blog itself, I’m told most of the times both the compliments and the comments. Its even more pleasing to listen to my friends out there in Facebook going through my blog and letting me know their views. Fortunately, I‘ve got many people who’ve given me frank feedback; a simple thanks to them would never be sufficient enough.

Comments from “Anonymous”…

I can not tell you how much the comments from “Anonymous” have made me tough. In the earlier days of blogging, that was three years back, I literally used to fear to read the comments from anonymous, with the fear that the frankness of the comments might hurt me. But then, these days, even to my surprise, I’m use to take the anonymous comments sportively. This has also helped me in developing the soft skill to accept the comments and compliments boldly. This was one of the improvement area I picked up for myself, and now I’m done, though not to an extent that them no more bothers me, but definitely I’ve reached an extent where I can take the apt out of them.

I take this as an opportunity to thank all the people who commented on the name of anonymous. I’m very sure that I remember most of your words here. Now with this I’m not encouraging anyone to chose the anonymous option from now on, but this is just a token of respect and love I’ve for those who did and who may probably do in future too. They have not just made me think, more importantly they have made me tough. Nevertheless, frank feedback with the identity is respected the most in terms of the guts it displays.

To my regular readers…

Last but not the least, I’m so thankful to my regular readers for making me wanting to be writing here again and again. I do not want to mention much about you, intentionally, since I want to preserve my words for the years to come and for the other milestones to be achieved by me here in this blog. Though I can not thank you enough, for my satisfaction let me say “Thank you so much”.

Finally, the dedication…

When I posted the first one here I did have no idea how it would turn out to be. As it has been this way so far, I do not rate my own interest and the will power which have kept me alive in keep continuing and empowering my dearest hobby, writing. I did it for myself, but being the readers you have always been the integral part.

My 500th post is dedicated to all those who did read my blog earlier, to those who have been reading and to you too, who is reading now and hopefully continue doing to. I may not love you all for everything that you all are, but I definitely love you all for being here.

Sep 14, 2011

Post: 499 - Physical Work… Take Home #80

If physical work can keep you away from mental stress, go for it.

PS: I’ve decided for a special dedication in my next and 500th post. Please come back here for the same, tomorrow.

Sep 13, 2011

That’s it with the US Open’11…

I’ve just watched the US Open 2011 Men’s singles final between the two top seeds, two top ranker players, from the first point to the championship point.

I strongly believe that I’ll remember this match for long, the only of such after the 2008 Wimbledon final between the then top two players Federer and Nadal. No way there is a comparison between these two matches though, where the earlier one was a remarkable win by Nadal and this one is show cased the most uncharacteristic Nadal. I do not know the matter behind the scenes; Nadal stunned many including me with his an unseen side of him so far! By saying this I do not mean lessening the effort the world number one, Djokovic has put into. Honestly, both players weren’t fully into it unless for the first few games of every set and of course during the tie-breaker in the third set.

Nonetheless, it always feels good to congratulate the winner, here in this case the superb Serbian, Novak Djokovic. I’m yet to figure out the reason why I always have love for the loser, or it could be soft corner too. This time it is for my all time favorite, Rafa. I really hope to see him gaining his momentum all again. I’ve never earlier seen players addressing and congratulating the teams of their opponents in the after match ceremony, these two greats have done it today, that’s remarkable.

I’m yet to mention the most amusing result for me of all the matches since last two weeks of the championship, and that’s the win of the Australian player, Samantha Stosur, over the energetic Serena. Congratulations to her and as well as to Serena Williams who after the match said, “Six months back, in the hospital, I never thought I will be standing here” which eventually resulted in the cheering crowd.

Most of the times, I end up choosing the final as the match of the tournament as I watch finals the most, but here there is all different story it seems. I can not say how much disappointed I was for not watching the Semi final between Djokovic and Federer. It goes without saying, which is the match of the tournament, for me. A lot to learn from the way Djokovic came back and also from the way Federer lost the rhythm towards the end.

Farewell, for the last Grand Slam of this year.

Sep 12, 2011

Being Stronger, at mind..! Take Home #79

The stronger you are the lesser you allow your opponents to get over you. Being stronger, at mind, is one of the best strategies to race ahead.

PS: This is another and important take home I’ve got from watching the ongoing US open championships.

Sep 11, 2011

Remembering the September 11…

If I ever have a poor memory of the years of my life so far, it has been and will be about the days in my Intermediate (plus 2 days). I was all under so much of pressure almost all of the days that every time I try to recollect something happened then, I failed and I believe I would fail even here after.

Well, it was back in 2001, when I was in the senior inter, the 9/11 attack happened. Ten years and, I think so far so good for the Americans considering the fact that there have been absolutely no such terror strikes as yet!

As I already said, only few things I remember about it and those days.

** First I came to know about it from one of my friends, who came shouting in the study hour about something happening in the US. Honestly that was the first time I heard about the World Trade Centers that they were actually twin towers, and the Pentagon, I didn’t even know about it’s existence.

** Only small news was required by us every time to ruin the study hours for the day. That day this was it. There started the deep buzz in the class room. Our coordinator could hardly get to know anything.

** One of the girls who did study about the incident told us that Mr. Nostradamus had already predicted it. A day after, news came in the air that the third world war would be on it’s cards soon!

** Now that news caused an unexpected terror in the girls including me. One of our friends started crying sitting in the middle of the classroom saying that she desperately wanted to be with her parents when the world ends because of the world war. We were all in a fix for some days, as if the 3rd world war was already announced!

** Next week, my father visited me on a Sunday. Till date, my father always has been great in giving me all the latest news magazines. He bought one of such on the September 11th attacks. I cut the article and I kept it with me for very long time. Slowly the rumor about the world war started fading away as the pressure of the competitive exams came alive.

That’s how I along with my friend experienced it. As I started to know more about it later, it made me realize how sad it was! Not just for the Americans, it made life much tougher for all the Indians, especially Muslims out there.

Today, here, I specially want to mention about the woman who walked all the way down from 40th floor or so through steps, who was expecting her first baby by then, who ended the run all in good health of her and the baby too! Her child must be 10 years by now! Hats off to the mother in her.

Now, Obama got Osama. We all hope for the end, but you never know! Let’s hope for the best.

Sep 10, 2011

The laughter, that night in B.Tech hostel!

For me it was like any other ordinary home visit on a weekend in days, but one of my friends would have never expected her trip to be turning out so funny such that she couldn’t wait anymore before sharing it with us, which happened on her home visit.

As usual we were all gathered on that Sunday night in the dining hall. It was a hostel, girls’ hostel of course, and you must have by now got the weird noise we were all experiencing during that night, Sunday night!

My friend just dropped in to the campus after her visit to home that weekend. After a regular ‘Hai’ and stuff, we kept on discussing on all those crazy topics as if we were apart for some long years, though actually it was just for a day.

As usual, after the dinner we were filling our water bottles. Suddenly my friend said in a tone which was foreign to all of us, “Hey, I need to tell you all something

What?” obviously the curiosity came out as it was our final year in the and some of our friends’ were expected to get married after the college. We were expecting some news of that sort, but what she told us made us laugh our stomachs out!

When I was at home, my grand mother was about to wash a water bottle” she started saying in an uncharacteristically low energetic tone.

Now, that topic made all of us go for a sigh. Though not interesting as much as it would have been f it was on marriage, we were left out with no options than listening to her, we continued so was she!

Grand ma put some water and had been shaking the bottle for quite sometime, but she was not satisfied with the cleaning effect even after brushing it up” she continued.

Then I told her our regular method we do in our hostel” she said.

In hostel, we used to keep some small paper pieces in to the bottle along with some water. After shaking it for a minute, it used to get cleaned.

Grand ma didn’t appear bought my statement; I started to clean the bottle with paper pieces. The next minute bottle appeared clean as if it was a new one” excitement was missing in her words.

Grand ma was so excited to see the bottle clean and she said…” she stopped and looked at all of us with widened eyes, raised eye brows and all uncomfortable facial expression.

What did she say?” some of us couldn’t wait.

Finally she spoke.

She said that here grand ma asked her “Ammai, meeku engineering lo ilantivanni nerpisthaaraa?” (Ohh, do they teach you all such stuff in engineering?)!

Oops, now that made us go dumb for few seconds and there after the laughter stopped only after we went to bed that night.

Sep 9, 2011

Energy of negative emotions…

An interesting topic came up in a discussion with a dear friend today. Its about using the energy of negative emotions to become spectacularly creative and successful in conquering the emotions themselves. Here is the summary.

All the negative emotions such as irritation, frustration, anger etc not only consume the extra amount of energy from human’s body, but also they do make a person be felt worthless at times when expressed. When the negative emotion is determined to be changed to a cool going types, man can do much more than what he would have done with the energy he eventually got with the negative emotions otherwise.

When such energy is used for the tasks to be completed or for the decisions to be taken instead of using it to express the emotions, tremendous performance of the person involved can be witnessed. Most of the decisions taken with the use of the energy converted into positive form would also deserve a big applauds, all for the smartness involved.

So, no time to wait? Come on, buckle up and start converting…! If expressed we do not just appear losing temperament, but we actually lose the energy too. Never good if lost for no good reason, right?

You may give it a thought. Hope you find it useful when required.

Impressions… Take Home #78

Both good and bad impressions shall be renewed such that they make us understand people even better rather than making us go blind!

Sep 8, 2011

Anything but that…!

Strange but it is very common that I undergo an “anything but that…” attitude. I think we all undergo this. Now, what’s that?

On this earth who doesn’t have ego? This question can merely be answered by none though. Now, who wants to hurt others’ ego? Very few, I mean only few hurt others’ ego knowingly and the rest do it all unknowingly.

When respect comes out on listening to people telling us or asking us to do something, the task hardly ends up unsuccessful. But sometimes, we do end up not performing a particular task, doesn’t matter if it is as simple as pressing a button on the remote control we are holding or if it is highly difficult.

What often makes me clueless is the way my brain gets ready to do anything but the said task, as if leaving the said task in vain and doing something else is as important as saving my life!

Can perform anything but that!

Can concentrate on anything but that!

Can love doing anything but that!

No convincing answer I’ve. Its just another mere observation. But there must be some connectivity between ego and this kind of behavior!

Sep 7, 2011

Players and the plane crash…

In fact I have a lot to say than what I’m going to write in my next few lines. Just that, at times we fall short of words for all bad and sad reasons, no regrets of course.

I can’t explain how much today’s Russian plane crash incident has moved me, emotionally. The plane crash involving the Ice hockey team players’ death, who were the national champions for three times, and now I realize it requires no time to change addressing people from ‘are’ to ‘were’.

My sincere condolences to those players who lost their lives and I hope, I mean we all hope their family and friends would digest the fact and face it out.

The below lines are found out in one of my attempts to know about such disastrous plane crashes killing teams over the years.

“Eight soccer players were among the 21 people who died when the Manchester United team plane crashed on takeoff in icy conditions in Munich on Feb. 6, 1958. The team continued its season and reached the 1958 FA Cup final”

Hats off to those players, who made it to the finals, despite fighting the fact that some of their very dear team mates and friends could not make it with them, who otherwise would have shared every minute of their success, together. I have no words for their coach who must have had enormous guts and nerves of steel to inspire his players to do so.

How much we talk about the greatness of players when they achieve! How much we curse when they can’t make it! How much we worry when such sad incidents happen and how come we all come together in voicing our opinion! May be, it’s the way to go!

Life is not too short to live and not too long to lead!

Sep 6, 2011

Do Differentiate… Take Home #77

Do differentiate between good and bad work/workers. When you don’t, there is a very little chance that a bad worker can turn good, but there is every chance that a good worker can turn the other way round. One must understand that not always a person’s self motivation power can save him from getting derailed.

Sep 5, 2011

Teachers’ Day!

As the lively childhood is being lived in,

As the little minds are being shaped in,

As the crazy adulthood is being felt,

As the career options are being dealt,

Teacher has always been right there,

Guiding, training, helping, right through.

Though, teaching, by profession itself

Demands the rhythm of connectivity

With the students’ minds, no matter what

The age and the stage they are keeping in,

A teacher who always outperforms his job

Is the one who wants to give it his best.

Happy Teachers’ Day to all the concerned!

PS: Special mention to my parents who are teachers. They have always been their best.

I thank them and all my other teachers!