Sep 8, 2011

Anything but that…!

Strange but it is very common that I undergo an “anything but that…” attitude. I think we all undergo this. Now, what’s that?

On this earth who doesn’t have ego? This question can merely be answered by none though. Now, who wants to hurt others’ ego? Very few, I mean only few hurt others’ ego knowingly and the rest do it all unknowingly.

When respect comes out on listening to people telling us or asking us to do something, the task hardly ends up unsuccessful. But sometimes, we do end up not performing a particular task, doesn’t matter if it is as simple as pressing a button on the remote control we are holding or if it is highly difficult.

What often makes me clueless is the way my brain gets ready to do anything but the said task, as if leaving the said task in vain and doing something else is as important as saving my life!

Can perform anything but that!

Can concentrate on anything but that!

Can love doing anything but that!

No convincing answer I’ve. Its just another mere observation. But there must be some connectivity between ego and this kind of behavior!


deeps said...

you can say anything
but now, Happy Onam :)

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Deeps..

thanks for the wishes.. wish u happy Onam...

Jack said...



Finally caught up with all pending posts. It was basically ANYTHING BUT THAT ATTITUDE, in my case too I think. I do not know but lethargy put me down badly. Anyway DER AAYE DURUST AAYE. Friends can be said to be true only if they are there all the time, good or bad. If you make someone overwork how can you expect constantly outstanding results? True, holidays seem to fly away before you realise it. I agree with your father, eat what is cooked or cook yourself if you can. Of course, that does not mean you eat anything dished out but NO unwanted complaints. Nice advice in Campus recruitment. We can not be self dependent but not for each and everything. It does hurt when one misplaces or loses a gift. So your first love is Laptop. Each friend looks for different reciprocation, don't we too from our friends? Afternoon nap becomes a luxury at times. Good one for Teachers Day. I totally subscribe that we need to differentiate between good or bad worker to make bad one improve and good one to excel. It is so sad when so many good players die so unexpectedly together. There are few more such instances. Very sad indeed. This post shows you do not want to be lead but wish to work independently once tasks are given. No looking over the shoulder by superiors.

Take care

Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Jack uncle, thank you for being here and making my day..

that's so nice of you..:)

Yeah, being self dependent is no good eveytime..!

Thank you once again..!